Randy Orton's 'RKO Outta Nowhere' Compilation Gets A Second Installment: Viral Video

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The "RKO Outta Nowhere" compilations may the funniest well placed voice over for wipeout videos and part two of the compilation is just as funny as the first.

(Video Below)

Laughing at other peoples pain is not the nicest thing to do but sometimes you just can't help it. Steve Ozzi's compilation makes it a lot easier to do so as he compiles some of the funniest wipeouts and pairs it with Randy Orton's crushing RKO move from the WWE. What makes it even better is the voice over of the ring side announcers in the WWE and the build up to each final blow. It may be the equivalent to a Mortal Kombat voice saying finish him just as the person hits the deck.

So far the video has been posted to World Wide Entertainment TV's YouTube channel, as well as WorldStarHipHop.com and many others.

This viral video is one that will sure to cheer anyone up when having a bad day.

As compilation number two surfaces it will be interesting to see if this is made a weekly compilation so that people can laugh at the expense of others.

Check out the RKO's