Randy Orton Takes A Shot At Bubba Ray Dudley On Twitter

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Usually when wrestlers criticize each other publicly, it's "in character" to further a feud within the same company. Well today Randy Orton decided to take a shot at Bubba Ray Dudley even though Mr.

Dudley is no longer working in the WWE. The beef between these two wrestlers is very real.

Anyway, Bubba Ray Dudley just shared an image of himself doing a dive off the top rope at an independent wrestling show.

Dudley didn't direct his tweet to anyone and it was just a harmless post to show how he's still active in the ring.

Randy Orton took it upon himself to criticize Dudley on Twitter.

He said: "Lol there is a difference between a young hungry talent diving and an old outta shape 'vet' .......falling".

You may be thinking this comment came out of nowhere, but the beef between these two wrestlers started many years ago.

It all started back when Randy Orton and Batista were wrestling a tag-team match with The Dudley Boyz in the early '00s.

This would have been around the same time that Randy Orton and Batista were in Evolution. Both Orton and Batista hated Bubba Ray Dudley because he would bully the rookies and young guys for no apparent reason.

Anyway, during that tag-team match both Orton and Batista got injured and Orton blamed Bubba Ray Dudley for hurting his foot. To this day, it seems as if Orton has grudge towards Bubba Ray Dudley that has never gone away.

Batista also criticized Bubba heavily when he released his biography many years ago. Batista said that Bubba treated him and Orton like "s**t" and he will never forgive him.

It will be interesting to see if Bubba Ray Dudley ever responds to Orton about this tweet.

It's likely Bubba may stay quiet since Orton still has a lot of power in the WWE. After all, he's the current WWE Champion.

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