PVRIS 'White Noise' Album Review: Amazingly Fresh Debut With Breathtaking Vocals

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Every once in awhile there comes a band that stands out with their experimental sound infused with a rock punch, PVRIS takes that idea and proves it can bring perfection with "White Noises," their debut album.

The debut album is 10 quality tracks from a band that has the potential to be a force to be reckon with.

Their alternative sound created by Alex Babinski and Brian MacDonald led with Lyndsey Gunnulfsen's incredible vocals produces some of the most mind-blowing music.

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The album kicks off with "Smoke" which features a mid-tempo beat, and Gunnulfsen's power as well as her ability to control her voice creates a listening experience that is sonically pleasant. The second track "St. Patrick" is one of the first singles that was released by the band.

It features lyrics about that ideal person that takes all your troubles away. The epic sound of "St. Patrick" is both intense and beautiful which is the overall tone of the PVRIS' debut.

"St. Patrick Music Video"

Listeners may wonder how can something that sounds so aggressive be so beautiful? Well places breakdowns such as the one three minutes into "St. Patrick" give you a brief moment to appreciate some delicate lyrics before propelling you into the action and intensity once again.

The roller coaster ride that is "White Noises" never stops especially in "My House," a haunting song about being surrounded by someone who causes you to lose your bearing but eventually, after having enough of their control, you regain your own control and fight back against the toxicity.

"Holy" is another one of the well balanced tracks about the lost souls who rely on faith to bring them back to life when they really are using it to hide behind their loneliness. The title track "White Noise" is about trying to reach someone who can't quite hear you despite your numerous attempts to gain their attention.

It is that point in a relationship when you feel drowned out and the connection you once had is breaking apart.

Track six "Fire" leads nicely into "Eyelids," a track where words aren't really enough to describe the subtlety and beauty of Gunnulfsen's voice. Just when you think that you've heard the best each track one ups the next.

Album's that feature tracks such as these are very rare putting this debut very high in the sonic spectrum.

#WhiteNoise is officially out! Grab it on iTunes, Best Buy, FYE or pvris.com/whitenoise

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"Mirrors," "Ghosts" and "Let Them In" end things with a bang to wrap up what could only be described as an epic listening experience. Gunnulfsen, Babinski and McDonald have collectively created one of the most authentic sounds in the Alternative-Rock genre and simply writing about it doesn't do it enough justice.

"White Noise" is a debut album that serves as a perfect example of a well executed debut that is sure to gain PVRIS a tone of attention moving forward.

"White Noise" is also available for streaming on Spotify for those who want to stream before they purchase.

"White Noise" Tracklisting

1. Smoke
2. St.Patrick
3. My House
4. Holy
5. White Noise
6. Fire
7. Eyelids
8. Mirrors
9. Ghosts
10. Let Them in

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