Pusha T Says 'Darkness Before Dawn' Was Recorded in An Aggressive State of Mind

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Fans of Pusha T already he is no nonsense kind of rapper and it looks like his upcoming album Darkness Before Dawn will be one of his most aggressive pieces of hip-hop yet.

"I was in a bit of an aggressive mind state [while recording the album] simply because I sort of feel like the last rap superhero," Pusha T told Billboard in a recent article.

"When you look at just the state of rap [now], I feel like it's a lot of complaining and vulnerability, and rappers being victimized.

That's not the attitude that my favorites had and that's not the attitude that the greats had when I was coming up," which Billboard said included Jay-Z and Raekwon.

Pusha T told Billboard that he looked up to those guys as "superheroes" because of their overall personas. Now, Pusha T wants to be the Dark Knight of this rap generation and if his newest single "Untouchable" is any indication of what fans can expect, he will surely accomplish that goal. The Virginia rapper is having a huge end of the year as he has also been named president of G.O.O.D. Music, Kanye West's coveted compilation of artists. Pusha T is bringing a much needed raw feel back to hip-hop and he is doing it while still making sure that the culture stays strong.

It's not just the music that has Pusha T's hype strong, the artist is also scheduled to released his collaboration sneaker with Adidas later on this week.

His King Push project will be split into two, according to Billboard. The first project Darkness Before Dawn is scheduled for a December 18 release while the second half will come in 2016.