Pumpkin Spice Four Loko A.K.A. White Girl Wasted

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Starbucks, fall, and thirsty thursday meet with Four Loko's newest creation - possibly.

Everyone knows Fall is the best season and Four Loko may be attempting to capitalize on everything autumn with a new drink flavor that will have all the girls who "Literally can't even," rolling with excitement. The Pumpkin Spice Four Loko would surely have sororities everywhere excited although, it is uncertain if it will actually come to fruition.

The new drink flavor has become the topic of debate after #pumpkinspicefourloko was trending on Twitter.

As previously mentioned the new flavor isn't certain, and it may actually just be an Internet artist's work, but it wouldn't be too surprising for the company to take on the task of putting out a seasonal offering of the drink since many breweries, like Samuel Adams for example, have seasonal beverages that do very well.

Four Loko may be on to something great with this new idea however, only time will tell.

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