Professional Roaster Jeff Ross Talks 'Jeff Ross Roast Criminals' On Howard Stern

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You might have seen Jeff Ross from his popular appearances on Comedy Central's series of celebrity Roasts but today he visited Howard Stern to talk about the "Jeff Ross Roast Criminals" special on Comedy Central.

Stern admitted that he enjoyed the special during his chat with Ross. Stern asked Ross about the reason he told the show he wouldn't make it today but it all appeared to be another one of Ross' jokes.

"Jeff said he was at Bonnaroo and they had a comedy tent there," according to MarksFriggin. "Jeff said he did things he doesn't usually do. He said he was just kidding that he wasn't going to make it.

Howard said he was afraid he wasn't going to come in. Howard asked Jeff if he has a stand up routine. Jeff said he does that for like half the show. Then he roasts people from the crowd on stage."

After they got most of slight Jeff Ross prank out of the way Stern continued to rave about Ross' new special by calling it a "break-through." He liked the fact that it wasn't an ordinary stand-up special and also that it was hysterical and dangerous, according to the MarksFriggin rundown.

Ross was pretty happy with the result of the new special as it took criminals and had them express a bit of their sense of humor.

"Howard asked if he was scared going up to Nazis and goofing on them," according to MarksFriggin. "Jeff said he was terrified. He said there are no guns inside the jail.

Howard said if a guy is in there for 99 years there's no reason he shouldn't beat the shit out of him.

Jeff said he didn't want to know their crimes ahead of time. He said he didn't want to be thrown off."

The new special is much different from your average Comedy Central special. Ross really had to muster up the courage to clown on criminals who were intimidating in looks but all had a great sense of humor.

Ross and Stern also chatted about the "Roast of Justin Bieber," where Ross praised Snoop, Shaq and Martha Stewart for their contributions to the special.

Check out a clip from Ross' "Jeff Ross Roasts Criminals" below.