'Pretty Little Liars' Recap: 'Songs of Experience,' Season 6 Episode 3

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A long road awaits the liars as they continue their search in unveiling the real identity of the mysterious Charles DiLaurentis.

Pretty Little Liars' "Songs of Experience," the third episode of season six, reveals more about the girls' stalker, who may be closer to them than they could have ever imagined.

After Aria, Spencer, Emily, and Hanna escape the horrors of "A's" dollhouse, they try to get back into the routines of what their lives used to be before being kidnapped.

But with a string of unwelcome memories and unanswered questions, it's hard for them to pretend like nothing ever happened, especially with their captor still on the loose.

Sara Harvey, who is staying at Emily's house after running away from home, feels that Andrew is not the guy they're looking for. On the other hand, Aria firmly believes it is him. With the help of Ezra, Aria calls the police department to get more information on the suspect.

Unfortunately, they are unable to obtain much, except for learning that Andrew was adopted.

This leads to the idea that Andrew could have been a DiLaurentis before he was a Campbell.

However, Andrew is released from jail after he gives an alibi to his whereabouts the day Mona was thought to have been murdered on.

Spencer and Alison continue their argument over who the real "A" is. Ali remains on her dad's side, who advised that no Charles DiLaurentis exists or ever did exist in their family. Spencer, still determined to find out the truth, says she is going to talk to Ali's brother Jason.

But Ali is against the idea, not wanting her brother to hate her any more than she believes he already does.

Ali says she takes full blame for what happened to her friends, believing that everyone would be fine without her.

After being confronted by her old therapist, Dr. Sullivan, Hanna convinces her friends to have a session all together. While at Dr. Sullivan's office, Emily receives a video chat request on her phone.

It's supposedly from Sara, but the video is of Sara sleeping with a gloved hand reaching out holding a knife. The video states that the girls have 30 seconds to leave the office without mentioning a word to Dr.

Sullivan. They abide by the message, returning back to Emily's house where Sara remains safe and unharmed.

During her talk with Jason, Spencer learns that Charles DiLaurentis doesn't exist, but Charlie does. Charlie was Jason's imaginary friend, but Mr. DiLaurentis told Jason that Charlie had to go away, and never saw him again.

Ali never knew anything of Charlie, even though her father did. She tells her friends how Jason always said something was missing from their family. The five start on a search through Ali's house for any hidden clues about Charlie.

Aria finds an old photo of Mrs. DiLaurentis and two young boys, one of them being Jason, the other who they guess is Charlie.

After leaving Ali's house, Aria, Spencer, Hanna, and Emily see Andrew leaving the church. Aria confronts him, though he is beyond angry for his arrest.

He fully expresses his wish for the girls to be gone, like the rest of the town. And while they have each other, the girls realize how isolated they are from everyone else.

Together, Jason and Alison confront their father about the other boy in the photo Aria found. Mr. DiLaurentis confesses, but little does the family know, they are being watched by "A."

While one of the show's biggest mysteries is a step closer to being revealed, there are still more questions the girls haven't found the answers to. Next week's episode will continue to bring them closer to solving the puzzle.

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