Powerful: 'Never Leave Your Child In A Hot Car' Short Film

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As the summer approaches a new powerful video shows how emotional and dangerous it can be if you leave your child in a car without proper ventilation on a hot day.

(Video Below)

"Every 10 days a child dies from vehicular heatstroke in the U.S. alone," according to the video who used the Department of Geosciences (non-specificified dept.) as their source.

"Since 1998 there have been 575 deaths 73 percent of those deaths were children under the age of two.

The emotional video shows a woman leaving her child in a hot car with the windows up while she goes out shopping. In the video some who were passing by spotted the child and quickly rushed to the aid of the child.

It really exposes a danger that is becoming so common in society today and the emotion captured within it, should be enough to convince you to never let this happen to you or your child.The video credits are given to Redcastle Productions and directed by Isaac Baker.

It was posted to the Boolmers YouTube Channel on June 1.

Just recently there were two instances where a child was left in a car. One in Kentucky where a child was left in a running car with the windows up.

The act was caught on camera and became a viral video showing the man who caught the footage confronting the driver who left their child in the vehicle, according to WCPO Cincinnati.

Meanwhile, another woman is facing the judge after leaving her 4-month-old child in the car while she went out shopping for more than 20 minutes, according to Fox 10 Phoenix.

The video below sends a powerful message to parents urging them to think twice before choosing to leave their child in a hot and poorly ventilated vehicle. The dangers of vehicular heatstroke are severe.

Watch the emotional video below.