Pottermore's Seventh Christmas Apparates Fans to the Great Hall

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On the seventh day of Potter Christmas, Harry Potter fans are able to apparate into a brand new moment at the Great Hall with instructor Wilkie Twycross.

"We'd love to join in Wilkie Twycross's lesson in Half-Blood Prince, if only we weren't Muggles, but at least we don't have to worry about Splinching ourselves like Susan Bones," said Pottermore's official website.

"Transport yourself into a brand new Moment for today's surprise - watch out for any Galleons lying around when you arrive."

Users will start out with this riddle: "Wilkie Twycross orders students to persevere in their futile attempts to turn and disappear.

But regardless of whether the students can do it or not, what is it called when a wizard appears on the spot?"

The answer: Apparition. Once you answer you are brought to the Great Hall where the students are learning how to apparate. A narrator comes in reading the part of Half-Blood Prince when Harry and his friends are at the lesson with Twycross.

While listening to the story, users can hover their mouses over the students and see their reactions to Susan Bones being splinched in an unfortunate apparition. Her leg is literally unattached from her body. Yikes.

Click around with your mouse to also obtain five galleons, exploding bon bons and a chocolate frog card. The season that keeps on giving.

No new writing today, but this was an excellent new moment for Harry Potter fans. Where do you think Pottermore will take us next?

Come back tomorrow for a full report on Pottermore's eighth Christmas.