Pottermore's Ninth Christmas Takes Fans to the Room Where Everything Is Hidden

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On the ninth day of Pottermore Christmas, Harry Potter fans are able to travel to the room where everything's hidden.

"Discover one of Hogwarts' secrets in today's festive surprise. Solve our riddle to unearth a treasure trove of forgotten magical objects, from Fanged Frisbees and winged catapults to mislaid books and school trophies," said Pottermore's official website.

Let's start with the riddle: "There is a secret room used by Dumbledore's Army concealed opposite the tapestry of Barnabas the Barmy, but what do students call this mysterious place that on the Marauder's Map leaves no trace?"

The answer: Room of Requirement. In Harry Potter, the Room of Requirement can be found by anyone who really wants something. Neville uncovered the Room of Requirement when he wanted to find a room for Dumbledore's Army in Order of the Phoenix.

Harry and Ginny use the Room of Requirement in the Half-Blood Prince when they needed to hide the Advanced Potion Making book.

Draco also uses the Room of Requirement to experiment with the Vanishing Cabinet and eventually bring Death Eaters to Hogwarts.

When users answer the riddle correctly, fans are brought to the Room of Requirement where they can hover their mouses over a number of different objects including books, lost cauldrons, trophies, and more.

There's no new writing today, but users can get a winged catapult, knight's helmet, and a fanged frisbee.

Harry Potter fans can also see Harry hiding the textbook after his duel with Draco Malfoy. Harry decided to finally get rid of the book after almost killing Malfoy with the spell "Sectumsempra."

There hasn't been new writing for the last three days, and the Christmas surprises are almost coming to an end. Hopefully we will see plenty of new writings for the last three days of Pottermore Christmas.

I have a feeling new writing about Draco Malfoy will be on its way soon.

Come back tomorrow for a full report on the tenth day of Pottermore Christmas.