Pottermore's Fourth Christmas Gives Fans A New Moment With Katie Bell

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Today on Pottermore Christmas, Harry Potter fans can be front and center to witness Katie Bell being cursed by the opal necklace.

"Wrap up warm for this one, as it's not just the weather that brings a chill," said Pottermore's official site.

"Solve today's riddle and watch the snowy scene unfold as Katie Bell encounters the cursed opal necklace in a brand new Moment from Half-Blood Prince."

Pottermore's fourth Christmas surprise begins with this riddle: "In snowy Hogsmeade, there's a frightening scene.

Four students watch Katie Bell rise and scream. The Gryffindor student falls victim to a dastardly scheme, but what position does she play on the Quidditch team?"

The answer: Chaser. Once you answer correctly you are taken right to the snowy scene where Katie is up in the air.

In an attempt to help her down, her friend Leanne is grabbing her feet, but the curse is too strong. Of course, Harry, Ron and Hermione are running over to help with their scarves blowing in the winter wind.

As you move around the scene with your mouse, you can collect a few items including a snowball, pepper imp, and woodlice. Yes, you get a snowball.

I'm not too sure why they decided to make one at this drastic moment. Wingardium Levisnowsa!

When you zoom in and hover over Katie with your mouse, you are able to hear a bone chilling scream.

Turn down your volume, it's creepy. You can also hover over the package and see the opal necklace, but only a peek.

The opal necklace was previously held in Borgin and Burkes in Diagon Alley, and anyone who touches or wears the necklace would be killed. As readers, we know that Malfoy is responsible for giving Katie the necklace.

Draco hoped the parcel would be given to Professor Dumbledore in order to fulfill Voldemort's wishes. Nice try, Draco.

Unfortunately, there were no new writings by J.K. Rowling today. Humbug! Come back tomorrow for a full report on the fifth Pottermore Christmas!