Pottermore's Fifth Christmas Brings Fans to Tom Riddle's Orphanage

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In today's Pottermore Christmas surprise, Harry Potter fans can join Harry and Professor Dumbledore through the Hogwarts Pensieve to the orphanage where young Tom Riddle lived.

"Don't forget to answer our rhyming riddle for yet another treat - revisiting one of Dumbledore's memories in the Hogwarts Pensieve..." said Pottermore's official website.

The riddle reads: "In an orphanage in London where Tom Riddle resides, a suited wizard visits him, it's quite a surprise. After showing the boy magical tricks of all sorts, which future headmaster offers him a place at Hogwarts?"

The answer: Professor Dumbledore. When users answer Tom's riddle correctly (pun), they are taken to the moment when Dumbledore first met Voldemort.

At first, you are standing behind Harry and Dumbledore and you can see a young boy holding a box looking at his caretaker, Mrs. Cole.

When you zoom in and hover your mouse over the young boy, he empties his box out on to his bed.

While at the orphanage in London, Tom Riddle liked to steal a lot of the toys of orphans who teased him.

Ever since then, he has always collected a treasured item from someone he killed or had known. Who are we kidding? He mostly killed them.

Unfortunately, there were no collectors items or new writings today. This must mean that the next upcoming surprises will be big. J.K. Rowling wouldn't tease us around Christmas. Even though she is...right now.

For those who do not know much background about Tom Riddle's childhood, users are able to click and read about Tom Riddle and his mother Merope Gaunt. In one of the readings we learn that Mrs.

Cole told Dumbledore that Riddle scares the children and "several nasty incidents are attributed to him." For example, after a fight with Billy Stubbs, Cole found Stubbs's rabbit hanging from the rafters the day after. *shudders*

It's always fascinating to see a new moment on Pottermore, one reason being that the drawings of these characters and scenes are what Rowling imagined while writing the novels. I'm not complaining. Bring me more moments!

Come back tomorrow for a full report on the sixth Pottermore Christmas.