Possible Names For The Weeknd's Third Chapter

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It's been a big year for The Weeknd after releasing the mega-hit "Earned It" but after the release of "The Hills," fans are really starting to get hyped for the third chapter of his artistry.

So out of fun we've come up with a few possibilities for the name of the next chapter.

On May 31 The Weeknd made it known it known to his friends and followers that he will be opening his third chapter as an artist.

The Instagram post showed some artwork to back up his sentiment while his Twitter bio leaves room for guess when it comes to the title of the project.

beginning of a new chapter

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We already know that chapter one was "The Trilogy" and chapter two came in the for of "Kiss Land." There really isn't much of a pattern going on here that being said, it is possible that there could be a pattern forming between "Kiss land" and the third chapter. "Kiss Land" was heavily promoted with visuals from the new age Japan.

Though there is an undeniable relationship between "The Hills Have Eyes" and "The Hills" single, if you look closer at the video, you can clearly see the setting looks like an upscale residential neighborhood in Beverly Hills.

Thus our first guess is going to be "Beverly Hills."

The Weeknd really "Earned It" when it came to the single for the "Fifty Shades of Grey" motion picture soundtrack. Picking him to contribute to the soundtrack might have been a no brainer for those involved in the soundtrack selection process.

Why? Well The Weeknd has some of the most sexually explicit lyrics that your can think of.

These lyrics can be found throughout his mixtape series beginning with "House of Balloons." He's not afraid to be a little risque as an artist so our second guess for a possible album title for chapter three is going to be "Red Room."

Being that this is the third chapter of The Weeknd's musical career we're going to leave you all with one final guess. The single art for "The Hills" has the feel of a Quentin Tarantino film, more specifically "Grindhouse" or "Deathproof." The film contained tons of violence and sexually charged scenes.

Of course it did, it's a Tarantino movie. Naturally we're going cheat a bit on the third guess and go for either "Grindhouse" or "Death Proof" as the final guesses.

directed by @grant_singer

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Aside from the little guessing game above, fans will already be holding high expectations for Abel Tesfaye. He's been wowing us for years with his brilliant voice and haunting music.

"The Hills" was a refreshing teaser for what's to come and whatever the title may be, the contents remain the most important aspect of it all.

For now fans will have to enjoy the single until The Weeknd makes the official announcement.