Poor Corgi Doesn't Know How to Go to Bed

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Sometimes your pets are just as close to you as your kids and when they do the darnedest things, it's very well just as adorable and hilarious as your little ones.

For instance this adorable little Corgi who doesn't quite know what the bed is.

(Video Below)

"Our Corgi forgets how to bed," read the caption of the video posted to the Justin Tokarsky YouTube Channel.

The channel is filled with videos of Tokarsky's dogs and the silly things they do. It's always hilarious to see a pet become a bit inquisitive of what's going on or even confused.

The basic exclamation ends up being one big "aww." In this case, Tokarsky's Corgi is getting ready for bed, the only problem is, the little one doesn't seem to know what the bed is actually meant fore.

There is another dog in the video who seems to be enjoying his sleep.

When Tokarsky and woman begins to ask the Corgi to go to bed, it waddles over to it's bed but finds a nice space between the bed and the wall and fits neatly. The Corgi uses the bed as a place to rest its head, but not its body.

Cute level is on a trillion in this one. Check out the video below.

Watch the Corgi who forgets how to bed below.