Poll Results: 'TVD' Star Paul Wesley Beats 'The Originals' Daniel Gillies For The Better Good Brother

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Last night's episode of "The Vampire Dairies" saw an emotional reunion between Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wesley) and his mother Lily.

It was so emotional that Stefan flips his humanity switch back to the good side proving the fans who voted in our poll right.

Wesley's character Stefan Salvatore won the poll pinning him against Daniel Gillies character, Elijah Mikaelson to see "Who makes good look the best in 'The Vampire Diaries' V.S. 'The Originals.'" 789 votes were casted before voting ended earlier today and Stefan's fans gave him the edge over Elijah with 56 percent of the votes in his favor. Elijah wasn't too far behind with 44 percent of votes.

Last night's episode of "TVD" "I Could Never Love Like That" was a perfect example of Stefan's humanity. Once he was reunited with someone he cared deeply for and loved all his life, his switch was immediately flipped.

He now embarks on a mission to help Caroline come back from the dark side so that he can tell her how he feels about her while she's in her right mind.

Though he has just been reunited with his mother, Stefan's focus is still geared to bringing back his love interest no matter what is going on in his personal life.

Perhaps this week in "The Originals" Elijah will flex the same protective and caring attributes that he possesses because the previews have him pitted against his brother. Will he be able to use his selfless nature to reach his brother or will one of the characters meet their end? Either way, both Elijah and Stefan are excellent examples of the voice of reason in any situation.

The fans give Stefan the edge but the truth is both of these good guys are pretty awesome at helping to keep their respective families safe. For now "The Vampire Diaries" takes the win.