Poll: 'The Originals' V.S. 'The Vampire Diaries,' Ian Somerhalder And Joseph Morgan, The Better Baddie

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The CW hit shows "The Originals" and "The Vampire Diaries" have had some strong and intense male characters, but none like Ian Somerhalder's Damon and Joseph Morgan's Klaus.

So, Empty Lighthouse wants to see who fans think makes the better evil brother.

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Klaus, well what can be said about the most ruthless Mikaelson other than his father Mikael? He has a strange way with the ladies for starters.

Klaus spent his beginnings on "The Vampire Diaries" trying to woo Caroline but ended up spending a hot night with Hayley, leading to the birth of his daughter Hope.

Klaus will stop at nothing to protect his family and rips through anyone who gets into his way.

Then there is the caring Klaus of "The Originals." The new father who is on a new mission to protect Hope, but has somehow been slowly tapping into a more understanding caring side. Klaus has been battling the fact that his father wanted him dead and his mother condemned him to a cursed eternity as a hybrid.

He's sought to be more ruthless than his father ever was and puts up a big front, however, at the end of the day there is real valor and caring behind the terror that is Klaus Mikaelson.

Then there is "The Vampire Diaries" heartthrob Damon. The once evil brother of Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wesley), who wanted nothing more than to steal his brother's girl in the shows early days. Once Damon got what he truly wanted, Elena, he became a part of the team and warmed up to everyone.

He and Bonnie (Kat Graham) even bonded after spending some time alone in the past.

He is still irrational and acts on instinct but like Stefan, he has everyone's best interest in mind. It's safe to say that Damon has pretty much lost a lot more of his edge compared to Klaus.

So who makes bad look good the best? Is it Damon or is it Klaus? Vote in the poll below and let us know who wins.