Pitcher Roy Halladay Dead After Plane Crashes In The Gulf Of Mexico

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Roy Halladay, the famous and record setting pitcher who originally played for the Toronto Blue Jays may have been involved in an airplane crash. According to reports, Halladay's A5 ICON airplane crashed into the Gulf of Mexico today, and one person was found dead.

That person, it has been revealed, was Roy Halladay. He died at 40.

Roy Halladay Bio

Halladay was best known for his time pitching in the MLB. He stared off with the Toronto Blue Jays, where he immediately stared setting records for his pitching prowess. He continued to get better and better, pitching many record setting games, including one perfect game.

Halladay also played for the Philadelphia Phillies, where he had a $80 million contract, according to The Squander. He played multiple all star games, and he won many awards.

However, Halladay had to retire in 2013 due to an injury. Since then, he has focused mostly on charity and philanthropy.

According to his social media, Halladay had an ICON A5 airplane that he enjoyed using -- and he was proud of. That plane appears to have matched the tail number of a plane that crashed into the Gulf of Mexico this afternoon.

One was confirmed dead, but it is unclear if other people were killed or injured. The ICON A5 is mean to only seat two people.

Roy Halladay was estimated to be worth up to $75 million at the time of the crash.

Roy Halladay is survived by his wife and two children.

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