Piers Morgan And Son Get Into Awkward Twitter Fight Over JK Rowling

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It appears that Pierce Morgan is even more thin-skinned than we thought. According to NME, Morgan has threatened to cut his son out of his will because of the sons support for JK Rowling in a twitter spat.

Morgan Sr.

has been involved in a twitter war with JK Rowling ever since he appeared on Real Time with Bill Maher last week and got into a tiff with Jim Jefferies.

Rowling came to Jeffrey's defense, and Morgan did not like that.

Since then he has been tweeting angrily at Rowling, Jefferies, and everybody else that supports them. But now there's a new twist in the story.

NME reports that Morgan's son actually took the side of JK Rowling, and posted a photo of himself with a Harry Potter symbol. That made Morgan very upset.

Morgan responded first saying "sadly he's a Potter fanatic. My biggest failure in 23 years of parenting. Fortunately he's fanatical about Arsenal so I forgive him."

But he later added "cursed child sums this up." And then wrote "my son will be sorrier, I just cut him out of my will."

Morgan never seems to run out of people to get in a fight with, but the hit on his son is surprising. It's still unclear whether it was a joke or not.

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