Philadelphia Magician Trolls Everyone

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Not everyone is cut out to be a magician, especially this guy. However, he takes to trolling and confusing random folks he meets on the streets creating a ton of awkward situations.

(Video Below)

The first trick is already one that tells you this video is going to simply be one of the most magical trolls you can imagine.

He approaches two men and asks for a dollar and as soon as they close their eyes upon his request, he takes off running.

The video features a series of attempts of him to guess what people are thinking or what they are doing at the shopping center.

The funniest part might be his little piece of paper that is suppose to have the big answer to every question on it.

He is wrong most of the time and when he reaches out to pull the right piece of paper it goes a little wrong, chances are the other one said "no."

Some folks picked up on the "magician" towards the end of the video, but it makes a person wonder, would you want your time to be wasted by someone like this all in the name of humor? Silly as it may be the video is good for a few laughs.

"Watch The Worst Magician Ever"