Peter Frampton Chats and Performs on the Howard Stern Show

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Today Stern Show SiriusXM fans were treated to a live performance and interview with rock legend Peter Frampton. Frampton talked about the success of the Humble Pie band and his solo career.

Stern welcomed Frampton to the show and found out that he is now living in Nashville. He pointed out that he and Stern met at a Black Crowes concert but Stern could not remember the meeting.

They jumped into talking about Frampton's incredible ear for music and noticing that there were slight discrepancies in the notes from a televised piano recital.

He was 7 when he picked up an instrument and explained that the discrepancies that he noticed in the recital was the same thing that threw Adele off at the Grammys.

Frampton noted that he would also be a bit pitchy if it was him.

Frampton actually started out playing on a banjo that his grandmother had according to the interview. Frampton told Stern that taking the classical guitar classes gave him the rudiments of fingering on the fret board, according to MarksFriggin.

He also revealed that he and David Bowie went to school together and were pretty close friends.

He also played the Spider Tour with Bowie and Stern talked about the difference in their personality where Bowie wanted to be a star but Frampton just wanted to play the guitar.

Stern and Frampton explored his youth where he wrote his first song around the age of 7 or 8 but it wasn't recorded. He worked at a guitar store and wanted to quit but couldn't because his father said he needed to make 15 pounds a week after dropping out of school.

Other bands that Frampton was a part of in the past included The Little Ravens, The True Beats and the most famous one Humble Pie.

Frampton did go solo and released Frampton Comes Alive! which happened to be the most successful solo effort.

The Stern Show has a pretty interesting profile of Humble Pie and how much of its music went unnoticed despite how great it was.

Frampton went over what it was to work with George Harrison and played a couple of hits like "Baby I Love Your Way" and "Norwegian Wood." The interview seemed to be a big hit with fans of the Stern Show who showed their support by tweeting about the extensive and enlightening interview.