Penny Dreadful, "Grand Guignol" Season Finale Recap

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This week's episode of "Penny Dreadful," 'Grand Guignol,' served as an epic season finale to a strange and masterfully suspenseful show. Below are many spoilers so if you haven't seen this weeks episode don't read any further.

After claiming to know where Mina Harker is at the end of last weeks thrilling episode, Vanessa Ives tells Sir Malcolm about visions she saw in the theater and reveals that she thinks Mina wants to be found.

Sir Malcolm promises that if he is unable to save Mina he will end her suffering, something he was very reluctant to think about in the past.

Dorian Gray arrives to visit Ives and asks her tell his future but refuses that as well as lunch. Ives wants absolutely nothing to do with Gray at this point.

Ethan Chandler prays at Brona's bedside as she is in worst shape than she has ever been. After his departure from her room two gentlemen follow him, speaking of taking him.

While at the gun store, Sir Malcolm runs into an old acquaintance named Evelyn.

The Creature has trouble with his job as the harness that lifts Maud's boyfriend Simon fails to work properly. In his rage, the actor says extremely hurtful things and disrespects The Creature.

Maud visits The Creature and thanks him for the book he left her. Later after their meeting he is graced with a kiss on the cheek before his visitor departs.

Meanwhile, Ives questions Sir Malcolm as to why he didn't bring her to the ship.

Sir Malcolm says that he would sacrifice her to save his daughter and that she is only being kept alive to keep the connection between herself and Mina.

The Creature uses makeup to try to hide his appearance before seeing Maud but he loses control of his feelings and pins her to the wall after she asks him to leave.

Because of his actions, Vincent is forced to fire The Creature as he leaves a vampire is seen sleeping high above the rafters.

Ives decides to meet Gray as he shows her the flower they'd admired is dying, Ives tells him she's not the woman he thinks she is.

Ives says that the feelings she has for him are unhealthy and says they can no longer be together.

The Creature visits Dr. Frankenstein, who is still furious and distraught over Van Helsing being killed. Dr. Frankenstein attempts to kill The Creature and after he bares soul and the pain he asks Dr. Frankenstein to pull the trigger.

Chandler brings Dr. Frankenstein to Brona who is concerned for what will happen to her soul since she hasn't lived a good life. Dr. Frankenstein reveals to her that she is near death and sends Chandler for water.

Dr. Frankenstein tells he she can live beyond death and kills her.

Chandler returns and Dr. Frankenstein says to him "Don't worry, I'll take care of the body," which makes it seem as if Brona will soon serve as The Creatures bride.

The two men who were following Chandler reveal themselves as men who were brought to take him back home to his father but Chandler resists violently.

Sir Malcolm, Ives, Chandler, Dr. Frankenstein and Sembene head over to the theatre where Sir Malcolm sees the vampire. Chandler, Dr. Frankenstein and Sembene are busy fighting the vampire's servants, while Sir Malcolm and Ives run into the vampire.

Sir Malcolm drives a stake into the vampire and Mina walks out. Mina's eyes grow dark and she grabs Ives from behind to tell her that she is working on behalf of "the master" and Ives will be the master's bride.

Malcolm shoots her.

While lying on her back Mina says, "I'm your daughter." Sir Malcolm says, "I have a daughter" and finishes the job. Sir Malcolm later on embraces Ives and it seems as he has now accepted her as a daughter.

Dr. Frankenstein reveals Brona's body to The Creature, will this be his new love? Meanwhile, the two men again find Chandler in a bar but this time he turns into a werewolf and kills the men.

Ives goes to a church and has quite the conversation with a priest. He questions her about her fears to which she answers she believes in demons and monsters.

After suggesting an exorcism, he says everybody died and nobody found God.

The priest says that being touched by a demon is the equivalent to backhand of God and it would make her unique. The final question to Ives is whether or not she really wants to be normal.

This finale opens up two new storylines and viewers are probably wondering whether or not Ives will embrace the darkness within her.

Apart from Ives, Chandler has now revealed himself to be a werewolf which is no surprise considering he did talk a wolf away from attacking himself and others in one of the earlier episodes this season.

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