Paul Wesley & His Girlfriend Phoebe Tonkin Kiss While They Get 'Liquor'd Up'

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By now it's pretty much known that Paul Wesley and Phoebe Tonkin might be "The Vampire Diaries" and "The Originals" fandom's favorite real life couple and they recently shared a beautiful kiss with their fans and Followers.

Just two days ago Tonkin shared a beautiful black and white photo as she shares a kiss with her boyfriend Paul Wesley at the Airport Tavern. If there is one couple that hasn't been shy about their relationship as of recent, it's Tonkin and Wesley. Why should they? They're regular human beings just like everyone else.

Except when they are playing a righteous vampire and sassy werewolf in their respective shows, "The Vampire Diaries" and "The Originals." Either way, it's nice to see Wesley and Tonkin letting their fans have a peek inside of their relationship.

It also should be worth pointing out that both eyes are closed the way a real kiss should be.

A kiss isn't the only thing that Tonkin and Wesley will be sharing. Both "The Originals" and "The Vampire Diaries" will be sharing Thursday nights as they both are set to premiere on Thursday October 8 and air every Thursday in their respective seasons.

Fans will be able to get a double dose of witches, werewolves, vampires and don't forget the heretics as season seven of "TVD" and season three of "The Originals" nears.

In the meantime check out the beautiful photo of Tonkin and Wesley below.

Getting liquor'd up at the airport tavern

A photo posted by Phoebe Tonkin (@phoebejtonkin) on