Paul Pierce And Joakim Noah Almost Get Into A Fight In A Preseason Game

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Well it isn't quite the NBA Season yet but tempers are already flaring as Paul Pierce and Joakim Noah almost get into a fight at the Washington Wizards vs. Chicago Bulls preseason game on October 6.

(Video Below)

After fouling Jimmy Butler pretty hard around the neck area during the Pierce began talk to Butler and it didn't appear like he was giving advice either.

Tempers began flaring on both sides after the replay of the shot was played and both benches began to clear a little.

Things quieted for a few seconds but Pierce continued to exchange words with Butler, queue Noah, who comes over to separate his team mate from Pierce who was seemingly the antagonist, first with the foul then with the words.

When Noah came over Pierce took exception and poked him in the face. That sent both players setting up as if they were about to get into a brawl, but thankfully for the fans who went to see a basketball game that didn't escalate into a WWE match.

The comedic part came from coach Tom Thibodeau who tries to get in between the two players, but the look on his face was priceless.

He was neither concerned nor did he back down, the sign of a true veteran.

If this is the intensity that fans are seeing this season in basketball, fans can only wonder if it will carry into the first game these two teams play during the season.

Check out the footage below.