The Parmesans Top Themselves With New Album

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The folk music revival has been a breath of fresh air in a world where the top 40 hits consisted primarily of four minute loops of beat and chorus that are overplayed until the masses are convinced it's a quality recording.

Big successes like Mumford & Sons and The Lumineers brought about the public eye to shift over to a genre that, it could be argued, was dead or dying.

Now bands that have been plucking away and fighting for some attention are finally having their hard work and patience rewarded.

The Parmesans' style breaks away from the logical choice and aren't afraid to be (as their name suggests) a little cheesy. Instead of trying to be intense, or tackle heavy subject matter they stay true to themselves. You listen to their music and hear a couple of good ol' boys just having fun.

Flat Baroque is recorded live in the studio, and offers an intimacy that is hard to explain. Playing on a home stereo you might feel as though they are sitting there with you and playing right in your living room.

Every song on the album is glazed with a charm that makes you want to sit on the porch and play right along with them.

A handful of tracks had appeared on previous albums. Looking at the track listing you might feel disappointed there aren't more new songs, but when the album plays through it's more like being visited by old friends.

This is the fourth album released by The Parmesans and it is by far the best.

Not only in the quality of the songs, but the performance as well, which is another reason it's nice to hear the old songs again is because you can hear the improvement from each album that it's played.

Every time they record it they are more in sync.

Flat Baroque is available for free digital download, along with all their previous albums, but if you can stretch it, throw a couple of bucks their way. They start touring today.