Parents Beware of Young Kids & Exercise Balls

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There is a ton of irresponsibility in this video clip and it's amazing that exercise balls are now becoming pretty dangerous when used improperly. A kid is propelled into a closet after a nasty exercise ball collision..

(Video Below)

When you see the size of the room and the title of the video, you automatically know that the individuals involved clearly weren't thinking about the consequences of what they were about to do. There doesn't appear to be any supervision around and it looks more like two brothers or a group of friends having fun. That being said, the improper use of an exercise ball could be pretty dangerous.

While most of the internet is probably laughing about this, the kid on the receiving probably doesn't share the same sentiment. The video was found on Reddit and is now going viral. (Original YouTube Channel)

Yes, kids will be kids but the impact in this video is nothing to joke about. As the younger kid stands on the bed he gives the older boy the thumbs up to run in. The older boy is holding the exercise ball and when they collide it sends the younger and lighter kid flying into a closet that even cracks a bit from the impact.

After all you hear is the little kid screaming. Entertainment for some but others might see this as another trend that could get someone hurt. Check out the video below.

Watch the exercise ball collision between two kids below.