Paramount Is Currently Developing A Documentary About The Late Paul Walker

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Paul Walker initially got famous by being the star in Universal Pictures' very popular Fast and the Furious franchise. Sadly, the actor's life came to an abrupt end when he was involved in a fatal car crash back in 2013. 

Due to the star's popularity, many fans have never forgotten about him. Now as reported by Deadline, Paramount Network is now developing a new documentary called 'I Am Paul Walker'. 

The producer of the film is Derik Murray and it's being directed by Adrian Buitenhuis who is the same person that helmed the Heath Ledger documentary that was released several years ago. 

The documentary will feature loads of interviews from Paul Walker's many cast mates over the years. This should include many of the friends he made from the famous Fast & Furious movie franchise. 

Not only will it feature interviews with fellow actors, but his many personal friends and family will also talk about his decorated life.

His film career will not be the only focus of the documentary because it will also feature his passion for marine life and his efforts to help those affected by the Haiti earthquake.

More details about the 'I Am Paul Walker' documentary will be announced in the months to come. So far, there is still no release date for it so far but hopefully it can come out sometime next year. 

Despite the death of Paul Walker, the Fast & Furious franchise is still going.

The last film he appeared in was Furious 7 which had a very great tribute to him towards the end of it. More Fast movies are coming out though including a spin-off starring Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson and Jason Statham.

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