Paper Towns' Cara Delevingne Tweets Frustration At Misunderstanding

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A morning interview brought a lot of attention to Paper Towns star, Cara Delevingne.

Articles were written about how awkward the interview was and how she was over it. Delevingne doesn't seem to happy about this because she took to twitter to set things straight.

The actress tweeted that it she was all part of her sense of humor. The interview was a mess from the start when they got her name wrong when introducing her.

If you've watched the videos, you see Delevingne deadpan many unserious answers to questions that aren't all that good or serious themselves. One reporter even asks her why she doesn't seem excited to be speaking with them?

On Twitter, Delevingne isn't the only one speaking up about the affair. She's gotten support from Zack Braff and Boy George

and a slew of other fans. Although one fan joked that they should have just given her some rope to hang herself on, Delevingne makes sure to add that her response to that is sarcastic.

The tweet that sums it up the best is this one:

Lazy questions only get you lazy responses, so you can't fault Delevingne in trying to have some fun at one in a long line of interviews that have probably been equally as bad.