Pamela Anderson Talks 'Raw' Book, Playboy & More on Howard Stern

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The Stern Show fans were in for a treat today as Pamela Anderson stopped by to promote her new book "Raw" and she also discussed Playboy, being sexualized, being a rape victim and more.

Stern started out the show with talking about how all guys pleasured themselves to her and Anderson was a bit taken back but was still accommodating when it came to discussing it. Stern gave a bit of background on Anderson who was the original Tool Time girl and a member of the Baywatch cast.

Anderson was also one of the most successful Playboy covergirls.

"Howard said he thinks Pam and Jenny McCarthy might be the most successful people to come out of Playboy. Howard said Pam did 14 covers of Playboy," according to MarksFriggin.

"Howard asked if she is the most successful. Howard said her name is known around the world.

Howard said that most people don't achieve anything like that. Howard asked if she ever wonders how it happened. Pam said she wonders how it happened all the time."

Anderson talked about her previous relationships and said that she's not really good at picking a partner.

When Stern asked Anderson if she feels like a beautiful person, she replied by saying she doesn't know and for someone who was clearly held in high regard early on in her career for her looks, it's very surprising to hear her say that she might have low self-esteem.

"Howard said Pam had a childhood full of people sexualizing her. Pam said she's a happy, sad person," according to the MarksFriggin rundown.

"Howard said she has talked about all of this. He said a female babysitter molested her for years. Howard said she was told not to talk about it.

Pam said she was. She said she didn't trust anyone around her kids.

Howard said that she had a boyfriend who gang raped her. Pam said she's writing a new book about being compassionate and she writes about that in the first chapter."

Howard said that the rape happened when she was 14-years-old and Anderson spoke about being molested at an even younger age by a babysitter. Anderson revealed that she does attend therapy and said she loves her 80-year-old therapist.

She also added that she is single but is concentrating on her children. It's a drastic contrast to her statements in the past where she described herself as a nymphomaniac when she was in high school, according to Stern.

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Towards the end of the interview Anderson spoke a little about her book "Raw" which as Stern said has a lot of pictures.

Anderson is an animal rights activist and has been working closely with her foundation to help other organizations like PETA. You can check out the full interview here.