Pamela Anderson Brings the Crazy on Twitter

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Pamela Anderson, who became famous for posing naked and running in slow motion while wearing a bathing suit, has gone a little crazy.

Perhaps it's inevitable that when your famous for your looks and have little else going for you that you, at some point, need to find a new thing.

For Anderson that thing is animal activism, being a vegan, and being against people wearing fur.

Anderson even changed her Twitter profile pic to the word fur in the circle with a slash that has become familiar from the "no smoking" signs and "Ghostbusters." Never mind the countless humans who need our help, Anderson is putting her fame behind dolphins.

How does she know this is a "dolphin hunting" boat? We don't know, nor does she explain. Why would people be hunting dolphins? Are they delicious? Was Sea World running low? Anderson doesn't explain nor does she know.

Anderson's animal activism comes from the same place Jenny McCarthy's opinions on immunizing your kids. She's half-informed and double eager -- a dangerous combination we seem to tolerate from good looking women.

What does this even mean? This monkey looks pretty happy.

Do monkeys stay in family units until going off to monkey college? Testing makeup on monkeys and eating dolphins (or forcing them to work at amusement parks) may be mean, but it's very low on the list of problems we need to solve.

Anderson may mean well, but so does McCarthy.