The Originals 'Wheel Inside The Wheel' Recap, S2 EP6, Klaus' Fight For His Brother's Safety

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The realization that Elijah is under Esther's control set in last week but things are still as complicated as ever in "Wheel Inside The Wheel," the sixth episode of the second season of "The Originals." In order to rescue his brother from the delusional clutches of his mother Klaus will have to face her head on.

In "Wheel Inside The Wheel," Klaus makes a mad dash to try to save his brother from Esther after realizing last week that he is in grave danger. Esther tries to use the same tactics on Klaus that she did with Elijah.

As she tries to weaken their minds, will they succumb to her offer? Hayley is on a mission of her own as she tries to seek the help of Jackson.

It looks like Cami may have found Vincent out and turns to both Marcel and Elijah's protege Gia for help.

This weeks episode of "The Originals" kicked off with yet another recap from the Kingdom of Norway. A young Esther seeks help from her sister to make her fertile as she is struggling to get pregnant. Her sister tells her that she requires heavy sacrifice and agrees to help her sister.

Vincent and Esther have Oliver captive and are holding him as an example for the other wolves.

Once that is taken care of, Esther approaches a still sleeping Elijah as she continues to torture him with both bad an good memories.

She tells him about her fond memories of what he was like when he was younger and says she would do anything for the little boy and him, then wounds him.

Klaus' hands are bloody as Hayley walks him on him cleaning up. Klaus tells Hayley that he needs to draw Esther out but refuses Hayley's help when she tells him she wants to accompany him to save Elijah. Meanwhile, Gia and Marcel are still looking for Elijah when Hayley asks them for their help to save Oliver.

She tells them that saving Oliver will lead them to Elijah. Marcel warns her of the danger but she sets out to find Jackson, the alpha, instead.

Cami is approached by Vincent once more at the bar. At this point she isn't aware of his deviance. She opens up to him once again and is unaware that she is telling Vincent (Finn) everything creating a weakness for the group. When Vincent orders for Cami it triggers something inside of her and she immediately leaves.

Klaus is out digging up his mothers grave to desecrate it, but he is approached by what looks to be Elijah. Fans know that this is a vision of Elijah and not him in his true form.

The vision of Elijah tries to persuade Klaus to talk to their mother but he realizes that they are just visions. Esther approaches Klaus and offers to return Elijah if he listens to her.

Esther revisits the old plantation with Klaus as he speaks to him. She questions him about the choices that he has made over the past years. Esther brought up the suffering that he has inflicted over the years.

He tells her to quit the hypocritical rant and then fills her in on a little secret she was unaware of. Upon learning that Mikael has risen her face completely changes.

Cami approaches Marcel about Vincent and he reveals that Vincent is in fact Finn. Cami says that she is just getting started with Finn and refuses to back down.

Meanwhile, Klaus and his mother are still discussing the past. She tries to convince him that his father, Mikael, wasn't always filled with hatred.

She appeals to Klaus asking him to join her and in return she will grant him peace.

Esther says that if Mikael returned to harm him she would strike him down herself but Klaus refuses. Upon his refusal Esther tells Klaus that she has the truth about his real father.

Hayley finds Jackson who was supposed to be her husband at some point in time. Esther reminds Klaus about how he murdered her and the reason behind it. He tells her that it was her lies that made him kill her.

After he calls her a whore, Esther slaps him and reminds him that he is still her son, she then tells him there is nothing to take away the pain of he son. Jackson gives Hayley his reason from drifting away from all of the trouble.

Hayley appeals to Jackson by talking about Oliver's situation but it only insights his rage. Jackson's new friend agrees to help Hayley out of the respect for his kind.

Esther continues to relive the first time he met Klaus' father. Her decision to become drawn to another man stemmed from Mikael's drifting away.

When Klaus questioned why his father was not there for him to help him grow and Esther took the blame upon herself.

Meanwhile, Marcel is having trouble letting Cami get close to Vincent and she makes a strong case to him for why she needs to be involved. Just then Hayley calls Marcel and updates him on the new help.

Esther told Klaus that when he was born, she lied to Mikael and said she was having his child and he never questioned it. She told Klaus that to protect him she lied but offered him a chance to be a pure bred werewolf. Klaus had had enough and demanded his brother, however, he was attacked by Esther who used her powers to snap his neck.

Klaus looked to have been dreaming about the day he found out who his real father was.

Esther tells him that he woke earlier than expected and also told him that he was free to take Elijah.

She tells him that all she has given him was the truth and that Elijah will decide for himself what fate he wants to accept.

Gia meets up with Marcel and she is given lookout duty. Cami apologizes to Vincent in her second meeting of the day as she tries to get closer. Hayley and her helper found Oliver but they face a bigger threat when they realize that they have been detected.

Cami and Vincent continue their cryptic discussion where she uses his previous words against him.

Cami disguises her inquisitive nature for a way to find coping methods. Hayley's friend is a noble werewolf who vowed to hold off the pack while Hayley and Oliver escaped.

Cami can't disguise her feeling of being on edge around Vincent. Vincent tells her that her interest is unexpected and she tells him that she doesn't want him to tell her to stop seeing Klaus. She is about to shank him when he sways her with promise of help.

Gia and Marcel have had an ongoing battle outside which they won. Hayley and Oliver struggle to stay out of the clutches of Esther's army but then readies herself for battle.

Oliver tries to persuade them but telling them about their packs dreams. Oliver approaches them and his people let them pass without a struggle.

Klaus meets up with the man who is suspected to be his father. Klaus thinks that he is a phantom but he soon figures out that he is seeing his real father in flesh and blood. His father tells him that he he awoke after four moons.

At this point Klaus is hysterical. His father claims him as his own but Klaus stands before him and tells him that he is nothing to him, ordering him to crawl back to hell.

Marcel nurses Gia back to health after the show down. Gia says that what Marcel is building fits the person she wants to become and that she doesn't want to run anymore. Marcel receives a call from Cami and she informs him that Vincent might be her blindspot.

Jackson asks for Ansel but Hayley tells him he was left behind.

Oliver tries to convince Jackson that he can free the rest of his people and rise against the witches and just then his life ends right before Hayley and Jackson's eyes.

Jackson is so beside himself that it looks like her may rise up to help the cause. Klaus finds his brother hanging from the chains and rescues him. Elijah is still in a deep sleep and Esther informs him that he will not wake just yet. She wants to discuss one last thing with Klaus before she lets him take Elijah.

She reveals that she brought Ansel back from the dead to teach Klaus to be the man he was made to be a werewolf. Klaus once again rejects his mother and tells her that he has more hatred for her now than ever before. He tells him that his daughter is the reason for his hatred.

Before she could take over his mind he firms the grip around her throat and throws her to the floor.

Klaus rescues his brother and in one last flashback reveals that her sister took the child her family mourned the loss of. Esther really came back to save Klaus' daughter from the wrath of Thalia her sister.

Vincent comes in the aftermath and Esther tells him that Klaus has refused her offer. Meanwhile, Hayley and Klaus tend to Elijah but Esther promises the return of Thalia.

"Wheel Inside The Wheel" was yet another thrilling development in the action-packed saga that is "The Originals." Elijah continues to suffer the wrath of Esther and his brother nearly joined him. Esther proves to be one of the most vicious villains as she uses her powers against her own family. The ever evolving storyline has been more dynamic this season than ever before.

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