'The Originals' Recap: 'Wild at Heart' Season 3 Episode 11, Davina Returns

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After CWTV The Orignals' fans lost Jackson last week, things get even more intense in this episode. In "Wild at Heart," episode 11 of season three, fans finally get to see Davina again and she could be reunited with her love.

Elijah has to form an unwanted alliance with Aya because she knows of an elusive weapon that would be able to put him and the other original vampires down for good. Cami is learning how to control her new powers but seems to be in a much more sinister frame of mind.

Klaus is struggling to keep Cami from losing who she is. Hayley is still coping with the death of Jackson. Davina returns to the picture and gets a pretty interesting offer that might mean being reunited with Kol.

The episode kicks off as Aya makes a speech to her Strix. They are making a toast to Tristan and Aya says they will stand united in the face of using Tristan. She asked Ariane to conduct an assessment and each Strix has a card in front of them. If the intentions are pure then the Strix shouldn't fear unveiling it.

When it comes to one Strix, he deters his allegiance from her and she kills him. Marcel then flips his card to reveal that he is destined to be one of her knights.

Aya says in uncertain times they need to be certain of each other. A threat to their sire is a threat against them. She is willing to do whatever is necessary to survive.

Davina returns and she is trying to buy angelica flower but since she is shunned, no witch will sell her. Josh tries to step in and help but it doesn't work and Davina tells him they should just leave. Klaus is nervously waiting for Cami and Elijah tells him it's his own fault for giving her a daylight ring.

Elijah says he will tend to the darker threat while Klaus chases after Cami.

Hayley comes in and tells them that Cami left just before sunrise. She also asks to stay with them and both Elijah and Klaus grant her permission.

Aya calls Elijah to strike up an alliance to find the weapon that could kill an original. She even offers her full resources. Josh tells Davina that she has friends so that she doesn't have to go by her life alone. Aya rolls up and asks Davina to join her and Davina gets in without hesitation.

Elsewhere, Cami walks into a bar and she's got a pep in her step. She tells a bartender that she feels amazing and when the bartender is disrespected Cami uses her powers to ensure that the man leaves the bartender a big tip.

She also asks him to to meet her in the back for real fun. Just then, the bartender presents Cami with a drink that came from the one and only Klaus.

Aya is informing Davina about the Strix personal coven. Aya tells Davina that the Strix coven is the only one capable of casting a spell to raise the dead. Davina finds out that the sisters were the ones that revealed Davina's desire to bring Kol back. Aya offers her the power to bring Kol back if Davina joins her and becomes one of her sisters.

Cami thanks Klaus for the drink and he tells her that she seemed rather thirsty. Cami has a misconception of what being a vampire is because of her new pep.

He tells her that she is not yet equipped to live in the world the way she is. She tells him that her emotions are all over the place and Klaus asks her to let him help her.

Davina is asking Josh to help her with a spell that will allow her to ask Kol if the spell to bring him back is the real deal. Josh is very reluctant and suddenly, Davina stumbles. She has already taken the poison to complete the spell and Josh is forced to get onboard.

She fuses his blood with hers and she tells him whatever happens, not to let go because she is his link to the living. Davina wakes up on the other side and wanders off to find Kol.

Aya brings Elijah to Ariane, the secret weapon. Aya says that Ariane is untrained but has rare talent. She wants to have Ariane enter Elijah's mind so that she can answer the the only question that matters. Hayley is dealing with raising little baby Hope and spends as little time as she can in the old apartment she shared with Jackson.

Davina stumbles into Kol and he tells her that she is mad for entering the world. He grabs her and whisks her off to safety.

Meanwhile, Elijah is going through with the spell and Ariane says that the worst is yet to come. There is a pale horse, a flame that will burn the entire Mikaelson family.

Klaus and Cami continue to play the teaching game. Klaus tells her to listen to the heartbeat of the one she is feeding on because it will tell her when to stop. He has to step in and stop Cami from killing the victim she is feeding on and compels them away.

Cami says that she was wrong to try to get Klaus to be more normal.

He tells her that she is still learning who she is and that she is not in her right self.

She tells him that he is right, however, she proceeds to break his neck to escape his hovering over her every move.

Back in town Cami meets up with the detective and they have a little chat about how their lives are going. Cami admits that running into him wasn't an accident and that she needs a favor. Kol finds a safe place for he and Davina to talk until they can find a way to get her back. Davina isn't use to the real Kol and she is still adjusting.

He tells her to close her eyes and think back to the last night their were together, the last dance. She does and they begin to dance and she admits that she likes his real face just fine.

She asks him what's happening to him there and he says nothing but she shouldn't have come. She presents him with the spell and he has a dumbfounded look on her face.

The detective is helping Cami get all of her belongings back from Lucien's apartment. Klaus stops her and tells her that she is a fast learner but she needs to stop pushing it. Kol tells Davina that the spell is fake but she knows he is lying. He says he wants more than anything to live again but the spell is too dangerous.

He puts two and two together and realizes it's the Strix coven. He advises her against siding with them.

Just then, the ancestors begin surrounding the building and Kol and Davina hide behind the bar. The creepy ancestors are moving around but they did not see Kol and Davina.

Elsewhere, Klaus and Cami are having a fight over the artifacts and she tells Klaus that Aurora was right by turning her into a vampire. Cami calls Klaus a scared little kid and tells him that he realizes that he will be tossed aside when he isn't needed. Hayley steps in and asks for a chance to talk to Cami.

Hayley says that Cami is caught up just like she was and just like Jackson was. Elijah steps in and asks for a word with Klaus.

Kol and Davina are trying to escape the elders when she comes face to face with Kara, the witch she had assassinated by Hayley. Klaus and Elijah are looking over the new information about the pale horse and Elijah notices that Klaus is more taken up with Cami. He tells his brother that he needs him and a storm is coming. Hayley is trying to get through to Cami but Cami only sees it as Hayley seeking council.

Cami admits that Hayley is feeling relief because she is actually in love with Elijah. Hayley tells Cami to never ever speak to her about her husband again.

Cami then realizes what she said and apologizes for what she said. Hayley tells her she needs time to get use to the new powers and Cami just leaves to go home.

Kara attacks Kol and then turns to Davina. Josh can sense Davina struggling in the other world, however, Ariane steps in and slits Josh's throat. She enters the other world with Davina and fights of Kara, while telling Davina there is a way for her to cross back over.

Hayley tells Klaus that he needs to give Cami a little space and that sometimes he does more harm than good. Hayley while telling Klaus his fault mentions keeping Rebekah safe which triggers a memory in Klaus.

He was actually the one who made the weapon they all seek and he knows exactly what it is.

Ariane leads Davina out and Kol tells them to leave without him and he will handle it. Kol convinces Davina to leave and prepares to take on the ancestors alone. Davina returns and sees that her link to Josh is broken. Ariane says she knows Davina is scared but urges her to put the thing she loves the most in her mind.

She promises to come back for kol. Klaus tells Hayley and Elijah that the weapon is a trinket he made for Rebekah to calm her. The horse was made from the white oak.

Ariane reveals that she helped Davina because Aya wanted her safe. She then tells Davina that her joining the Strix was worth it.

Meanwhile, Hayley remembers that she saw the little horse while she was asking Hope what she wanted to take with her but when they go to retrieve it, they were a little too late.

Klaus then realizes that the only one who knows about the horse is Cami and the scene pans to Cami walking the streets with the trinket in hand.

Davina and Josh talk about what transpired and she thanks him for always being there for her. Josh said if he was in her shoes he would do anything to bring the guy he wanted to be with back. Klaus calls Cami who tells him he has nothing to worry about. She wants her stuff back in return and tells him that they will be in touch.

She gets into a sports car and drives away. Ariane tells Elijah that he has found what he is looking for and that he is there to kill her.

He takes a bite out of her and then throws her body into the water.

Marcel meets with Josh who tells him he has been thinking about what's important. Josh says he wants to talk to Marcel about the Strix and what they are going to do since Davina just became one of their witches. Hayley comes across Jackson's shirt while at the apartment and they pain hits her once again. She breaks down and is now crying alone on the floor. Elijah walks in and sees her but he doesn't know what to say.

She tells him that she spent the last 24 hours being angry at Tristan, his family, him and Jackson. She says that she isn't angry or mad, she is guilty.

Elijah walks over to her and sits down beside her. She tells him that she wanted to blame him or anyone but Jackson died because he loved her and that loving anyone of them is a death sentence.

"Wild at Heart" shows some of what may have been the true colors of Cami in The Originals. It was also good to see Davina back in what could be considered a shift in her role.

The Original vampires still have lots to worry about which will make for some exciting episodes ahead. Fans can keep up with updates on CWTV's hit series "The Originals" by visiting the main page.

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