'The Originals' Recap: 'Where Nothing Stays Buried' Season 3 Episode 20, Klaus V.S. Lucien

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With one of the Mikaelson's greatest allies, friend and lover gone CWTV's The Originals is going to heat up. In "Where Nothing Stays Buried," episode 20 of season three, Klaus plans on making Lucien pay for killing Cami.

Klaus, Elijah and Freya are hellbent on finding a way to eliminate Lucien without any chance of him returning. Klaus gets what he wanted which is a fight with Lucien however, events happen that cause Freya to get involved.

However, her interference sets up what is one of the biggest twists this season next to Cami's death.

Marcel forces Kol to deal with what he did to Davina by helping him bring her back. Lucien sets his sights on destroying Rebekah and Elijah tries to comfort Hayley through it all.

The episode kicks off with Freya working on an early warning system. Vincent decides to help and leaves.

Elijah walks in and tries to find out what is going on but Freya is demanding on sending the ancestors back to hell.

Kol and Marcel are fighting over whether or not to consecrate Davina and Vincent orders that the consecrate her in a special area then bring her back to life.

Elsewhere, Lucien is trying to talk to Nguyen who can't help him get into the Mikaelson house to get to Klaus. Lucien says he is going to kill Klaus' other sister to get him out.

Elijah isn't offering much help to Marcel and Kol but Klaus walks in and says they shall have their help. He takes Kol and tells him they should get him cleaned up.

Vincent is talking to Davina's lifeless body and trying to figure out why the ancestors are doing this to them. He takes his necklace off and tells her they are bringing her home.

Freya is trying to buy some time and needs Klaus or Elijah to use as a power source. Something goes awry and Rebekah's painting begins to burn, They realize that Lucien is going after Rebekah.

Klaus is completely upset with Lucien for going after Rebekah and the entire team is trying to figure out how to help Rebekah.

Klaus expects Elijah to prevent Kol from suffering the loss he did and decides that he will deal with Lucien.

Hayley tries to stop Klaus before he goes after Lucien and he decides to let her come with him. Freya is channeling Elijah and tells Marcel to have Vincent start the consecration. He begins the process and tells Davina he will see her soon.

Davina wakes up on the other side and is in the cemetery. Nguyen's mom greets her and tells her that they have been waiting for her.

She says they have such plans for her and Freya can feel something is wrong, the ancestors begin to dismantle Davina but they manage to get Davina out.

She is standing before them and Kol is in shock. However, they are separated by the safety barrier. Hayley tries to reason with Klaus but he fights her off by saying that they aren't the same because the person she truly loves is still alive.

Davina tells Kol what happened to her on the other side and says if Davina was marked, her soul would have been shredded to pieces. Davina asks them if they are going to bring her back today. Kol swears it.

Vincent tells Kol he is ready and he leaves to meet him to gather the magic to bring Davina back and save her from Nguyen. Freya and Elijah are looking for a way to steal ancestral magic.

She figures out a way that would destroy Davina but could help them defeat Lucien.

Klaus gets off the phone with Elijah who says they could be putting Davina's life at risk. Hayley is against it but Klaus is willing to take the shot.

Lucien is growing weary with young Nguyen who tells him a possible location for Rebekah.

Klaus tells Hayley he thought he told Cami everything but realizes there was a thousand things he forgot to say. Klaus tells Hayley to stop wasting her time when it comes to her and Elijah.

Vincent comes up on Nguyen who mocks him for being a murder for hire. Nguyen says Davina betrayed the community and Vincent turns the tables on him. Nguyen says the ancestors have a vision for a Mikaelson free New Orleans.

Vincent tells him he has no idea what trouble he is in for. Nguyen says Vincent has been shunned and flexes his magic on Nguyen with a little help.

Klaus and Hayley take the awkward drive once more however, their vehicle is struck by another. Elijah tells Freya that Lucien knows where Rebekah is.

Freya says the only way to help them could kill Davina. Davina forgives Marcel and thanks him for saving her the first time.

She tells Marcel that she loves him but Elijah interrupts the moment and subdues him as Freya begins the spell.

They continues the spell and Davina is left alone on the other side. Freya says it had to be done as Elijah looks at what is left before him in self-disgust.

Marcel wakes up to see Davina gone and Vincent wants to know what happened. When Marcel tells them Kol is at a loss and they make haste to try and save what is left of Davina.

Klaus wakes up in the vehicle and is greeted by some punches from Lucien. When Lucien mentions Cami, Klaus begins fighting back.

Davina is running for her life on the other side as Klaus and Lucien continue to fight in present day. Davina is being tortured by the ancestors, led by Nguyen. Lucien mocks Klaus as they fight.

Nguyen begins using the stone to mark Davina again. Davina is starting to receive the full mark when Marcel lays the body down in the circle.

Young Nguyen signs on to help Davina and begins the spell to bring Davina back. Nguyen says it's like she wasn't there at all and the ancestors got to her first.

Kol is highly upset and Vincent tells them that's it she is gone. Marcel rushes to Davina who appears to be gone. Kol stares on in disbelief.

Hayley is lying helplessly on a spike and Klaus and Lucien continue to bicker and fight. Klaus says they were friends once. Hayley arrives and she and Klaus begin a tag team attack on Lucien.

Kol demands that Nguyen complete the spell again and Vincent tells him it's over. Marcel says he should have known better than to trust the Mikaelson's because they destroy everything they touch. Kol storms off in anger.

Lucien is holding Hayley as a hostage for Klaus. Lucien says he doesn't care who dies. He tells Klaus to kneel and asks Klaus if he wants to measure his pride against Lucien's mercy.

Klaus kneels but saves Hayley as Freya comes in and continues a spell. They have Lucien subdued and begin to mark him as he once marked his victims.

They tells Lucien that he is nothing and appear to have killed him.

They burn Lucien's body and stay to make sure that he is completely gone. They make arrangements for Cami and when Klaus wants to get back to Kol and Marcel, Freya tells him there is something he should know. Marcel is drinking his sorrows away as the Mikaelson brothers enter the room.

Marcel says he did everything they asked. He says he fought for Hope and kept Hayley breathing.

Klaus says Elijah had no choice and Marcel says that Aurora, Tristan, Lucien and anyone who isn't their family were right about them. Marcel says he is not their family and won't help them again. Klaus tries to talk to him but Marcel shoves him off.

Nguyen is praying to the ancestors when he is approached by Kol. Kol says Davina wouldn't have wanted Nguyen dead. Kol says she was the only one keeping him from being him and takes a bite out of Nguyen.

Freya approaches Vincent who tells her she destroyed somebody good today. Freya says she is so sorry and she had to preserve her family. Vincent yells for her to stop and tells her she is just as much of a bloodsucker as the rest of them.

Elijah is having a drink when Hayley comes in. She sits beside him and takes his drink away. He Kisses her hand and they share a kiss finally Haylijah is back on.

Klaus is attending to his daughter when Freya comes in. Klaus says that their family is fractures because they sacrificed Davina to avenge Cami. Klaus says Lucien has won and he fears they have created a new monster. Vincent joins Marcel and tells him that what happened to Cami and Davina can't go unanswered.

Vincent says he doesn't like vampires or Marcel but he does respect him. He grabs the same stuff that create Lucien and presents it to Marcel.

He wants Marcel to be the thing that they fear. Marcel has revenge in his eyes and walks over to the potion.

"Where Nothing Stays Buried" is another blindsiding episode for CWTV's The Originals.

How will the Mikaelson family move forward with such a change in the overall situation? Fans can keep up with updates on CWTV's hit series "The Originals" by visiting the main page.

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