'The Originals' Recap: 'When The Levee Breaks' Season 2 Episode 19, Klaus Fly's Off The Handle

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For fans, last weeks episode of "The Originals" simply set the tone for this weeks madness. This week in "When the Levee Breaks," the nineteenth episode of the second season, Klaus loses it wen he feels the pressure from Dahlia.

Dahlia is tired of waiting and issues Klaus and Hayley a deadline for handing over baby Hope. The deadline causes each parent to draft their own dangerous plans in order to eliminate the threat that is Dahlia.

Freya who has had enough of Klaus proposes an ultimatum to Rebekah and Elijah that could alter the way they handle their brother's actions.

There aren't many left in New Orleans who understands Klaus the way that Marcel does making him on one of the go to guys to figure out how to handle Klaus' behavior.

Tonight's madness begins as Klaus and Elijah look to be discussing a strategy on how they will create a new weapon to combat Dahlia. Rebekah comes in and it looks like everyone was up to a late night drinking binge. Elijah is looking beyond the celebratory feast that Klaus provided to celebrate the loss of Mikael. Klaus says that he personally intends on dealing with the threat of Dahlia.

Just then, Josephine comes in bearing a warning to the Mikaelson's. Elijah steps forward and notices that Josephine's body has been taken over by Dahlia.

She realizes that they have used a cloaking spell to hide baby Hope. She tells them that they have until nightfall the next day before she wreaks havoc and takes what she is owed.

Hayley gives the Jackson the run-down on the timeline and he is pushing them to escape but Hayley reminds him that Dahlia can track them through Hope's magic. Hayley comes up with a plan to try to stop Hope from doing magic, that way, she can't be tracked. Aiden volunteers to help them with the plan feeling guilty about standing them up last week. Rebekah visits Freya and apologizes to her for Klaus' actions.

Freya is upset but Rebekah tells her that the only Mikael she and her brothers ever knew was controlling and horrible. Rebekah continues to stick up for Klaus to the disapproval of Freya who can't see why they continue to trust Klaus after all that she's done.

Freya lays it down on the line and says that Rebekah and Elijah has to choose between her and Klaus.

Elijah is trying to reach his brother who is too busy painting. He knows that Klaus is strategizing while completing the painting and probes him to find out where his mind is at. Elijah asks Klaus to only trust him but Klaus is worried about his brother who was controlled by their late mother and trusted Freya the first time he saw her. Klaus agrees with Elijah that the two of them can not work together to which Elijah is left silent.

Aiden comes to Klaus to tell him that Hope and Hayley are safe. He also says that he came to retrieve Hope's favorite toy and Klaus becomes a little inquisitive about his trust in Aiden.

Meanwhile, Josh, Aiden and Davina are trying to find a way to help draw Hope's magic away from her. Dahlia sends a message to Hayley and everyone at the Algiers that she knows where they are.

The Mikaelson's have never looked more separated that right now. It's hard to say whether they would be more useful apart but right now that doesn't seem very likely. They need to work together but Klaus is blinded and Freya has her own agenda. Dahlia has reached the safe house and she is dismantling the hybrid army one by one.

She begins whistling and it alerts Hayley. Rebekah is venting to Marcel who guarantees that Klaus has a plan. Marcel and Rebekah begin strategizing and Rebekah says that they are all worried about his next move instead of the threat.

Elijah visits Freya and tries to explain to her how similar she and Klaus are. He vows to not make a choice between Freya and Klaus. Her response to him is that they will fight Dahlia and they will lose.

Elijah tells her that he will always be beside his brother and she can either join them and help defeat Dahlia, or she can leave and live a life of solitude.

Cami pays Klaus a visit and asks him to take a walk with him. He does not want to leave his strategizing but Cami is persistent in trying to figure out what he's up to.

Dahlia meets with Hayley face to face but Dahlia is being blocked by a spell. Hayley threatens Dahlia about harming Hope or trying to take her away from her.

Dahlia is threatening Hayley with death as the spell protecting her and Hope grows weaker.

The dark witch continues to try to insist on Hayley handing over Hope, however, Hayley is not backing down. Dahlia then leaves Hayley to say her final goodbyes to Hope.

Cami tries to convince Klaus to se Freya's point of view after loosing Mikael. She also tries to uncover any feelings Klaus might have about ending the life of the man who raised him. Cami wonders if Klaus killed his father because he confessed his love for Freya rather than him after the fought beside each other.

Aiden and Josh spend time together and Aiden tells Josh that he loves him. He is going to confess to Jackson that he was spying for Klaus.

Josh is taken back by the gesture as they begin to plan on running away together after all is said and done.

Davina marvels at Kols last gift to her before he died when Marcel walks in. Davina asks him what he wants and he apologizes for being over-protective about the Kol situation. After his apology, Davina scolds Marcel for not being there for her after Kol died. Once again Marcel apologizes and lays out the serious nature of trouble that everyone is in if she doesn't help them create another weapon to take out Dahlia.

Elijah walks alongside his brother and continues to try to convince Klaus to accept Freya as a part of their plan and their family. Klaus says that Freya gave herself away when she complained about the single weapon they tried to defeat Dahlia with last week.

Elijah assures his brother that he will do what ever it takes to save Hope. However, Klaus leaves him with the same ultimatum, it's Freya or him not both.

Though Klaus seems to be very selfish about what he wants, he could very well be right about Freya.

She looks to have some of Dahlia's darkness within her with the overall plan to take out Klaus. Why would she want Klaus out of the picture?

Aiden gives Jackson the bracelet to keep Hope from using magic. Then, he proceeds to tell Jackson about his betrayal at which point, Jackson punches him in the face. Jackson forgives him but Aiden says that he is leaving the pack alongside Josh.

Jackson says that Aiden will always be a part of the pack and he is always welcomed back. They ends things on a good note, however, how will Klaus react when he finds out? Hayley meets with Elijah and Klaus to tell them about her encounter with Dahlia.

She says that she and Jackson will take Hope to the Bayou but Klaus is not part of his plan. Klaus says that he knows what Freya was planning and he knows how to kill Dahlia.

Dahlia destroys Aiden's flowers and takes him as a prisoner. She calls Aiden the tipping point to set Mikaelson against Mikaelson. She is using Aiden as kindling for her fire as she rips his heart out of his chest. Josh prepares to leave and says his last goodbye to Davina who is happy that Josh will finally get his happy ending. That is, until they find Aiden's dead body lying in the alley.

Josh is completely torn apart and Davina looks more motivated than ever. Jackson storms in and accuses Klaus of killing Aiden and the madness in him tells him to admit to something he didn't do.

Elijah tries to get between a fight involving Hayley, Jackson and Klaus. Elijah continues to defend his brother even through his insane admittance of murder, which he did not commit.

Davina is distraught and visits Marcel and Rebekah. Marcel comforts the closest thing he has to a daughter as she cries in his arms. She then presents Marcel with the dagger that she and Kol made to put Klaus down.

She wants Marcel to put Klaus down. Someone really close is going to be in a lot of trouble from the looks of this setup.

As the remaining pack guards Hope, Hayley and Jackson, they quietly await Dahlia's arrival. Hayley begs Elijah to let them leave after what they learned today. Hayley is asking Elijah to buy them some time which would mean he has to go against the man he swore to stick behind. Cami begs Klaus to tell him that he didn't kill Aiden. Klaus fights her words and tells her that he is the terrible person she thinks he is.

Klaus finally admits that he didn't kill Aiden and he only said that so that Hayley would question the rest of her pack. He needs everyone to fear him so that he can protect them all.

He then admits his love for Cami in words that speak of a beautiful afternoon setting. He then leaves her standing as he continues to play the villain everyone sees him as.

Klaus walks into his painting room to which he finds Elijah who knows that Mikael's ashes are in the painting. Elijah admits to letting Hayley and her pack go to which Klaus responds to by fighting his brother.

Elijah stabs him with the dagger as Rebekah and Freya emerge from behind the scenes. Elijah looks to be emotionally shook up by what he had to do in order to get his brother to end his violent path.

"When the Levee Breaks" isn't just a play on the setting for "The Originals," but a symbol of what happens when parents are pushed to their extremes in order to keep their children safe. The expense as incredible and the result shocking but most might argue that the actions were necessary. Klaus doesn't seem gone forever, which means he has to come back to help them defeat Dahlia.

Chances are Freya will show her true colors forcing Elijah to rethink everything he thought he knew about her. Until next week's episode this is all speculation, but the ruthless Klaus has been betrayed by his own family and will not take it lightly.

It looks like "The Originals" looks to surpass the parent show "The Vampire Diaries," as complex characters, story lines and love stories continue to shine through week after week.

Fans can see what happens next week on The CW's hit series "The Originals."