'The Originals' Recap: 'A Walk on the Wild Side' Season 3 Episode 4, The Initiation

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Last week a CWTV's The Originals cast got a bit bigger with the introduction of Aya, Tristan and Aurora.

In "A Walk on the Wild Side" the fourth episode of season three, Marcel, Elijah, Klaus and Hayley will all witness an initiation.

Elijah and Hayley attends the Strix's gala which doubles as an initiation of some sort. Elijah wants to find out what Tristan is really doing in New Orleans.

Marcel is being made proposals to all around and he has to decide where his alliance stands.

Klaus and Lucien team up but the team is missing something and they must find that before they can continue their investigation. Will Aurora actually make it to New Orleans?

The sire line madness begins as Marcel takes a run through the French Quarter to clear his mind. When he returns and tries to get a drink he finds a pair of cufflinks, a suit and a masquerade mask. Marcel called who he thought was Aya but instead receives Tristan on the other line.

Tristan tells Marcel about the Strix and offers Marcel a global empire. Tristan wants Marcel to join their ranks and tells him not to be late to the gala.

Hayley approaches Elijah about the Strix and asks if he cares to fill her in. Hayley attacks Elijah and demands for him to tell her. He reverse the attack and asks her what she wants to know. Klaus meets with Freya to address the strange men that she brings to their quarters.

Just then, Hayley and Elijah walk in and informs Klaus that she was updated on the problems. Elijah failed to tell Hayley about the course but Klaus handles that part.

Hayley says she wants to meet the psychic witch who informed them about the prophecy. She decides that she will attend the gala.

Klaus meets with Lucian who maintains that he is trying to protect his sire. Lucian tells Klaus about the technology company that he created. Klaus wants to pay the witch another visit and Lucian agrees to grant him the wish.

When they return, Alexis is missing and Lucian's place seems to be ransacked. Lucian is worried and says that Alexis doesn't go outside because she is too sensitive. Lucian says if she is gone, someone took her.

Lucian is frantically looking for Alexis but isn't having much luck. Klaus' solution is to call Freya for a favor. Klaus and Lucian want Freya's help to find Alexis. Klaus manages to convince Freya to help.

Hayley is looking for a gown for the gala and Elijah steps in to help. He picks out a red dress and there is another brief moment.

Hayley says that Jackson is cool with the adventure and when she walks out in the dress Elijah's eyes light up.

He tells her she is walking into the most dangerous and influential congregation of vampires the world has even known.

Marcel is in attendance and is approached by Aya who welcomes him. She leads him to introduce him to the event. When Hayley and Elijah walk in the entire room stops and stares. Elijah tells Hayley he wanted to create an elite brotherhood in order to breed a better civilization.

Aya continues to inform Marcel that the Strix are the top of the food-chain. She says Tristan chooses the best of the best and helps them transform.

They think Marcel can bridge the gap between sire lines and put the war to bed.

Freya arrives at Lucian's penthouse and gets down to work on a locator spell for Alexis. They find out that Alexis is at the same place Tristan lured Elijah in last weeks episode. Klaus says he has a plan to get them into the estate filled with rival vampires. Hayley and Elijah enjoy a dance but Elijah senses that Marcel's presence at the party means that it is an initiation.

Tristan walks into the room to welcome his guests. He calls Marcel a very special guests then attends to determining Marcel's worth.

Marcel's daylight ring has been stolen. He needs to find the thief and take the ring back. If he completes it he becomes a Strix, if not, he dies at the hands of them.

Hayley is worried about Marcel beating all of the Strix. Tristan introduces himself to Hayley and Elijah. Hayley is cold towards him and Elijah is forced to converse with Tristan. Tristan asks Hayley for a dance and Elijah grants him permission. As Hayley and Tristan dance he tells her she is glad he came.

He tells her they will allow her to make up her own mind about their organization. Meanwhile, Elijah tells Marcel that he could have warned him.

Elijah says had he known Marcel intended on attending the gala he would not have allowed it.

Marcel doesn't feel like an equal when Elijah uses the word "allowed" and says he can hold his own. Marcel momentarily sneaks Aya away to try and charm the ring away from her, however, she does not have it.

Tristan continues to try to woo Hayley into joining the Strix. Elijah sees the way Tristan is looking at Hayley but the gala is interrupted by a drunk team of Lucian and Klaus. They send Freya to find Alexis who says that she has seen a more definitive picture. Alexis says that Lucian is doomed and she watched Klaus be destroyed.

She also reveals she knows exactly how it was done. Freya ignores Alexis' words and tells her they are leaving now. Freya tells her how she is going to try to take her away from the Strix.

However, Alexis turns the tables on Freya and begins to attack her with magic.

She shows Freya visions of her being buried alive and tells her that her own family will be her undoing. Freya punches Alexis in the face and knocks her out.

Klaus and Lucian don't seem welcomed at the gala but Elijah has to step in between the drunken twosome and Tristan. Elijah asks him to leave and take Lucian away however, Klaus makes a speech instead. A speech about not being able to join the Strix. Klaus and Lucian leave the party peacefully but Marcel still can't find his ring.

Aya asks him to follow her and the man who trained her to fight. He follows and they bring him to a room where Tristan and a few other vampires await.

Tristan demands an answer for who has the ring and says that Aya was the one who took the ring. He says she doesn't have it but it was passed on to her trainer.

Now, Marcel has to take the ring back from one of the best fighters among the Strix. The battle ensues and doesn't start out well for Marcel. Marcel is literally fighting for his life and losing He gains the upper-hand momentarily but just before he is almost extinguished, his opponent is poisoned after biting Marcel.

Marcel had some help from Hayley who who bit him before the fight.

Hayley helps Marcel who is suffering while Tristan kills Marcel's opponent. Tristan isn't happy with Marcel's refusal to kill but welcomes him to the Strix with his daylight ring.

Klaus scolds Marcel for joining the Strix. He has to convince Klaus to heal him. Marcel tells Klaus that the interest in the Strix is because of Klaus. He just wanted to know who is coming from him.

Klaus grants Marcel his blood to cure the bite. Alexis apologizes to Lucian and reveals that she saw Klaus die.

She saw the weapon and says to understand it must be seen. Hayley and Elijah volunteers to witness what the weapon is but something goes wrong and Alexis dies from poison.

Marcel and Aya take a walk and he asks her what she would have done if he didn't figure it out. She tells him she would have hired someone to burn him and never think of him again. Elijah meets with Tristan who reveals why he wanted to remove Klaus' sire line. Elijah says he wants proof. Marcel is enjoying another run in the French Quarter and Hayley and Elijah are talking to each other from their balconies. She says they will have to explain the family to Hope.

She says she won't lie to her but she will start with always and forever. Elijah says he should have told her what would have happened. She asks about Elijah turning Tristan and she says he seems incomplete.

As Marcel runs through the street, it is revealed to Hayley that Tristan has a sister. Aurora emerges in an alley and the show reveals that she was the one who poisoned Alexis. Aurora is back in New Orleans.

"A Walk on the Wild Side" enters another thrilling episode in the books for The Originals. Haylijah looked quite cozy together but the situation between Hayley, Elijah and Jackson is just too foggy.

There is a big war brewing amongst the sire lines and it's going to get very ugly. Fans can catch The CW's hit series "The Originals" on Thursdays at 9 PM EST.

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