'The Originals' Recap 'They All Asked For You,' Season 2 Episode 15, Rebekah's Witch Fight

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Kol's death brought upon many emotions for "The Originals" fans. This week in "They All Asked for You," the fifteenth episode of the second mind-blowing season, Rebekah is discovering that it's not easy to be a witch.

Rebekah has to join forces with her old beau Marcel after coming under attack from some nasty witches, leading her to discover the unfortunate past of the vessel she is trapped in thanks to Kol. Elijah rushes to help his sister by reaching out to a respected elder witch with much clout in her community.

Instead of Elijah fussing with Hayley and Jackson, it's now Klaus who is not on board with Hayley and Jackson when it comes to protecting baby Hope from Finn.

In a reunion of that is thousands of years in the making, Freya is finally going to meet her father, Mikael, thanks to Finn.

Tonight's action kicked off as Rebekah and Klaus chat about the awkward presence of Jackson and the lack there of Elijah's. While the three siblings ramble on their three-way call, Rebekah ends the call only to realize that she is being watched and followed.

She is then chased and trapped by two men who tell her that she will die for what she's done.

They begin to attack her, however, Marcel swoops in to save the day and whisks her away. He is now aware that Rebekah is trapped in another body.

Meanwhile, Freya and Finn are trying to figure out how they can get Finn's power back. When Freya asks for time alone with their father as Finn ventures off to drain his power, he is adamant on not letting her go, however, she persuades him and she has her way.

Meanwhile, Jackson and Klaus are arguing over what's the best measure is to saving baby Hope. Jackson tells Klaus that the only reason he is giving his men Klaus' orders is because of Hayley, who surprisingly sided with Klaus.

Marcel begins questioning Rebekah on why she didn't tell him who she was, despite him already knowing of her new body. He scolds her for spending time in the market she was almost attacked and just then, Elijah walks in.

Rebekah tells him that the witches wanted her dead and Marcel gives him a lead to a witch named Josephine would will be able to shine some light on the matter at hand.

Vincent continues to warn Freya before he leaves her alone with Mikael. Freya conducts a spell to awaken her father from his spell induced sleep and he opens his eyes.

Gia will be accompanying Elijah on his mission to find Josephine. Elijah tells Gia that she is more gifted than any artist he knows and he needs her to convince Josephine that their kind is much better. Gia makes a joke about Elijah needing a woman in his life and caught her words.

She also admitted to thinking that there was something between her and Marcel, but there was nothing there. Is their a Gilijah on the way? Jackson is upset that he has to follow Klaus' orders and takes it out on his friend.

However, Klaus swoops in to offer some kind advice in hopes to keep them all safe.

Rebekah admits to Marcel that she told her brothers not to tell him anything out of fear that she may want to kiss her. Marcel brought Ruben Morris in to try to identify Rebekah's body without telling him that the body is occupied by Rebekah. Morris asks if Marcel got the stuff he asked for and begins to work on figuring out who Rebekah's vessel is. Freya is grasped by the throat where she emotionally tries to help Mikael realize that it is really his daughter.

She manages to convince him and he is in disbelief. She tells him that she was taken by Dahlia and begged him to believe her.

He embraces her fans have never seen Mikael embrace any of his children the way he has with Freya.

Jackson walks in with a grilled cheese sandwich for Hayley and offers to help her with Hope. She refuses because she's been out of Hope's life for so long. Hayley asks him what's going on with him and he reveals that they need to lay together before the can consummate their marriage. When she tries to make it happen, Hope begins to cry and he is left once again.

Meanwhile, Morris reveals that Rebekah's vessel was born with a dark side. Her old vessel was stealing children to harness power and as soon as it was revealed, Morris begins attacking both her and Marcel.

It appears that Morris knew who she was all along and was waiting for the right moment to take her down.

Gia and Elijah arrive at the home of Josephine who listens to Gia's beautiful skills. Josephine is impressed with what she hears as viewers could tell from the look on her face.

Josephine knows that they are both vampires and though she is respectful to Gia's talent, she is not pleased to be in their company.

Elijah asks her to reconsider, however, she tells him that vampires are all liars, monsters, wearing the skin of humans. Morris is continuing his attack on "Eva Sinclair." Rebekah tells him who she really is and fights back.

Gia opens her mouth and tells Josephine that she isn't the queen. She says she can't believe that learned to play with Beethoven. Josephine is curious and allows her to play a jazz piece. Gia actually says Elijah and Josephine offers to hear them out.

Mikael is on the loose and in Klaus' house. Before he can attack Aiden, Freya stops him and they move onward.

Elijah presents Josephine with his the photo of his sister's vessel.

Josephine says that she wants Finn's vessel in return and Elijah gladly agrees.

Klaus is out looking for Finn whom he comes face to face with in the graveyard, however, baby Hope is now unprotected from Mikael and Freya back home.

Finn approaches Klaus and tells him that he is foolish to challenge him in a place where the elders hate him more than Finn. Finn attacks Klaus, who fights back and condemns his brother for killing Kol and attacking baby Hope. Before Klaus can do anymore harm to Finn or his vessel for that matter, Elijah steps in and stops him.

Meanwhile, Rebekah managed to save herself and Marcel from Morris but was not lethal in doing so.

Marcel tells her that though he wished she was back with him, he was happy that she led a life she wanted. The two of them share a moment in which Rebekah thanks him for caring about "an old flame."

Elijah and Klaus go back and forth about killing Finn. Freya interrupts and removes Finn from his vessel. She reveals herself to Klaus and Elijah along with the offer of a deal.

It's almost surreal that their older sister has now come along to shake things up. She is offering a deal after freeing the father that put Klaus' life and the rest of his siblings in jeopardy.

Finn who has been such a ruthless threat is now rendered helpless, trapped inside an amulet, safe from any harm that can come at the hands of Klaus or Elijah. Tonight's episode is really starting to heat up.

Freya quickly quiets Klaus when he accuses her of siding with Finn and threatening Hope. Freya open's their eyes to a truth and tells them she means Hope no harm. She is proposing to help them kill Dahlia and keep Hope safe.

Klaus is completely enraged when he hears that Mikael is part of the plan. Elijah accepts his sisters identity, but he does not trust her. She vows to earn his trust and leaves him possibly to go after Klaus?

Hayley tries to calm Hope from crying and Jackson takes over to give her a break. He manages to quiet Hope while giving her the rundown of what happened to one of their own at the hands of Mikael.

Hayley is stunned that Jackson got Hope to stop crying and it apparently triggered something in her as the two finally consummate their marriage.

Rebekah and Marcel go over the crimes of her vessel and he invokes a sort of sexual tension between the two, bringing up the fact that she won't kiss him.

Klaus returns to his baby and Hayley walks in to let him know that he can thank Jackson for the quiet. Klaus alerts her that Finn is gone but Mikael is alive.

He asks for her help of her pack-line, however when she refuses to give up another member he becomes angry, as always.

Upon his aggression, Hayley threatens to leave and take Hope with her if he ever uses Hope as a tool of manipulation.

Gia and Elijah return after having Vincent's body returned. Elijah tells Gia she did a nice job after she asks for it. Elijah and Gia seem to be in agreement that she was the one to seal the deal. Gia is now making a move on Elijah and he gladly gives in. Gilijah is a go and so is Jayley.

Klaus narrates the end and promises that a new day is coming. He and Aiden have a drink where he tries to convince Aiden that the wolves need a new leader, someone chosen by the wolves, someone like him. Klaus vows to help Aiden become the leader in exchange for his daughter's safety.

Rebekah awakens in the night and wanders off at night. She runs into two children and attacks both of then, as if she is possessed and Eva has taken over.

The close calls continue for the team on "The Originals." "They All Asked for You" continues the notion that the Mikaelson's need to stick together, that is the ones who aren't trying to kill their siblings baby. Klaus, Hayley, Rebekah, Cami, Marcel and Davina, need to watch their back in French Quarter now more than ever.

The danger it's getting worst by the weeks as threat after threat begins to surface.

Will Klaus' daughter live or will Dahlia return for his first born? Fans can see what happens next week on The CW's hit series "The Originals."