'The Originals' Recap: 'Savior' Season 3 Episode 9, Mid-Season Finale

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Rebekah returns in the mid-season finale of CWTV's The Originals but it comes with a price. In "Savior," the Mikaelson's find it hard to keep Rebekah under control at a very pressing time.

Rebekah has been cursed with an affliction that threatens to send her mad. Freya, Elijah and Klaus are left to help Rebekah an so does Hayley, but things continued to go wrong. Freya desperately searched for a way to cure the curse before things spiral out of control.

Cami looked to help Det. Kinney with his struggles following Lucien's compulsion that relinquished his control. Vincent plans to make his way back into the witch practice.

The intense mid-season finale began with Rebekah narrating how it feels to be stabbed with the dagger. Her casket has been dug up and as the men who located it want to renegotiate, Elijah comes in and tells them that his initial offer was the final one. After he disperses of them he walks over to the casket and pulls the dagger out from his sister. She wakes up and he says hello.

She responds, "tell me I didn't miss Christmas." Klaus is impressing Cami with his abilities to compel the help. Cami wants to know why he didn't go with his brother to get Rebekah.

Klaus doesn't want to be put in a position where the prophecy might be fulfilled. Cami gets a message from Vincent and tells Klaus she has to go.

Marcel is having a talk with Tristan who has taken over his bar. Tristan wants some help from the witches but Marcel tells him that all of the regents are no longer. Tristan already made a witch an offer, the same boy whose mother was killed by Hayley, under Davina's command.

Cami meets with Vincent who tells him that she needs to talk to Kinney.

Hayley visits Jackson in the woods and he immediately asks her if she still loves Elijah.

Jackson says that he fought for her and her daughter and even when he is angry with her, he is still happy to see her.

She tells him that her feelings for Elijah are complicated and that she chose him. She wants that to be enough and she wants to have a happy, quiet Christmas with her family. She asks him to come home and he tells her that he will meet her there. Aurora stumbles downstairs and Tristan orders her to go back to bed before she has another episode. She wants to find the medallion and lock the Mikaelsons away.

Tristan tells her to be patient. Meanwhile, Elijah and Rebekah are going over the prophecy and trying to narrow down who will make the prophecy come true.

They both believe Klaus may be the one and Rebekah loses it momentarily and threatens Klaus' life. Elijah knows something is wrong and Rebekah cries out in pain. She has a magical scar growing on her wrist.

Jackson arrives in town with a tree and as he goes to take it out of the truck, he spots someone following Freya. A group of men who appear to be Strix attack her and take the medallion. Jackson manages to save her but one Strix gets away with the medallion. Cami arrives at Kinney's home and so does Klaus.

She tells him she doesn't need a bodyguard or white knight to protect her. He tells her he is there as her friend.

Klaus then listens and notices that Kinney is trying to commit suicide. They both instruct him to put the gun down but Kinney is too delirious. Cami begs Klaus to help and he asks Kinney to let him in.

Jackson brings Freya back to the courtyard and Hayley asks what happened. Hayley is getting ready to pay the Strix a visit when Elijah strolls in and tells them they have another problem then, in comes Rebekah.

Marcel is trying to convince Vincent to get back into the graces of the witches or else he is going to hand over nine of the most powerful covens to the Strix.

Vincent loses it and tells Marcel that he will take back the regency, however, Marcel won't like what he does with it. When Vincent leaves, Marcel wears a smug smile on his face.

Klaus is convincing Kinney that there is courage in the fragile fighter. He tells him that dark things need the light people like him provide. He tells Kinney that he does matter and Cami is there to witness it all. Klaus tells him to go to his family and enjoy Christmas and the New Year.

Klaus takes the gun from Kinney and tells him that he has nothing but better days ahead. Freya tells Rebekah that as her scars grow, she will become mad; an unstoppable ripper.

Freya says there is a way to reverse it but she needs time and a lot of magic. She faints when she finishes the sentence. It is revealed that Freya was poisoned as an assassination attempt.

Freya comes to and she is weak. Elijah knows there is an antidote for the slow acting poison. Freya says that she will channel Finn for the extra power necessary to save Rebekah. Cami thanks Klaus for what he did for Kinney.

They are interrupted by a call from Elijah who fills Klaus in on what has been going down. Freya contacts Finn but he doesn't think it is worth it.

Klaus plans on breaking into Lucien's penthouse for the cure. Cami says she would stay behind but Klaus says he can't save his sister while worrying about her.

Hayley finally meets the symptoms of Rebekah's condition which is blatant honesty. Rebekah tells her that she thought they were friends and asks her to decide whether she is friend or family. She attacks Hayley and says maybe she has been a foe all along but it's not the real Rebekah, it's the cursed scar talking.

Finn is trying to convince Freya to let Rebekah and the rest of the family go. Freya begs Finn and when Finn sees how much Elijah is willing to help, he agrees to help her.

Meanwhile, Rebekah continues to talk down on to Hayley telling her that she is parading Jackson in front of Elijah, breaking his heart, Rebekah blames Hayley if the prophecy is fulfilled. Hayley attacks Rebekah and the two go at it. Elijah tries to come between them but the rabid Rebekah just delivers a harsh uppercut, knocking him out.

Rebekah almost rips out Hayley's heart but Klaus saves her. he and Cami arrive with the cure and Rebekah continues to tell him that Cami will turn toxic like all of the women he and Elijah bring into the family.

Elijah wakes up and he and Klaus have to hold Rebekah down while a healed Freya cuts the sore from her hand and cures her sister with a spell. Rebekah is back to normal but her honesty was pretty brutal.

Baby Hope is playing while her parents get ready for Hayley to leave. Jackson tells Hayley she doesn't need to feel bad because it was him that decided to help them. Jackson helped the Mikaelsons out of respect and he decides that if he has to deal with the Mikaelsons he is in. The Mikaelsons are all enjoying Christmas together and Jackson, Hayley and hope joins the party.

Rebekah walks in for a family tradition where they write their wishes and burn them for luck. Rebekah, Elijah and Klaus go over a plan to make the Strix believe that she is still lost at sea.

She knows that means she has to leave and takes one last look at her family. She says her wish already came true because of the moment she and her brother's share.

Marcel is cleaning up the broken glass in the gym when he is approached by Tristan. Tristan wants his expertise because his chosen regent has been rejected. He says that someone is ascending to the regency as they speak. Marcel is quick to give up Vincent's name but tells Tristan that he won't be easily bought.

Rebekah gets ready to leave and tells Freya to take care of their brothers. She wishes everyone goodbye and apologizes to Hayley.

Klaus tells her to run far and fast and stay on the move. She tells him she will runaway from love if he runs towards it and looks towards Cami's direction.

The Mikaelsons are quiet and Freya tells Elijah a story of how she felt like an outsider always looking in. She tells him that it may not be his most elegant but it's the best one she has ever had. Klaus walks out to greet Cami and asks her what she is thinking. She tells him she was thinking about him and asks him if Rebekah is right.

Klaus asks her not to talk about it and Cami says she wasn't hurt because of him. She asks him why he saved someone who didn't mean a thing to him and he tells her it was because she wished it.

He confesses that he doesn't want to watch her behind a closed glass. She asks him what he wishes and he lunges towards her for a passionate kiss.

Freya returns to her room and is searching for the medallion but she can't find. She immediately tries to channel Finn. Tristan visits Vincent after his regency. Vincent told him that he is sick of what The Originals have brought to town.

Vincent doesn't fear vampires and tells the Strix that they will be watching. Tristan tells Vincent that there is someone he does fear, Finn. He tells Vincent that if he doesn't do what he asks, Finn will.

Elijah gets a call from Rebekah who is still suffering from the sore. Elijah says that Freya can help but Rebekah says it would take too much time. Instead, she asks Elijah to dagger her and hide her body without telling a soul. She tells Elijah not to tell Klaus and wake her up when the prophecy year is over. Elijah refuses but Rebekah forces him and begs him to do it.

He daggers her and she falls into his arms. Klaus and Cami have a happy evening together and she opens her eyes to look at him but there is trouble on her face.

Aurora plays a Christmas carol on the piano and her brother tells her that it is beautiful.

Tristan asks her if she had a good day, she says she had a beautiful day. Meanwhile, Klaus wakes up to find that Cami has had her throat slit. He is enraged and screams "noooooo." He will be seeking revenge.

"Savior" is another fiery notch in the bloody CWTV series The Originals. The mid-season finale proved that the Mikaelsons have a great deal of work to do thanks to their sires and it doesn't leave much room for mistakes.

It was great to see Rebekah make her return as her character and what she stands for gives the show an added jolt of energy.

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