'The Originals' Recap 'Save My Soul,' Season 2 Episode 16, The Story of Dahlia

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Rebekah's revelation in last weeks "The Originals" revealed a troubled past. This week in "Save My Soul," the sixteenth episode of the second intense season, Rebekah has an internal fight with her vessel.

Klaus has no choice but to bring Freya to the compound to share what she wen through with the evil Dahlia. Rebekah realizes that Eva Sinclair is trying to regain control of her body and the evil deeds of Sinclair continue to haunt the French Quarter.

Jackson's leadership is challenged by Aiden who may be doing so out of the deal he was offered last week by Klaus.

Marcel and his former lover Rebekah are forced to visit Vincent for help, however, rest assure that it is in fact Vincent, and not Finn.

Elijah deals with his new fling and Hayley tries to be a peacemaker for her husband.

It all begins as in Norway 977 A.D., Dahlia and young Freya sit around a campfire. She encourages her to eat so she can be strong and taught how to stay young forever.

Dahlia wanted the two of the to be the strongest witches the world has ever seen.

However, little Freya only wants her mother. Dahlia tells her that her mother didn't want her and gave her away, that she is her only family now and that there is no greater strength.

In present day Rebekah awakens to an angry mom outside of the safe house. Marcel urges her to stay away from the window where an angry witch mob awaits her. Rebekah is not scared of the mob and greets the mob headed by Josephine.

They accuse her of attacking the two teens that were killed in last weeks episode.

Before the mob can take Rebekah away, Elijah approaches and tells them that Rebekah is in Eva's body. Josephine gives Elijah until tomorrow to come to the bottom of the killings until they return for Eva.

Elijah hustles off to meet his brother, Klaus and tells him that Rebekah's situation has taken a turn. Klaus has invited Freya to the courtyard to dispense any information she has on Dahlia, that could save Hope's life. Marcel approaches Vincent who he has been keeping quite close to him. Vincent knows exactly who Marcel is and knows that the witches want him back as well.

Vincent is enlightened to the fact that he has been possessed for nine months. Vincent is clearly taken back and Marcel takes the opportunity to ask him about Eva Sinclair.

However, Vincent refuses. Davina is approached by Rebekah for help. Davina has been reading the entire spell book since Kol's passing and hands it to Rebekah to try and find some help.

The Mikaelson brothers left living ask Freya to begin telling them everything she knows. Dahlia is the most powerful witch she has ever seen, however, she is only granted one year in each century. She wants to be free of that confinement and Freya wants nothing more than to kill her.

Dahlia used Freya to form a new source of power by bonding themselves. Dahlia became so powerful she made examples of anyone who got in her way or threatened her.

Freya says that Dahlia has only grown stronger and will bring every ounce of power with her.

Rebekah gives Elijah a call and when she ends it after agreeing to be with her brother and Freya, she is in a world of pain, then drops to the ground.

This episode is clearly going to have a world of problems and it seems as if things will only continue to get complicated for the Mikaelson clan.

It will be very interesting to see what happens when Dahlia returns to take what's hers once more.

Hayley walks out on Aiden and Jackson who are sparring outside. Aiden seems as if he is only seeing through Klaus' eyes.

Aiden tells Jackson that things are changing and Jackson should not show a vulnerability as alpha or he runs the risk of being challenged.

Jackson asks him if it's a threat but Aiden simply replies that he is looking out for him.

Freya continued her story of Dahlia who captured her and forced her as a slave. She refused Dahlia's control and vowed never to love or bare a child that could be controlled by Dahlia the way she was. Dahlia forced Freya into a slumber so that their power could grow.

Klaus questioned Freya as to why she didn't commit suicide if she felt so enslaved. Freya revealed that she was impervious to harm and cursed for all time. Even if she wanted to, she could not end her suffering.

Cami agrees to meet with Vincent after a drink in hopes that he could bring some light to exactly who Eva Sinclair is. Cami introduces herself and Vincent tells her he doesn't care who she is, however, she will not break him.

Vincent is curious to know what she knows about Finn and Cami uses that as her bargaining tool to extract some more information.

Rebekah awakens to a phone call from Elijah who is completely worried. He was expecting her hours ago, however, she blacked out and woke up in a place unfamiliar to her.

Jackson and Hayley take over sparring duties and she notices that he is still thinking about what Aiden said. Jackson is troubled and he wants the pack to know that he puts them first. Hayley tells him that he needs to show them that he cares.

Jackson asks her about Klaus to which she simply says, "I can handle Klaus." She also tells him that they don't have to go about any of it alone. Rebekah is spooked about her little mishap while in Eva's body.

Elijah opens up the idea to letting Freya take a look, however, Klaus is reluctant.

Vincent begins rattling on about his slumber and asked Cami what Finn did while in his body. Cami tells him all of the nasty and horrible things that went on while Finn was in control of his body.

Cami tells Vincent that whatever he is feeling, she is there to listen.

He isn't sure how to feel about any of it and is very hard on himself.

Vincent asks Cami if he hurt her but she simple tells him that "he" didn't do anything and the only thing he can do now is move on.

Freya reveals that she can help Rebekah with her problem. She will put Rebekah into a deep sleep to help her fight off Eva.

Klaus thinks that the whole thing seems too convenient for Freya, who tells Klaus if he intends on facing Dahlia they will all need to stick together.

She begins telling stories about singing to Elijah while he was in their mother's womb. Klaus listens carefully to her stories and he snaps her neck before she can finish, in hopes to have a proper family meeting.

As Freya lays lifeless on the floor, both Elijah and Rebekah scold Klaus who tells them that they are falling for her words. He makes a case that Freya is doing something he would do by playing with his siblings emotions.

Rebekah and Elijah storm out in hopes that Klaus' head is in the right direction.

Meanwhile, Cami and Vincent seem to be getting closer and he opens up more about growing up in the quarter.

Vincent is comfortable with Cami and asks her to bring Marcel back in so he can tell him something he needs to know about Eva.

Freya awakens to an argument with Klaus on why he continues to denounce her as a sibling. He tells her that he suspects her of treachery and gives her a chance to tell him why she is trying to worm her way into his family. Freya tells Klaus the true reason why she hated Dahlia. She spoke of a man named Mathias, whom she loved and Dahlia allowed to love.

Freya told Klaus that she had conceived a son for Mathias and Dahlia condemned her to death. Freya took Dahlia's strongest poison in hopes to die and rid herself of the pain she felt.

The poison did not work and Freya realized that she had been the one to actually take her child's life as she survived, however, her baby didn't. Dahlia told her that there is no escape from her, not even death.

Upon the stories end, Klaus reveals that he still feels as if the story has been told to manipulate him. Freya tells him that Dahlia will rip through his family and he will pay for it all. She stands her ground with Klaus and urges him to rethink his alliances because she isn't going anywhere. Vincent finally comes face to face with Rebekah but he needs time to look into her eyes. He reveals that Eva Sinclair was in fact his wife, whom he never thought he would see again.

Hayley approaches Klaus to try and find common ground and giving Jackson power. Klaus says he will never agree to give Jackson control over the wolves.

Klaus tells her that there is only one person he trusts with his child's safety and that's him.

Klaus threatens anyone who tries to stand in his way and reminds Hayley that he is the one setting the course of safety.

There is some danger in Klaus' method of protecting his daughter because it could render him without any alliances. It's also possible that everyone, even his siblings may have to turn on him and keep him from making a decision that could put Hope's life in danger.

However, getting rid of Klaus completely can not happen because no one can see him without his daughter. So, why won't he accept help from Freya, someone who can build his army stronger?

Vincent meets with Cami after Marcel lets him out for some air for once. Vincent agreed to help Rebekah, however, he says he wants nothing to do with Eva. He also advised Cami to stay away from the pack to which she says, they all do better if they are not alone. Marcel escorts Rebekah back home and tells her that everything will be alright.

Rebekah is worried about what could happen and realizes that she is weak and vulnerable for the first time in her life. Marcel tells her that it's okay to be scared, everyone is vulnerable, but not weak.

He assures her that of all the Mikaelson's she is the strongest. He leaves her to retrieve a drink but in his absence, she has another memory flash and asks Marcel to stay to keep an eye on her.

Meanwhile, the place that Rebekah found herself in is holding many young witches captive, including Davina. Klaus visits Elijah at his new home and tells him that he was moved. Elijah knows that Klaus' position has not changed on having Freya control the plans.

He does however, believe that she could be of much help to them otherwise. Elijah assures him that if Freya betrays them, he will bury her himself.

Elijah says they need to have every bit of help because Dahlia is coming. Before the episode ends, a woman hums a haunting song and suddenly Hope's toy turns out as if a ghost has done it.

Dahlia appears to be one of the most devious threats so far on "The Originals." "Save My Soul" features a few character developments, first with Rebekah's struggle to stay put in her vessel without being overtaken by the real owner, then Dahlia's introduction told by the only Mikaelson who has first had experience, Freya.

Klaus, Hayley, Rebekah, Cami, Marcel and Davina, will be facing some serious struggles ahead and will Klaus' plan to stir up trouble between Aiden and Jackson prevail? The danger it's getting worst by the weeks as threat after threat begins to surface.

Fans can see what happens next week on The CW's hit series "The Originals."