'The Originals' Recap: 'Out of the Easy' Season 3 Episode 7, Brothers Bonded

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The Mikaelson family is going to have to come together to face their sire lines in CWTV's The Originals.

In "Out of the Easy," episode seven of season three the Mikaelson brothers are reunited and have one hell of a Thanksgiving meal planned.

Klaus and Elijah throw a Thanksgiving feast with Lucien, Tristan and Aurora as their special guests in order to work on a pact that ensures safety for all. Aurora has a slight edge in the game and because of it Freya and Hayley unload an attack. Naturally things take a turn for the worst especially with Klaus' feelings and all.

Marcel and Vincent are forced to lend Davina their help and advice after finding out just how deeply involved she is as regent.

Just when Cami thought all of the monsters she could possibly face are already in New Orleans, she comes face to face with yet another.

The Originals Thanksgiving insanity begins as Freya, Elijah, Marcel and Hayley try to locate Rebekah with a spell. Elsewhere, Klaus is with his first love and things are pretty hot and heavy between them. Freya continues the spell but it fails because Rebekah appears to have been cloaked.

Freya tells the rest of them to leave because she has work to do.

Elijah tells Marcel he needs to stop Davina from activating Lucien and Tristan's weapon.

Hayley asks them to tell her that they are going to kill someone, Elijah says they will kill many, however, they need to figure out where the alliances are.

Elijah calls out for his brother who answers. He tells Klaus that Rebekah is missing but Aurora comes out of nowhere and admits that she has Rebekah. Klaus sends Aurora away in order to speak to his brother in private.

Elijah asks Klaus if he has gone mad and Klaus says that keeping Aurora close will be the key to getting Rebekah back. Elijah thinks there is another way and Aurora will always protect Tristan.

Elijah wants to break the advantage that the sires have and Klaus is onboard. Elijah wants to invite them over for Thanksgiving and turn them against one another.

Tristan is at the airport picking up what he thought was Rebekah's body. Aurora shows up to tell him that she is holding her. They bicker back and forth and Aurora is not happy with Lucien and Tristan keeping her at bay. Aurora says she wants to be in control of her own faith. Tristan has two envelopes from Aurora who vows that it will put his mind at ease.

There is a 10K marathon going on in the city and above in Lucien's penthouse, Cami is upset that she is being held against her will. He plans on keeping her there while he dines with the Mikaelsons. Lucien is using her phone to try to trick her friends into thinking she is okay.

Sh says that someone will figure out that she is missing and come to find her. Lucien hires Anton, a man to keep watch on Cami. Lucien says if he does not return, Anton should kill Cami.

Marcel meets with Davina and tells her that the Strix are looking for her. He tells her that they want her to help them kill the Mikaelsons and offers to get her out of town. However, Davina is defiant and tells him she can take care of herself. Hayley tells Jackson that she is going to help Klaus and Elijah get Rebekah back. However, he tells her she should let Klaus and Elijah handle it because the dinner is going to be a bloodbath.

Everyone arrives for the Thanksgiving dinner and Klaus makes sure to make Lucien jealous by taking the hand of Aurora. Elijah walks in and thanks everyone for coming.

He asks that they all unite to prevent the prophecy from coming true. He also says that they want to acknowledge the alliance that the sires have among themselves. Once done, they all take their seats at the table.

Marcel meets up with Vincent at a bar but Vincent doesn't want to talk to Marcel. Marcel tells Vincent about the Sires plan to use Davina. Vincent says there might be a way to get her out of trouble, however, Marcel might not like it. Elijah is addressing the table about the lies and betrayals.

He also asks that everyone confess their alliances and Tristan does so. Lucien and Tristan go back and forth on why they were frightening the streets of New Orleans.

Lucien then comes clean about the medallion and also reveals that he forced Cami to find the medallion. He skillfully points out Klaus feelings for Cami in front of Aurora.

Cami tries to escape Anton but he stops her and tells her that if she doesn't behave he will have to torture her. Lucien learns that Aurora has Rebekah and Elijah learns that Tristan, Aurora and Lucien aren't open to compulsion at the moment. Tristan reveals that in a perfect world The Originals would let the Sires seal them away and protect them from harm. Marcel is back with Freya and she is frantically trying to find Rebekah but continuously failing.

Vincent pays Davina a visit and is open about why he is visiting her. He tells her that he is trying to warn her but she is too stubborn to listen to anyone that tries to help her.

She vows to kill anyone that gets in her way.

She admitted to killing the witch and Vincent helped the entire coven hear the confession. When Davina walks out of the tomb she is greeted by everyone who have already heard the truth.

Freya interrupts the dinner and Aurora tells her that Rebekah is perfectly fine at the bottom of the ocean where no one can get to her. Klaus tells Aurora to tell him that she is bluffing. He becomes irate and Tristan threatens Freya when he feels his sister is threatened.

Elijah steps in and puts a stop to Tristan.

Freya takes out Aurora for the moment and Klaus and Elijah plan on torturing Lucien and Tristan until they talk. Davina is shunned by her coven after they found out she killed a witch.

Klaus threatens to torture Tristan and Tristan offers a better solution. He says they can take control of their fate but helping him send his siblings into a slumber. Lucien tries to bargain with Cami but Elijah asks for the medallion in order for Lucien to keep his life.

Lucien tries to exploit the current rift between Klaus and Elijah. Elijah believes that Klaus will always put family first.

Lucien says if that is the case then why isn't Klaus jumping at Aurora for dropping Rebekah at the bottom of the ocean.

Elsewhere, Freya and Hayley are planning on getting to Aurora to give up Rebekah or else they are going to kill her.

Davina is banished from her coven and her title is revoked. She no longer has contact with the ancestors and to the witches it will be as if she was never born. Vincent apologizes to her and tells her it is time to leave the coven. As she does she can feel the rest of her coven shun her.

Hayley and Freya are trying to torture Aurora but somehow she is holding her own. They try to threaten Aurora with a werewolf bite but when she shows no fear they threaten Tristan.

Aurora then reveals that Tristan is part of a key to getting Rebekah back.

Klaus is smart enough to see past Tristan's offer and he says that he would not betray his own blood. He threatens to kill Tristan, but he also reveals that he knows the latitude and Aurora has the longitude of Rebekah's location. Aurora and Tristan gain a bit of an upper-hand.

After the revelation everyone returns to the the Thanksgiving dinner table. Klaus tells them all that they need to confront the harsh reality that faces them and make the right choices in order to protect them all.

Klaus then makes a move and tells Aurora that Tristan will die unless she returns his sister. Aurora tells him that he will regret his choice.

Elijah is okay with the choice and Klaus asks Lucien to take him to Cami and surrender the medallion or he will be killed. Cami is trying to convince Anton that he doesn't want to hurt her because of Klaus' feelings for her. She makes a move and cuts Anton's daylight right from his hand. She makes a run for it but ends up running into Aurora before she can get any farther.

Aurora instantly realizes who she is face to face with. Klaus is searching all over for Cami destroying Lucien's penthouse. He blames it all on Lucien who brings something else to his attention.

The medallion. The gesture saves him while also providing proof of his loyalty to Klaus.

Davina is alone and Vincent and Marcel watch on. Marcel asks if he can help her but Vincent says only if she lets him. They both feel a bit bad about what they've done. Klaus is searching all over for Cami and calls her phone to leave a message. He tells her to call him to let her know that she is safe.

Cami is lying in the back of a trunk with bite marks on her neck. Aurora closes it and giggles sinisterly. Hayley returns to Jackson who is pissed off that she always answers to the Mikaelsons.

He leaves her to go off to the Bayou and spend time with his family.

Hayley tries to get him to stay but he still leaves.

Elijah and his brother have on last phone call and Klaus says they have the madness under control, however, Elijah notices that the destroyed dinner table he is staring at was all a part of the prophecy.

"Out of the Early" really gets fans excited for bigger things to come on The Originals. The episode was filled with witty responses and bloodthirsty thoughts but it looks like Elijah and Klaus' relationship is on a mend.

These threats are real and the Mikaelson family is knee deep in a fight for their lives. Fans can catch The CW's hit series "The Originals" on Thursdays at 9 PM EST.

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