'The Originals' Recap: 'The Other Girl in New Orleans' Season 3 Episode 8, Wicked Games

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Things get extra dicey in another episode of CWTV's The Originals. In "The Other Girl in New Orleans," episode eight of season three, Aurora tests Klaus' patience in a wicked game.

Aurora is leading Klaus on a wild goose chase as she has taken Cami as a prisoner and is threatening her life. It's all response to Klaus kidnapping Tristan. Hayley, Freya, and Elijah, take to torturing Tristan so that he will share some important information in regards to the prophecy.

Marcel will be put to the test when Aya forces a tough decision on him. Hayley is beginning to think that she either need to steer clear of the Mikaelsons or go all in when it comes to helping them.

The games begin with Aurora pulling up in a black Audi A6. She hops out opens the trunk and when she tries to get Cami out of the trunk, Cami attacks her and tries to run away. Unfortunately she isn't fast enough and Aurora tells her they need to have a heart to heart.

When Aurora threatens to turn a group of boxers into vampires, Cami tells her to leave them alone. Aurora introduces herself to Cami and makes her watch as she turns the room of fighters.

Freya is jumping into trying to get Tristan to give up the coordinates to Rebekah's true location. Elijah stops her and tells her they need to devastate the body, infiltrate the mind and find the answer. Hayley walks in with Hope and Freya takes her away so that she doesn't have to witness Hayley taking a bite out of Tristan. Klaus barges into Lucien's penthouse and argue over how Cami was captured.

Lucien shows Klaus a tape of Aurora hinting Klaus to meet her to Jackson Square. Lucien urges him to think it through and Klaus tells him to move.

Lucien also says that he Klaus is walking into a trap that could very well fulfill his part of the prophecy. He tells Klaus that he is coming with him to try and keep him safe.

Aurora continues to pick at Cami and asks her if it was difficult to watch her family go mad. Aurora actually did her homework and brings up the tragedies of Cami's life to try to find ways in which they are alike. She wants to know how Klaus went from loving her to falling for Cami. She continues to admit that she has bi-polar disorder.

Cami tries to help but Aurora tells her to shut up. Meanwhile, Marcel is getting off the phone after making demands for one of his men to find someone.

He is interrupted by Aya who comes to him asking about Davina being shunned by her coven. She thinks Marcel got the coven to shun their regent and tells him that the Strix have no room for insubordination.

Hayley is continuing to torture Tristan. Even when he is being tortured, he is still making threats against Hayley. Tristan doesn't budge, he says he will hold on until the Strix arrive and burn them down.

Elijah's response is more torture by Hayley. Aya is asking Marcel to go on a mission to take someone out, but not permanently.

Aya wants Marcel to stake Elijah in order to free Tristan. Aya says if he fails, he will no longer be a member of the Strix and they will kill him.

Freya is watching Hope when Mary walks in and asks for Hayley. Mary asks if it was Elijah's idea and Freya makes a call to Hayley to find out if Mary is okay. Hayley explains that Jackson's grandmother paid a visit to Hope and that Jackson was out in the bayou sulking because she was spending too much time with the Mikaelsons.

Elijah tells her she has done enough and she should go home to her family. Lucien and Klaus are heading out to the meeting spot with Aurora and Lucien continues to question why he is falling into the trap.

Klaus says that he trusts Cami which is more than he can say for Lucien. Klaus tells him he can either help or leave.

Cami admits to Aurora that she and Klaus have never kissed and are not romantically involved. She does however, care about him and wants to bring out the human side of him. Aurora tells her that she needs to see that Klaus doesn't love her. Cami says that Aurora is worried that Klaus doesn't love her and that he sees that Aurora's mind is damaged. Klaus finds a clue behind a painting her once gave to Cami as a gift. It's an invitation to a church.

Aurora has now taken drastic measures to get more information out of Cami and looks to have lost it. Lucien and Klaus continue to bicker over the fact that Lucien wants Klaus to let Cami die. Klaus doesn't feel the same and snaps Lucien's neck.

Freya has weakened Tristan to his lowest state abut he still won't budge. When Elijah grabs Tristan's face he gets another flashback. There is a word that he notices.

Marcel breaks up the session by barging in and telling Elijah that he is there on behalf of the Strix and he is not leaving without Tristan. Marcel tries to reason with Elijah by telling him he has no choice. He says that if he can make it seem like he broke out with Tristan, he can get in deeper with the Strix and find out what they have planned. Elijah refuses to give Tristan up.

Meanwhile, Mary is trying to convince Hayley that she needs to honor her marriage to Jackson. Tristan is trying to get into Freya's head by talking about the betrayal she met when she discovered her siblings.

Tristan then leaks out that information on Finn and tells her Freya can ask him all the questions she has herself if she lets him go. She turns her back and continues to play with her necklace.

Cami is still telling Aurora stories from her past. She is talking about an attack on a man at a bar and Aurora realizes that Cami is not ashamed of the attack, she is ashamed that she enjoyed it. Aurora says that Cami became a psychologist to understand her own darkness. Klaus walks in and asks Aurora to stop the game.

She tells him that he is in danger of losing her as his love. Aurora says she has waited far too long to share him.

Klaus tries to make it seem like Cami means nothing to him but Aurora is seeing through it.

She tests him by telling Klaus that she wanted Klaus to admit that he loved her in front of Cami before she ripped out her throat. Well played Aurora.

Klaus is depending on his words to get him and Cami out of the situation alive. Aurora exposes that Cami is not pure. She says there is no other reason for Cami to be drawn to Klaus other than the darkness they have in common. Cami admits to Klaus that everything she ever said to him was a lie.

Aurora appears to have taken Cami out but Klaus rushes towards Aurora. He whisks her away.

Marcel reveals that he betrayed Elijah before he arrived and a few more Strix enter.

Aya stabs Freya with a knife which Elijah takes out Marcel and the Strix.

Hayley rushes over to help and when Elijah and her think it's over, Marcel drives a stake right into Elijah, then prepares for a standoff with Hayley.

Hayley continues to fight off the Strix and when it seems like two of them got the best of her, Marcel saves her. She gets free and stares at Elijah's lifeless body. Marcel rushes upstairs and lies to Aya in order to get her to leave with Tristan without seeing Elijah.

He then moves on to the other room in order to tell Freya that she needs to remind her brother that he is on their side when he wakes up. Elsewhere, Klaus and Aurora battle back and forth, while Cami wakes up in a room with a bunch of new vampires ready to feed.

Klaus tells Aurora that he does not love her anymore but Aurora is still holding on.

Klaus unleashes a rage against Aurora and tells her that she will associate his name with fear and pain. He tells her that she is nothing to him but when he grabs her head, he sees the coordinates he needed.

There is nothing to stop him from killing her now.

Aurora says she loves him and she knows that he loves her too. Klaus arrives just in time to save a struggling Cami and holds her tightly in his arms, but where is Aurora?

Freya finishes explaining what happened to Elijah. Hayley tells him that he should be thankful to Marcel that he saved her and Freya. He reminds them that Tristan is lost and says the prophecy intends on devouring them. Marcel presents Aya with the cure for Tristan, Klaus' blood.

Tristan gives Marcel his gratitude for helping him. Aya tells Marcel that they will be in touch an Marcel is livid when they decide to leave without letting him in.

He tells them that they need him and threatens to leave them. Tristan tells him that he is right and asks him to follow them.

Hayley returns to Mary who isn't happy that she left her baby to risk her life for the Mikaelsons. Mary says every time Hayley leaves she is tempting fate. Hayley tells Mary to let Jackson know that if he loved her he would fight alongside her. Klaus and Elijah go over the private assets that the Strix own.

Elijah presents Klaus with a way of finding Rebekah. He also recommends that they do something delightfully gruesome to their sires.

Klaus tells him that he should make sure to leave Aurora to him. Lucien tries to ease Aurora's pain as she sits alone on a bench.

Klaus makes sure that Cami is okay and tells her to stay with him so that he can protect her. He tries to apologize for her being kidnapped but she tells him to forget about it. Cami asked him if he overheard the story of her attacking the man. He jokes about compelling people to kill him.

She asks to close her eyes and he places a blanket on her. Freya is in a fully candlelit room and appears to be doing a spell which transports her in front of Finn.

She tells him it is time they had a talk. Finn is back.

"The Other Girl in New Orleans" was quite the intense episode. The writers for The Originals are continuing to bring fans a dynamic plot that is forever keeping them at the edge of their seat.

As it gets closer to the mid-season finale of the show, things are looking to get a bit more dangerous and a whole lot more complicated. Fans can catch The CW's hit series "The Originals" on Thursdays at 9 PM EST.

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