'The Originals' Recap: 'An Old Friend Calls' Season 3 Episode 15, Klaus' Life In Danger

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Now that Klaus' sire line is broken things are really going to heat up in CWTV's The Originals. In "An Old Friend Calls," episode 15 of season three, Klaus is in a state of paranoia because his old enemies are now hunting him down.

Klaus will have to stop Cortez, a vampire who is looking to settle personal history with him, in order to keep the lives of innocent bystanders safe. Vincent decides to jump ship in a spiteful plan that involves killing Klaus. Strix members are vanishing one by one and Marcel has no choice but to ask Davina for help even as their friendship is in turmoil.

Elijah is not happy with Hayley's coping method after Jackson's death and he doesn't shy away from addressing it. Klaus is surprised when he sees his little brother Kol alive and kicking.

The vampiric and witchy activity kicks off as Klaus opens a safe to retrieve a box. Inside the box is a series of letters from all of his victims. Elijah and Freya are in the room with Klaus and hey all realize that Klaus couldn't be more in danger after the broken sire link.

Freya tells him not to jump in a panic so quick.

Elijah says every last splinter of the white oak has been eliminated but Klaus doesn't believe it. Klaus leaves and Freya asks Elijah if he is sure of his words.

Cami is training with Vincent and she is getting ready for Aurora whenever she gets out of captivity. Cami realizes that she will be number one on the to do list and she isn't sure why Klaus didn't rip Aurora's head off. Klaus walks in and says he has a few matters to discuss with Cami in private. Cami leaves with Klaus for their discussion. Elsewhere, Kol wakes up to Davina who tells him he has been sleeping for days.

He tells her she has no idea how bad he wants to kiss her but he can't because he has been brought back as a vampire. Davina says she heard the stories about him as a vampire but he says he didn't have her.

He promises her that she could trust him and wants to get ready for a family reunion. Davina says that she is pretty sure Klaus wants to kill her.

Marcel and Josh are celebrating the broken sire link. Marcel says his Strix are still sired to Elijah and they are disappearing. More Strix come in to tell Marcel that there are more missing members. Marcel tells them to join him in a search for the missing friends.

Elijah walks in on Hayley and says he thought she was in the Bayou. He notices a scratch on her head and she says she got caught by a thorn.

He says she has been spending a lot of time in the Bayou and she says they need her. Hayley leaves Elijah in charge of Hope.

Klaus and Cami are chatting and she tells him that he can't live in fear of something that might not be there. Klaus tells the story about running in paranoia from Mikael. Cami says that Klaus doesn't want to be the man who lies to his family.

He has more to lose now and Cami says she can't be his therapist anymore.

Cami says he left Aurora alive instead of killing her for what she did to her. Klaus says he did it for Cami but Cami says she thinks he killed Aurora for what she stole from him.

After the failed chat, Klaus finds out that a foe, Cortez is in the Quarter. Klaus murdered all of Cortez's family and Cortez seems to be on a binge. He compelled a limo driver to set fire to the limo with women who have been fed on.

Klaus tells his sister and brother that that is what he was afraid of. Then, he hears Davina approaching and attacks her.

However, he is thrown off of Davina by his brother and Klaus rightfully looks as if he has seen a ghost.

Kol says that Klaus attacked his girl and Freya walks in to clarify what has been done. Klaus gives his brother a huge hug and Elijah also looks happy to see his brother. Kol introduces himself to Freya and Kol asks what happened to Rebekah.

Klaus doesn't want Kol to be distracted by Davina and she says it's okay she will leave. He promises to make it up to her by taking her dancing in the evening.

Elijah meets Marcel and asks him to make sure that not a splinter of the white oak exists. Marcel says it won't happen because his men are going missing and the city is full of people who want the Strix out. Vincent is approached by a man who gives him a note that says his presence is needed immediately.

Vincent refuses to go and the man kills himself. Elijah, Kol and Klaus are getting reacquainted.

Klaus brings Kol a glass of blood and Kol says he is going to stay off the fresh stuff and a blood bag will be better next time.

Vincent meets with Cortez at the bar and Cortez seems to know a lot about Vincent. Vincent says he is not tolerating any vampire that compels people to kill themselves. Before Vincent can take out Cortez, he finds out that Cortez compelled the people in the room to kill one another.

Cortez wants Vincent to help him find something that can give him the upper-hand on Klaus. From the looks of it, it seems like Vincent is happy to oblige.

Marcel is delivering a message to the Strix ordering no one to travel alone. He tells Josh he needs a favor from Davina and Josh says he is starting to think that Marcel is no longer undercover. Marcel says he can't just walk away and Josh agrees to help.

Davina only agrees to help because Josh asked and Josh recognizes that Davina is all dressed up.

She is waiting for Kol but she isn't sure he will show up and she thinks it's weird how he meshes with his family.

Davina then completes the spell and tells Josh that she found Marcel's friends but they are dead.

Kol is helping his family complete a spell that will tell them where all of Klaus' enemies are. Freya has the pleasure of reading the spell and it is revealed that Klaus has enemies all over the world but only one is in New Orleans. Cami walks into the bar and notices that everyone has been compelled. She notices Vincent who is creating a spell and Cortez asks her not to disturb Vincent.

Vincent breaks the spell and asks Cortez to leave Cami out of it. Vincent says he will find the white oak if Cortez leaves her out of it.

Cortez attacks Cami and knocks her out.

Vincent sees that the white oak has been hidden by Aurora but the ancestors will not help Cortez with the exact location. Cortez tells him to try again and this time he shouldn't take no for an answer.

Marcel brings Elijah to the site of the dead Strix and he realizes that Hayley has been killing them and leaving them near the site of Jackson's murder. Marcel warns him that the Strix will be after the killer and Elijah instructs him to burn the bodies. Elijah walks in on Hayley as she kills another Strix.

Vincent is going to all measures to complete the spell but passes out. Just the Klaus comes in and calls out Cortez's name.

Klaus asks him to sit down but Cortez again holds the hostages as leverage. He tells Klaus he can stay but either way, he will win.

Cortez says everyone will live once Klaus lets him live to seek out the white oak. Klaus says he plans on killing Cortez and takes out half of the room after staking Cortez. Cami tries to save them but Klaus says it won't work.

She leaves after witnessing the carnage and Klaus begins to deliver the final blows. Elijah tells Hayley that it needs to stop but she has a list of all of the Strix that took down her and her husband.

Elijah tells her to think about Hope but Hayley is hellbent on doing right by Jackson.

Klaus returns to Cortez in an empty bar after compelling the victims away. He decides that he is going to catch up with Cortez and says he wants to know about the white oak. Cortez says he learned about it as a rumor on a private message board.

Cortez says every one of Klaus' sired enemies are coming. Cortez says that the sires will take everything Klaus loves and get the retribution they reserve. Klaus doesn't let him finish and beheads him where he stood.

Klaus' enemies are making their way to New Orleans and he isn't sure that they are all targeting to take him out. Elijah says there is another way to keep Hope and everyone else safe. Freya asks if he is going to run and Klaus says he doesn't run, he disappears. He says that his three siblings are going to make that possible.

Marcel presents Cortez's head to the remaining Strix and sells a story about him being the one behind the murders. However, it was really Elijah who took them out and cooked up the story to protect Hayley.

Marcel tells the Strix there are other enemies coming and they should ready their army.

Kol and Freya bond over a spell that he created, which should help Klaus disappear. Kol remembers meeting Freya years ago and she says she is glad he is back. Freya says they are lucky that davina didn't give up on him and he promises to do right by Davina. He says there is somewhere he ought to be. Klaus meets Cami who asks if Cortez is dead and he answers while apologizing for the innocent lives lost. Cami says she has seen him take lives before.

Cami says he was right that Aurora took something from Klaus. Klaus says his affections for her have not changed but Cami says that her feelings have changed. She says the part of her that loved him and hoped for his redemption was human and it's gone.

She apologizes to Klaus who is clearly hurt and he walks off. Cami seems just as upset as she cries on the balcony.

Davina begins to take off her jewelry but Kol shows up and says his family will be fine without him for the moment. He says he prefers to be there with her. Elijah approaches Hayley and hands her the list of Strix she gave him. He crossed off all of the names and she throws the list into the fire.

She tells Elijah that she loves him and she always did. She says Jackson knew that and he died for her knowing that.

She says that every time she looks at Elijah it reminds her of that so out of respect she has to let him go.

Elijah says it seems like the right thing to do even though when he tried that it didn't work.

Kol outs on some dancing music that Davina fixes up as the two young lovers dance the night away. Davina asks him if he can control his hunger and Kol says that he can. It wasn't the magic that made it better, it was her. Then things get very hot and heavy and Kol tells Davina she is the best thing about being alive.

Cami meets with Vincent and she tells him that she doesn't know why Klaus kept Aurora alive if he is so good at killing. She doesn't want to worry about who Klaus loves and whether or not he will protect her.

She leaves Vincent who has another magical attack.

Freya completed a spell that will make all vampires think he is in New Orleans. Elijah tells Klaus not to stop driving until he hears from them. Klaus packs his bag and tells Freya to keep Elijah safe. Kol leaves Davina in bed and finds that his blood bag is empty. He is struggling with keeping his hunger in check. Klaus packs up and leaves with Hayley and Hope.

Hayley says it is worth leaving to keep Hope safe and there is nothing keeping her in New Orleans anymore. Klaus says perhaps they have more in common than they talk. Elijah and Freya watch as their brother drives away.

Freya says it will be quiet around there but Elijah says he wouldn't bet on it. Elsewhere, Vincent discovers the last of the white oak.

Kol finds himself snacking on an innocent woman as Finn walks up to him and tells him there was never any self-control for him. Holy crap Kol and Finn are back and Hayley and Klaus are gone.

"An Old Friend Calls" proves that the situation facing Klaus is pretty deadly. The Originals is really ramping things up towards the last stretch of episodes.

It's going to be interesting to see if the prophecy takes out one of the Mikaelsons. Fans can keep up with updates on CWTV's hit series "The Originals" by visiting the main page.

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