'The Originals' Recap: 'No More Heartbreaks' Season 3 Episode 19, Saving Cami

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After taking a week off, CWTV's The Originals returns with an all new episode where Cami is in some trouble.

In "No More Heartbreaks" episode 19 of season three, Cami's bravery puts her life at risk and the Mikaelsons along with their allies must fight to save her.

To save Cami's life, Klaus must remain by her side at the compound to ensure that she is safe. With Klaus out of commission due to his duties, his family and friends take over handling the threat of Lucien and his bite.

Freya turns tries to find a solution to Cami's condition in her spell books and magic.

Meanwhile, Vincent and Marcel team up to venture off to Cami's apartment and intercept an ingredient that could help save her life.

The formidable team of Hayley and Elijah get together once again for a trip to the bayou. Together they are searching for an antidote that could help their friend and more revelations are made.

It all begins as Cami wakes up after being bitten by Lucien. She sees her arm and remembers what happened. Lucien says he sampled more of her blood and Cami says she is going to die.

Lucien says her days were numbered when she set her eyes on Klaus. Cami throws a weapon at Lucien and begins to make her escape. She is struggling but she makes it to Klaus.

Cami makes him promise he won't get angry because that's what Lucien wants.

He looks at her wrist and she tells him before he loses it, she loves him and she won't let him get himself killed.

He catches her as she falls and Klaus says he can tell her he loves her tomorrow because he won't her die today.

Cami wakes up and Hayley is there watching over her with Freya and Klaus. Klaus uses a recipe from Freya to help ease the pain but it won't stop the infection. Hayley says they will help her.

Elijah brings Vincent into the room and he apologizes. Klaus says it is all his fault. Before he can take out Vincent, Klaus is stopped and says that Lucien wants to be like him.

They devise a plan to try to create a serum that could heal Cami which uses, Hope and Lucien's blood. Vincent volunteers to get the blood sample and they all split up but Cami doesn't want to be alone.

Elsewhere, Davina finds Kol and gives him an earful for not saying goodbye. She tracked him using magic and he tells her she should go.

Davina asks him why he didn't tell her and why he is walking away. He says he didn't want to go and he wasn't going to come back but the ancestors won't let him leave.

He tells her what happened when he reached the city limits and says he is cursed. He says he just has a hunger he can't control. Davina asks him to promise her never to leave again.

Davina gets a call from Marcel who informs her as to what happened to Cami. She intends on helping and agrees to meet Marcel.

Klaus is staring at Aurora's body and when Cami comes in he says he was wrong to deny her of her revenge.

Cami says that all of the anger and fear she felt was not her. She wants to help people like Aurora and doesn't want to have that taken away.

Kol tries to stop Davina from helping Cami because it could get her killed. He tries once more and she fights him off with magic.

She says she has an idea that could help her get the answers she needs from Lucien. She tells him she needs him to stay put and leaves as he calls out her name.

Freya brings Klaus something to help slow the infection and Klaus is frustrated by having to stay behind. Freya asks him if he loves her and tells him to figure it out.

Klaus returns to Cami and promises her a stroll after they get through all of this.

Cami doesn't want to drink the smelly serum and she opts to have a drink with Cami. She tells him how much she enjoyed being a bartender.

She does take the serum while Klaus has a drink and listens to her talk about how much she enjoyed listening. Cami jokes that she should have published his memoir.

She asks him to write a few things down for her incase she dies and Klaus is a bit hesitant. Cami says he owes her and agrees to help.

Vincent is trying to complete a spell back at Cami's apartment when Marcel walks in.

Marcel says he cares about Cami and so does Vincent so, he needs to focus and do what he has to do to collect Lucien's blood.

Vincent is making progress but the ancestors are trying to stop him from using magic.

Lucien is having a grand time at a bar and gives a speech about the Mikaelson's hiding out. Davina blends in and draws a line with what looks like salt.

She uses her magic to knock everyone in the room out.

Lucien says she is clever but a buzzkill He tries to kill her but her is stopped by a barrier. She presents a figure that will force him to speak the truth.

Cami leaves her clothes to Davina, her records to Josh, her books and files to Vincent, Elijah her old game of Trivial Pursuit, and Hayley her dark objects to give to Hope when she gets older.

She finally gets to Klaus but he becomes frustrated and says it is pointless and they will find a way to fix it.

Lucien is mocking Davina and her relic. Davina demands information from Lucien, however, the ancestors break the barrier and he gets to Davina.

Lucien tells him why the ancestors are helping him and elsewhere, Cami tries to drink Lucien's blood, which doesn't seem to help. Lucien says his bite has no cure and Cami is going to die.

Hayley and Elijah arrive at the Bayou and Hayley tries to get Elijah to stay behind because Mary doesn't like vampires.

Elijah asks her what she wants him to do and she says she is just sick of losing people. She asks who is next and Elijah says they aren't afraid of dying because they fight for those they love.

Kaus is beside Cami holding her hand the entire time. He brings her to a perfect place at a corner cafe but Cami knows it is not real.

He promises it will help her pass the time while the cure works and that they can travel anywhere after. He asks that they try to enjoy the perfect day.

Freya walks past the room and then makes her way down the stairs. Freya tells Marcel and Vincent that Cami is getting worst.

Vincent is scrambling for a way to help and Marcel says the Strix won't help.

Freya says maybe there is no cure but Vincent refuses to let up. Freya thinks that Hope could possibly help and Hayley brings Hope to her.

Davina asks Lucien why he is doing this and he says because he can. She says Lucien doesn't have to hurt Cami but Lucien says Klaus costed him the love of his life. He is waiting for Klaus to lash out after Cami dies so he can end him.

Lucien asks her to go on her way. She wants to know why he is letting her go and he says she is not hers to kill. He says the ancestors have something planned for her and it involves Kol.

Cami and Klaus are walking through the city and she urges him to accept the good in the city with the bad. Cami is really enjoying her time with Klaus and you can tell that he is as well.

Cami says he is afraid of what would happen when she is gone. Klaus doesn't want to talk about it but she insists on making her point.

She brings back what happened on the day they met and how he showed her his whole life because he wanted to be understood. She says he wanted to be loved and tells him he is loved by his siblings.

She says love will make him strong and be the man he wants her to be. Klaus becomes a bit emotional but Cami assures him that it will be okay.

Davina arrives to find Kol feeding on bags. She says he lied to her and that the ancestors want him to kill her. Kol says he couldn't tell her that all he wants to do is rip out her throat.

Davina says she can protect herself but Kol says there is another way. He presents her with a dagger to stab him with to make sure that she is safe until she finds a cure.

She tells him it's not fair and Kol asks her to wait a little longer. He tells her she can't love him as he loves her and she drives the stake into him putting him to sleep.

Freya injects the power from Hope but the infection has spread everywhere and nothing is working. Freya tells Elijah that Klaus can ease her pain but she won't last much longer.

Freya is tending to Cami when Vincent walks in and tells her that they need to do something. Elijah tells them they cannot deny Cami the dignity of choice.

He says she lives with grace and she will have it now. Cami is watching a man paint and when Klaus walks up she realizes it's the night they met.

Klaus tells her that some demons will not be tamed and she urges him to do the best he can and never give up. Cami begins to get tired and Klaus has to catch her.

She says it's funny that they are so different but she feels like she has always known him. She confesses her love for Klaus and he confesses his love for her as well.

Cami says she really doesn't have another tomorrow does she. She asks to make the people and noise go away and begins to fade. Her heart is slowing and he says she is fighting because she wants to live.

Cami says she can't handle it with dignity and that she is scared. Klaus says he is there and Cami wishes she had done more in life.

He tells her not to think for a minute that she failed him. He says she inspired goodness in him and unlike anyone else, he will carry her with him. She says she guesses that makes her immortal.

He recites a bible verse to her and she tells him that there is light in him and he can end this cycle. She wants him to be the light for Hope.

Cami fades and Klaus tells her to not be afraid. He tells her there will be no more pain or heartbreak and she will find peace.

Just like that Cami is gone. Klaus holds her hand in his and weeps. The entire group of family and friends mourn as Davina walks in.

She already knows what has happened and she calls out for Marcel. He hugs her and together they mourn the death of Cami.

Vincent is upstairs telling Cami how much the he and the quarter needs her. He tells her he won't shy away from what needs to be done.

Vincent says if he does get chopped down he knows Cami will be ahead of him keeping the fire warm and the beers cold. Freya is approached by Elijah who says this isn't over.

He tells her there is work to be done and Lucien will go down. Freya asks if Klaus will be alright and all Elijah says is, "this isn't over."

Hayley tells Cami that she has been thinking about how Hope will never get to know her. Hayley says she figured if Klaus liked her he couldn't be too bad.

She says the family owes her and she deserves better. Klaus is outside alone on the balcony when Elijah puts his hand on his shoulder in comfort and solidarity.

Vincent tells Freya what happened to Cami is on her because he completed the spell. Freya says they made him because her blood was used.

She says now that they have her blood, they will unmake him. Davina talks to a sleeping Kol and says she really wishes she could talk to him. Something happens and there is a huge Earthquake that hits.

Everyone is stunned but Lucien is sitting by laughing. The dagger is taken from Kol's body and he attacks Davina.

It looks as if he has killed her and when it is all done, Kol stares at Davina's lifeless body. He tries to save her with his blood and begs her to wake up but she won't budge.

"No More Heartbreaks" is another one of the episodes of CWTV's The Originals that proves why the Mikaelson family and their friends are the best team. When one of them is in trouble, everyone comes together to save that one person.

It's a family/friendship dynamic that really speaks to viewers. Fans can keep up with updates on CWTV's hit series "The Originals" by visiting the main page.

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