'The Originals' Recap: 'Night Has A Thousand Eyes' Season 2 Episode 18, Dahlia Emerges

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After weeks of waiting, "The Originals" fans finally get to see on of the most feared foes, Dahlia.

This week in "Night Has A Thousand Eyes," the eighteenth episode of the second season, Dahlia brings a reckoning that Klaus fights to prevent.

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Klaus finally faces the most powerful force that he's met, Dahlia; aside from Freya who seems to have her own agenda. Elijah and Marcel do what they can as they venture to Algiers to create a safe house for baby Hope as they receive the help of Josephine.

Jackson tries to regain his control over his pack and comes up with a gamble of an idea that he shares with Hayley.

Aiden is finally forced to choose between his arrangement with Klaus and his brotherly loyalty to Jackson. Meanwhile Rebekah tends to her own tasks in order to help her family.

It all kicks off as Hayley and Jackson walk baby Hope through the streets of New Orleans looking very normal. After they tip a violinist on the road she begins playing a somber song and they begin receiving strange looks. Dahlia has possessed the bodies of those around them and just before any harm can be done, Klaus swoops in.

Back at the compound, Klaus is livid and makes sure that Hayley knows that by scolding her for leaving the safe haven. Freya is called upon to create a tonic that will prevent Dahlia from using her charm on anyone of the close family.

Klaus refuses to take the potion and lets the others know that Dahlia is preparing for battle. Elijah agrees and says that they need to find another safe haven that she could not think of.

Klaus agrees to all the tasks of the others, however, he vows to take the proactive approach and seeks to take Dahlia out before she takes the team out. He pays Davina a visit and tries to charm her for help. He wants Davina to help him find Mikael who has been brought back by Freya.

When Davina refuses, Klaus thickens the deal with the remains of his brother Kol to try to bring him back to life and she agrees. Aiden and Josh lay in bed cozily when it's interrupted by a call from Klaus, however, he lies to Josh and says that it's Jackson calling.

Klaus tells Aiden that he can't trust Jackson because his body was compromised by Dahlia and he needs Aiden to be his eyes and ears.

Jackson is feeling the guilt from letting Dahlia get into his head. He tells Hayley that he can feel Dahlia and she's pure darkness. Jackson proposes that Hayley, Hope and the pack run away and buy themselves some time so they can figure out how to take out Dahlia.

Hayley is concerned about Elijah, Klaus and the rest of the Mikaelson family but Jackson says that the war is not theirs to interfere with. Klaus knows that Josh and Aiden are in love and he's been entrusting all of his information with Davina.

Davina sees that Klaus' actions are out of pure love and asks him what it feels like to be one of the others.

Just then, Mikael arrives and Klaus proposes that the two of them join forces to take out Dahlia before she gets to Hope.

Elijah, Marcel and Josephine find a place in Algiers that served as neutral ground for all kinds. They ask her to cast a spell on the place to make it a safe haven from any harm. Josephine declines to get in the middle and Elijah threatens her with becoming an enemy. Josephine says that the most she will do is a traditional blessing combined with a disruption spell to ward off evil.

Klaus and his father sit down to discuss their new alliance. Mikael is very hostile however, Klaus just wants to focus on the common enemy Dahlia.

Klaus tells Mikael that if they win, both of their daughters will be free and if they lose Mikael can bask in the fact that Klaus got what he deserved all along.

Freya and Rebekah channel a spell to help Jackson when Rebekah realizes that Freya has been the one helping Dahlia. Freya is in disbelief and she says she had no idea. Rebekah is forced to make the decision to cast Freya away because of the danger her presence brings to them all.

Klaus and Mikael continue to argue on who's the most ruthless as Mikael questions him on why he should trust him.

Klaus says that they need to save the lives of the ones who see them as more than monsters, as who they really are. Just then, Dahlia sends them message causing the two to jump into their newly developed partnership.

As Freya walks down the streets of New Orleans, she is greeted by Dahlia and she looks as if she's seen a ghost. Dahlia has already dissected Freya's plan that has been backfiring ever since she tried to help Rebekah.

Freya is scared of her faith and Dahlia promises her that she will beg to be a part of their family once again.

Elijah and Hayley are bickering over their handling of Freya and he eventually tells Hayley and Rebekah that they will be taking a trip to Algiers. Elijah and Rebekah will stay behind to wait for Freya if she returns.

Davina is now aware that Klaus and Mikael are working together and she agrees to cast the binding spell to create the most dangerous weapon that Dahlia has ever seen.

They ask Davina to do them the favor in which Klaus promises to live up to his end of the bargain.

She looks desperate to get her beloved Kol back and at this point she doesn't care about Mikael, Klaus, Dahlia or anyone else, she simply wants to bring back the Mikaelson she fell in love with.

Freya visits Elijah and tells him that she has seen Dahlia and that she is going to strike tonight. She begs Elijah to help her save her family and he grants her his help. Meanwhile, Klaus and Mikael arrive at the church where Dahlia awaits them.

She stands tall, unafraid of the two as she welcomes in an army of her own to fight Mikael and Klaus. They tear through her army ripping at them, however, the army is more powerful than they anticipated.

Aiden approaches Jackson who praises him for always being loyal. He trusts Aiden to help him get Hayley and Hope away from the city. Aiden agrees and Jackson relinquishes his leadership so that Aiden can be in charge while he and Hayley are gone.

Josh runs into Aiden and approaches him about lying to him in the morning about his phone call with Klaus.

Aiden tries to reassure Josh that he has everything under control but Josh persists and Aiden has to confide in Josh for the right answer.

Mikael and Klaus manage to get past Dahlia's army but when it's time to get to Dahlia she flexes her magic and renders them without their weapon. Jackson is looking for Hayley and finds her and baby Hope ready to go with him and escape Dahlia. Hayley seems ready but asks Jackson if he really thinks it's the best idea.

Klaus is suffering at the hands of Dahlia who is by far one of the most ruthless witches "The Originals" has seen yet. Just then, Freya comes to their rescue and admonishes Dahlia for using her.

Elijah joins in the fight and heals his brother who lunges at Dahlia but she vanishes in thin air.

Marcel arrives to take Hayley and Hope to Algiers, however, they are long gone trying to escape Dahlia. Aiden is stalling and it looks like he is going to betray Jackson.

Marcel arrives before Jackson and Hayley could get any further and they are forced to follow him to Algiers.

The Mikaelson's weapon against Dahlia is destroyed as she tells them that if they give her the child, they will live. If they don't, they will continue to suffer at her hands.

Aiden and Josh are relieved that their plan worked and Aiden is beginning to regret his allegiance to Klaus. Josh and Aiden are now even closer than they've ever been before and they vow to figure the entire mess out together. Rebekah greets the rest of her family as they fill her in on their defeat.

Klaus disagrees that they were defeated, while Mikael disagrees. Freya is completely upset that they have used up all of their weapons.

Things get a little out of hand when Klaus attacks his father and begs him to know why he despised him the whole time. Mikael says he has no explanation, that he just did and Klaus asks him if those are his final words.

Mikael apologizes to Freya and just as he is going to tell her he loves her, Klaus drives a stake into him. Mikael bursts into flames and it's all so that they can have more viking ashes.

Josephine approaches Dahlia towards the end of the episode and Dahlia fixes her hands so that she could play violin again. Dahlia says she must use Josephine who has no choice but to give in to Dahlia.

Josephine plays one last tune before she is killed by Dahlia for her power.

Dahlia has made her presence known in "Night Has a Thousand Eyes," confirming herself to be the threat that everyone was worried about. Week after week the team managed to avoid time without Dahlia and now that she's here they are running out of time.

It looks like "The Originals" looks to surpass the parent show "The Vampire Diaries," as complex characters, story lines and love stories continue to shine through week after week.

Fans can see what happens next week on The CW's hit series "The Originals."