'The Originals' Recap: 'For The Next Millennium' Season 3 Premiere Episode 1, An Old Friend Emerges

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There is something dangerous brewing in the French Quarter as The Originals returns. In the season three premiere, "For The Next Millennium," episode one kicks off with a troubled Klaus Mikaelson.

Klaus has a special visit from an old vampire friend but it looks like he has his own underlying agenda that might put the Mikaelsons in trouble. Hayley wants so badly to seek revenge on Klaus for the curse he had put on her but she is only able to be in her human for once a month, which makes it increasingly difficult and frustrating for her. There is a serial killer on the lose and there is no telling what the motives are but someone has to stop him.

Marcel has control of the French Quarter once more and now has to focus on rebuilding his army but he is trying a new approach.

Davina is now regent of the French Quarter coven and is taking her role very seriously, she also wants revenge from those who have wronged her, specifically, the Mikaelson family.

Elijah is still finding it hard to trust Klaus and Freya wants revenge on everyone.

The episode starts with a flashback and Klaus telling a story of being in fear of being hunted with a terrible hunger of their own. He says he and his family ran when they needed to and fed when they needed to. Elijah, Kol, Klaus, Finn and Rebekah are all together arguing about splitting up.

Kol and Finn want to split up but Klaus and Elijah want to stay together and keep the vow of family above all.

It was the start of Elijah and Klaus' incredible brotherly bond. Klaus in present day repeats the words always and forever and slips out.

Freya is writing to Rebekah to let her know how things are between Klaus and Elijah. Freya says she is trying to get the two to talk but her efforts are failing. Marcel has control over the quarter and has a fighting gym. He and Elijah often spar to get out Elijah's built up aggression.

Hayley can only see her daughter once a month and Elijah is the one who brings baby Hope to her. Freya says she is trying to find a way to break Hayley's curse.

Marcel can't convince Davina to issue him daylight rings. Freya crumples up the letter she wrote to Rebekah and it vanishes.

Marcel invites Cami to meet with him so that he can show her all of his paintings. Cami says she came to talk with him professionally not to explore art.

Cami realizes that Klaus is really scared that no one will show up to his gallery opening and tells him that he needs to think about that.

Cami leaves to meet with Vincent as they make their way to a crime scene. Vincent told the police that Cami would be able to give them a psychological profile of the victim who has been brutally mangled.

Elijah and Klaus are petty towards each other as Elijah is upset with Klaus for betraying the family and causing Hayley's curse. Freya tells Klaus who believed that his plan saved everyone that he is going to drive everyone away if he continues. In a flashback, the Mikaelson family is bickering over a family who they've killed. Rebekah tries to convince Elijah that they can hide and live ordinary in plain clothes but he silences her.

They were being spied on and before they could deal with him, he offers to help them and keep them from being detected. They take a vote on whether or not they kill the spy.

Meanwhile, in present day, Lucien is in the city looking at a penthouse suite. He finds one he likes and when it comes time to talk dollars, he sinks his teeth into the real estate agent.

Cami tells the Vincent that whoever killed the victim was a methodical killer. It wasn't a formal ritual but an intentional one. She says that this could mean they have a serial killer on their hands.

Davina is having trouble with her coven who don't seem to understand that she is trying to protect them from vampire. Vincent and Cami bring the news of the killer to Marcel to see if it was one of his men that committed the crime.

Marcel points the finger toward Klaus who is busy with his opening. His work isn't being well receipted but his friend Lucien pays him a visit and brightens his spirit.

Elijah is preparing a meal when he is interrupted by a team of hired hands who tell him that he is on private property. They tell Elijah that they killed a dozen wolves last night and that's all Elijah needed to hear to take all of them out with ease. In another flashback, the Mikaelson family has kept their spy Lucien alive and he is instructing them on how to act in front of the king.

They follow Lucien's directions and are able to survive the meeting. Lucien has an underlying motive, he wants his master and all of the people that surround him to die because of the wrong they've committed.

Klaus sets his eyes on the king's daughter, Aurora.

In present day Klaus and Lucien are recounting the meeting when Cami walks in and tells him that he has a problem. She asks who Lucien is and Lucien makes his presence and vampirism known. Klaus tells Cami that he is not the one behind the attack and asks her to check with Marcel and Elijah.

Freya is enjoying herself at a party on her night off. He asks her to watch Hope while he runs an errand. Freya tells him to give her a minute and that she has an idea.

Lucien is trying to convince Klaus to go out and paint the town red. However, Klaus wants to get down to what Lucien really wants. Lucien says vampires all over the world know that Klaus has escaped death many times. Lucien says that Klaus' bloodline is feeling unsafe after Finn and Kol's bloodlines perished along with them.

Lucien came to deliver news that some vampires are trying to wipe out the bloodlines one by one. Klaus isn't threatened by Lucien and threatens him to tell him if there is any white oak that still exists.

Lucien tells Klaus to trust him and that there is something Klaus should see.

Marcel spots a strange character walking around his gym and it happens to be Davina. She says things were a lot simpler when she lived with Marcel. She tells Marcel that she was attacked and that she knows the witches hate her but she expected them to respect her.

Marcel tells her all she needs to do is say the word and he'll interject. Davina is reluctant because she doesn't want the witches to see her siding with vampires. Marcel tells her something has to be done.

Freya is keeping an eye on Hope while Elijah is out hunting the team of hired hunters. He continues to take them down one by one in a menacing and brutal manner reminiscent of the way his brother would kill his enemies. Lucien brings Klaus to his penthouse suite where a party is in full swing. It's a feeding party but that isn't the surprise, Lucien brought Klaus to see Alexis.

Alexis is meant to look into Klaus' future by letting him feed on her and allowing her to enter his mind. Klaus obliges and Alexis recites the visions she sees.

It doesn't look good for the Mikaelson family. Klaus threatens to kill Alexis for fooling him but she tells him if he kills her he will never know what's coming.

Elijah is still hunting the men and asks the last one to tell him where all of the traps are. Another wolf attacks the man before Elijah can get a word out of him. She tells him that Hayley is either dead or out hunting like he is. Cami and Vincent are dwelling on everything that has happened and happy that none of it is their problem.

However, Cami receives a call from the police and the killer has struct again. Lucien tells Klaus that he needs him however, Klaus says that he is the most feared being.

Lucien tells him he should act like it instead of swooning over humans and his family.

Lucien begs Klaus to let him help and tells him that he is the only one he can trust. Klaus says he doesn't trust anyone.

Elijah is still searching for Hayley when he comes across a truck filled with dead wolves. He immediately begins to worry. Marcel and Vincent are training and Marcel is going easy on him.

Vincent says there is a killer on the loose. Marcel wants to talk about Davina, the girl Vincent said he would mentor.

He says that he should be helping Davina. Meanwhile, Hayley has been captured by Davina who tells her that she needs Hayley to do something for her before she lets her see her child.

Klaus surprises Cami at her house but she is all about business. Klaus says that he needs to talk to her right away but Cami calls him an insensitive disappointment. Before Klaus could leave she apologizes and says that it was insensitive. All he wanted to do was bring her a gift he painted for her.

Klaus leaves and meets up with the harsh critic who didn't like his work. He attacks him and apparently rips him to shreds.

Lucien appears to be the serial killer as he looks into the mirror and makes the similar gesture to slicing the corners of his mouth.

Aurora slits the throat of a man and grabs her amulet. She says, "it won't be long now."

"For The Next Millennium" really sets the tone for season three of The Originals. It will be interesting to see if Hayley can get back to her human form and if Klaus, Elijah, Rebekah and Freya can ever be a family.

There will be some serious character development coming, especially now that season three is upon us. Fans can catch The CW's hit series "The Originals" on Thursdays at 9 PM EST.

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