'The Originals' Recap: 'I'll See You in Hell or New Orleans' Season 3 Episode 3

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Hayley came back to her human form with a vengeance on last week's episode of CWTV's The Originals.

This week in, "I'll See You in Hell or New Orleans," episode three of season three, the sire lines are beginning to come out of the woodworks.

Klaus and Elijah actually have to work together if they want to discover Lucien's true motives behind his "visit" to New Orleans. Lucien's relationship with Klaus in the past is explored as another new character bears an offer to Marcel and she happens to be related to Elijah's past.

Hayley is trying to get past her situation and when she comes in contact with the mystery figure from Elijah's past.

She then learns that there is a prophecy which states that the Mikaelson's will fall, "one by friend, one by foe and one by family." One question, where is Rebekah when all of this is going down?

It all begins with a flashback of Klaus telling the tale of his memory of Lucien. Klaus thought Tristan was arrogant but still had eyes for Aurora. Lucien asks him to deliver a message to Aurora. It was a love letter but Klaus says that he would advise otherwise. Klaus said that the family needs Lucien and that he and Aurora would run with them.

Klaus lied to Lucien and told him that Aurora would not accept his note. The truth was Klaus was in love with her and Lucien finds the two kissing.

The three are in a panic and Lucien vows that they are not friends. Klaus evades but Lucien is taken by Tristan when he finds him with Aurora.

Klaus was telling the story to Elijah in present day and suggests they murder Lucien. Elijah realizes that something doesn't add up and that they may take a medieval approach. Klaus wants to know if Elijah has finally forgive him but from Elijah's words, "only when hell freezes over." The detective visits Lucien to ask him a few questions. Meanwhile, Cami tells Vincent that she suspects Lucien of the deaths.

The detective calls Vincent and says that they have Lucien at the station for questioning. Hayley is dealing with the noise outside that interrupts her baby.

She can't cope with her current surroundings and she says she feels off. Jackson calls Freya to babysit Hope so that he can take Hayley out for the day.

Marcel is giving his army orders to keep everyone in line when he is approached by Aya. She takes out some of his men when Marcel asks them to see her out. She asks him if he will listen to her offer but Marcel prepares for battle instead. Klaus and Elijah are greeted by a woman who has been occupying Lucien's penthouse while he is at the station for questioning.

Lucien acts as if he knows a lot about the case but is not actually the killer. The detective tells him that people like him make his own luck whether it's good or bad.

Lucien says that he hates to be bored and that the detective is boring him. He says he knows that Cami is behind the glass and asks to talk to her alone.

Jackson brought Hayley to the training gym so that she can blow off some steam. He is trying hard to help her and when she tells him she isn't in the mood for half-ass sparring he knocks the stick out of her hand. They begin sparring and it looks like he may have found a way to help. Vincent doesn't want Cami to speak to Lucien but she does anyway.

Vincent accompanies her and tells Lucien that they know what he is. Lucien tells Cami and Vincent that the three of them are the same. They each have scars from the Mikaelson's wrath.

In a flashback, Tristan is whipping Lucien for his treachery when Klaus and Elijah come to see what's going on. Klaus tries to save Lucien and Tristan says that he knows he and his family are beasts but thinks they are hiding from someone more savage than him. Klaus attacks Tristan and Tristan threatens to send troops to let everyone know that they are seeking refuge at his castle.

When Klaus lets Tristan go, he cuts Lucien's mouth in the same manner of the victims in the French Quarter. Lucien tells Cami and Vincent that he is being framed by someone who wants to see Klaus dead.

Marcel is holding his own against Aya but she is too strong for him. She says she was told to make him an offer and says she may have to do so elsewhere. She drugged Marcel and is likely going to take him captive. Elijah and Klaus dig into the woman who showed the prophecy. Lucien has intentions for Cami.

Hayley is training with Jackson who is actually kicking her butt. She tells him all she could think about was Klaus and Davina exploiting them. Jackson tells her to get it out of her system and to stop feeling sorry for herself.

She cuts him and tells him that she is sorry and he should go.

Jackson refuses to go and Hayley ends up feeding on him which later turns into a steamy session between the two. Haylijah is really suffering right now.

Elijah comes to see Marcel but finds Josh and the rest of the crew taken out. Marcel is missing and Elijah asks if the woman who took Marcel had a name. Josh tells Elijah that it's Aya and Elijah recognizes her as a woman he sired. Cami is still trying to use reverse psychology on Lucien and he says that he needs Klaus to trust him. He plans on using Cami to help him. In a flashback, Klaus is helping Lucien.

When he finally sees his face he is enraged and stabs Klaus. Klaus says that Lucien must be mad to try to do that when he knows what Klaus is. It's the first time Klaus say that his blood could heal someone.

Lucien thought he was like Klaus and immediately rushed to kill Tristan for revenge. Tristan killed Lucien and he died for a bit.

In present day Lucien says that he wouldn't undermine his own safety by committing the murders. Lucien tells Cami that someone is framing him for the murders. Klaus interrupts and tells Cami and Vincent he needs a word in private.

Aya has brought Marcel to her own place and offered him and his crew help. She is impressed by Marcel's accomplishments and asks to help return New Orleans to what it was with him as king.

That's when Elijah interrupts and reveals Aya and the rest of her accomplices might have something sinister in mind. He attacks her but low and behold, Tristan approaches and asks Elijah to let her go.

Elijah lets go of Aya and Tristan offers Elijah something to clean up his bloody hands. Tristan tells Elijah that his sire lines are at stake. Elijah asks Marcel to leave and Marcel tells him that he should remember who his friends are. Klaus and Lucien are arguing over his motives. Lucien said that he can cure a wolf bite on his own.

He goes over all of facts and points the finger towards Tristan. Klaus says it's an interesting theory but he doesn't need Lucien's protection. Lucien says that Klaus' associates makes him vulnerable.

The detective comes in and clears Lucien. There is another body and it was fresh, so i could not have been Lucien. Lucien tells Klaus to think about what he said.

Elijah and Tristan have a chat on the conspiracies that Aya and the rest of Tristan's group have. Tristan tells Elijah about the sire war that is going on. Tristan tries to convince Elijah that Lucien is trying to get Klaus to kill his own brother. Elijah says that Klaus is on his way right now and Tristan tells Elijah that Lucien is the only one who knows where to locate the weapon that can kill an original vampire.

Klaus waits for Cami outside of the station and Klaus tells her the story of how Lucien was reborn. It was the first time he and Elijah discovered that their blood could be used to create other vampires.

Lucien rose from death before Klaus could set the pyre on fire.

Cami tells Klaus that if Lucien is there to save him he doesn't have to kill him. Cami is trying to keep Klaus from doing something he might regret.

Klaus is after Lucien but is approached by Elijah who tells him to stand down if he hopes to reconcile with him. A flashback of Lucien feeding for the first time shows a man out of control and overindulging. Klaus catches him and tells him that he has made a mess. Lucien says he doesn't hate Klaus anymore and wants Klaus to teach him to embrace being a vampire.

It was Klaus telling Elijah the story of the man Elijah says brought out the worst in Klaus. Klaus and Elijah want to find the weapon before Lucien and Tristan so that they can take both of them out.

Elijah still hasn't given Klaus his forgiveness though they need to work together. Klaus tells his brother that he will never fall by his hand. Elijah doesn't answer, instead, he walks out of the room.

Josh is scrubbing blood out of a carpet and asks Marcel if he is okay. Marcel he doesn't know what's worst, being invaded by Aya or dismissed by Elijah like a child.

Vincent and Cami are still looking for the killer who happens to be Tristan. Meanwhile, Aurora has taken out all of her keeps and calls her brother to notify him that she will be in New Orleans shortly.

"I'll See You in Hell or New Orleans," is an episode full of revelations. It's going to be interesting to see which sire line has the most to offer and how the relationship between Marcel and the Mikaelsons will change, if it does.

This is a series of great production and writing by Julie Plec and Michael Narducci respectively. Fans can catch The CW's hit series "The Originals" on Thursdays at 9 PM EST.

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