'The Originals' Recap: 'Give Em Hell Kid' Season 3 Episode 21, The Prophecy Continues

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It looks like the Mikaelson's have created a new enemy in CWTV's The Originals. In "Give Em Hell Kid," episode 21 of season three, the Mikaelson family must figure out how to avoid succumbing to the new prophecy.

Freya sees new visions that point towards a new enemy becoming the end of them. She has to warn her family who seems to be losing their friends now more than ever.

Vincent and Kol are on a mission to the ancestral world with all intentions of taking back the city and keeping the ancestors out for good after all of the trouble that they have caused.

Marcel has had just about enough of the Mikaelsons and having to make sacrifices for them while they stay intact. It's up to Elijah and Klaus to reason with him during this rough time.

Meanwhile, Hayley has to comfort Elijah. The balance is surely upset and with Cami and Davina gone, it's going to be hard for Marcel and Vincent to forgive the Mikaelsons for what they have done.

The episode begins with a funeral for Davina. Vincent delivers her eulogy and the Mikaelson's are preparing for the somber event. Everyone including Josh and Marcel are saddened by the loss.

The Mikaelsons march behind Cami's coffin in the street. With Vincent, Marcel, Josh and Kol present they all think about seeking revenge for Davina. Josh breaks down and Kol is so emotional, he has no works.

Marcel says his words aren't any good and the Mikaelsons need to answer for Cami's death. At the celebration of Davina's life Hayley is trying to stay on top of things when Elijah comes in and tells her Davina would have appreciated all of it. Hayley wants to know how Klaus is and he is just looking over Cami's casket.

The detective comes up to Klaus recognizing him a bet. They exchange great words of how amazing Cami was.

Klaus tries to talk to Marcel but he brushes him off. Elijah tells him to give Marcel time but Klaus says time will not bring Davina back. Klaus is scared that Marcel's anger will harden into something worst. Kol visits Freya and he blames her for what happened to Davina.

He also confronts her for not attending the services. He accuses her of desecrating graves. Freya explains she is trying to see if Lucien was right about the ancestors.

Kol says he hopes the prophecy is true and that all of his family can rot in hell. Kol says there is nothing there for him and yells at Freya telling her that he doesn't want to be lectured.

He also says he never for a second wanted her as a sister.

Vincent talks to the detective at the bar and the detective wants to know what happened to Cami. He is really pushing for answer when he realizes there is no record of her death certificate.

The detective says he has the feeling something is not right and that he needs to do something. Vincent obliges him and leads him out of the bar.

Josh is drinking his sadness away and tells Marcel he needs to pump the brakes on retaliation. Marcel says he doesn't care what the Mikaelsons will do. He tells Josh about the potion and Josh is irate.

He says Marcel doesn't want to take it because he will have to take down everyone, including Hayley. He asks Marcel if he believes that is what Davina would want.

Elijah touches Freya and they see that Marcel is going to be their enemy.

They snap out of it but jump back in to see Marcel taking vengeance on them by killing Elijah, Klaus, Freya and Hayley.

Freya and Elijah are scared that Vincent may have given the serum to Marcel and Elijah realizes they are in trouble.

Klaus heads over to Marcel's to talk it over and Marcel says he made the right call in not going to the funeral. Klaus tries to appeal to Marcel's emotions.

However, it doesn't work and Marcel says they are all willing to see the world burn as long as they are fine.

Klaus says Freya would have tried to save Davina if she could but that only makes Marcel angrier. Marcel asks Klaus what he is to him. Klaus says that they are bonded by blood and they quarrel however, that is what family does.

Marcel says once upon a time Klaus was his mentor, however, he has never been his brother.

Marcel says he is nothing to him and Klaus begs for another chance and Marcel tells him he will go with him. He picks up his jacket and pockets the serum.

Elijah and Freya say they need to warn Klaus. Klaus is not answering and Freya says if Marcel takes the serum she won't be able to stop him. Kol is packing to leave New Orleans when someone walks past the mirror.

Matches are lit and doors around him begin to close. The mirror breaks and in it is an image of Davina.

Kol sees a vision of his throat being slit and tells Davina he didn't mean to hurt her because he loves her.

Vincent is filling the detective in on everything. Vincent says everyone who is afraid of magic has a right to be afraid. He opens a container with an idol that works as a mystical battery cell.

It holds all kinds of negative energy. Vincent explains that the ancestors made a deal with the devil and they want to start a war with the Mikaelsons.

Vincent says innocent people will be hurt unless they do something about it. He wants to sever the ancestors connection to the world of the living.

Meanwhile, Klaus brings Marcel to a bridge that is special to them.

Klaus says the moment he met him, he saw himself in him. He says when Marcel scattered his father's ashes there, he saw Marcel's potential and saw him as his son.

Marcel laughs at Klaus and says being a part of Klaus' life hasn't been a gift. Marcel says he paid his debts back and Klaus is the one standing in the red.

He says Klaus is only noise right now. Klaus says Marcel is so much like him and is uneasy about Marcel becoming his better.

Marcel says he never wanted to be better until he was being held down. Klaus says they are bonded by fate, history and blood. Klaus says Marcel will always be his family.

Elijah comes in and asks if he is interrupting something. The detective and a SWAT team begins storming various voodoo areas. Vincent sets up the idol in a scared place where the ancestors could access the living world.

He says he is going to go over to the ancestor world with the idol and break the connection.

Vincent says he needs to have the city clear when he taps into the spirit world. Kol comes in and realizes that Vincent has to die in order to get over to the other side.

Elijah, Klaus and Marcel bicker and Elijah asks Marcel to show him the serum. Marcel does and Klaus is now more concerned.

Elsewhere, Kol is trying to make a case to go with Vincent on his journey so that he can see Davina. Vincent grants him the ability to tag along.

Marcel explains what his reasoning would be in taking the serum. Klaus says Marcel should hand it over and he will forgive him, however, Marcel is tired of Klaus being in control.

Marcel says the thing about kings is that eventually they all fall. Around the three vampires the lights begin to flicker.

Josh arrives to bring Vincent and Kol Davina's favorite record. Together the three of them will try to get to Davina and get the idol bomb set.

They join hands and arrive on the other side. They look around them and see that Josh is holding them steady as Kol and Vincent ventures off.

Marcel tells Klaus he is not handing over the serum and tells the Mikaelsons that they created Lucien. He tells them the Mikaelson way is to kill and torture in the name of family.

He says he use to admire them for the faith they had in each other, he says he was a fool and always and forever is just an excuse to do whatever you want.

Marcel says he is going to put an end to it and Elijah says Marcel is about to make a dangerous decision and he is going to let Marcel choose wisely. Klaus tries to stop Marcel but he fails.

Elijah sees the flashes as Marcel continues to taunt them. However, Elijah steps in and rips Marcels heart out of his body. Klaus screams "no" in horror.

Kol and Vincent are on the other side setting the trap when Davina comes to Kol and tells him it hurts. He catches her before she can fall.

Klaus wants to know what Elijah has done and says he could have talked Marcel down. Klaus says Marcel was one of them and Elijah says when Davina was lost, Marcel became their foe.

He explains what he saw in the vision and says he had no choice. Klaus asks him if he really believes that and walks away. Davina tells Vincent that he has done enough and he should go.

She tells Davina that the witches will need someone to help her and pushes him out of the world of the dead. Elijah returns to Hayley completely stricken with grief and falls to the ground.

He begs Hayley to forgive him and she begs him to tell her what happened. He tells her that he took Marcel's life and she walks over to him to comfort him.

Kol walks up to Davina who tells him to tell Josh not to be sad.

She says to tell Marcel thanks for being her family. Kol promises to tell them everything and Davina says she doesn't know how to say goodbye to him.

Kol says he remembers seeing Davina for the first time and when he saw her leaving the church that night. He says she brought the flowers back to life and smiled. He embraces Davina and tells her that he loves her.

They share one last kiss as she confesses her love for him as well. Kol wakes up in tears next to Vincent and Josh. Davina completes the spell that rocks the city and Kol tells Davina to give 'em hell.

Klaus is approached by Hayley but he prefers to be alone. Hayley says Elijah is hurting too but Klaus says Marcel was a son to him. Hayley says she say the visions and that Elijah has always forgiven him.

Klaus says Hayley sounds like Cami and takes off. Cami's grave is lit with a beautiful message and Vincent, Josh and Kol walk through the ruins of the cemetery. Vincent thanks the detective for his help.

The detective thanks Vincent for telling him the truth. Hayley approaches Elijah and tries to make him feel better for what he has done.

She tells him he has to forgive himself and he turns around. Tears are streaming down his face and he walks past Hayley then back towards her, kissing her passionately.

Klaus greets Vincent and Josh and tells them that Marcel is dead. Josh begins blaming himself and Vincent says Marcel took the serum the moment it was offered to him.

Vincent says the Mikaelsons think Marcel is dead but they are in for a surprise. Underwater, Marcel opens his eyes, he is alive.

"Give Em Hell Kid" is an eye-opening episode for CWTV's The Originals. It is teasing a pretty intense season finale to come next week.

How will this season end? Let us know if you have any ideas in the comments section below. Fans can keep up with updates on CWTV's hit series "The Originals" by visiting the main page.

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