'The Originals' Recap: 'A Ghost Along the Mississippi' Season 3 Episode 10

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Its back to the Bayou in the mid-season return of CWTV's The Originals. In "A Ghost Along the Mississippi" episode 10 of season three, Klaus deals with the death of Cami.

After losing Cami at the hands of Aurora, Klaus becomes enraged and he strikes up a war against Aurora and her brother Tristan. Cami's death hits many hard but it may have sent Klaus over the edge. Vincent unwillingly plays a major part in a plan that starts a pretty epic fight between Strix and Klaus, Elijah and Freya.

It will be hard for The Originals to take on the Strix but the extra fuel from Cami dying might help. It's hard to tell whether or not we might actually see Cami make her return.

The episode begins with Klaus completely out of his mind emotions running wild over watching what he thought was his love being torn from him.

However, after flashing back to his talk with Cami about death, it's revealed that Cami wakes up.

Cami herself reveals that she was compelled by Aurora but upon hearing Klaus' feelings for her, she drank some of Aurora's blood and took her own life, transforming her into a vampire.

Klaus is still maddened by what went down and demands retribution but Elijah assures him that he will handle everything and that Klaus should stay behind with Cami to help her. Elijah must find Vincent however, Tristan has already gotten to him and Vincent is forced to complete a spell that activates the saratura.

Tristan doesn't keep up his side of the bargain in returning Freya's pendant which happens to be the only way of getting Finn back and when Vincent is cornered and held against his will by Tristan's batch of witches, Elijah must come in to gallantly save the day.

Vincent breaks the news about the saratura, which he says he can't turn off. The only thing left for them to do is use it to their advantage.

Just when Hayley and Jackson think about moving on together, the Strix ruin their plans. They are captured after being injected with wolfsbane. Jackson bares his soul and heart to Hayley before Tristan tortures Haley by ripping out Jackson's heart.

That's right, Jackson is no longer with us all. Hayley is full of remorse because she feels responsible for jackson's death but she vows revenge against those who took him away from her.

Cami decides that she isn't going to feed even after going through the growing pains of first becoming a vampire. She doesn't want to become someone who can't control her emotions and lets a darker side prevail.

No matter what Klaus says, Cami finally gives him an ultimatum at accepting her decision or spending her final hours upset at each other.

Other bigger matters are occuring in the compound as Tristan sends Jackson's heart as threat with Hayley being the next to go if need be.

Klaus doesn't want to let Cami go and has Frey trap her in a room with a glass of blood. She tells him she won't forgive him but he chooses to have her live her life instead of ending it prematurely.

The scene from the season's trailer occurs where Vincent flips an SUV carrying Aurora.

Elijah who seems to have a new sense of urgency quickly kills two men with daggers leaving Aurora to Klaus. Is that really such a good idea?

Freya clearly doesn't care for Klaus' plans for Cami and allows Cami to choose between starving and helping her in the greater mission of destroying the Strix.

Then comes the big meeting of a ton of Strix plus Marcel against the Mikaelson brothers who are clearly too smart to stand for a trap or a fight they are going to lose.

Tristan falls for a trap after Hayley is released and Cami, disguised as Aurora activates the saratura and trapping him a place where the living and dead are forbidden to past.

Elijah is able to use his charm to keep Tristan's army at bay and together team Mikaelson issues their last words. Klaus promises Tristan Aurora's "spectacular" death and Hayley promises that while Jackson is dead he is still within her. Elijah later on has to give his brother some advice when it comes to Cami's choice.

He warns his brother that forcing her could cause him to lose her forever. While Cami visits her brother's grave it's actually Vincent who convinces her that she needs to become a vampire and fix New Orleans.

Marcel and Elijah celebrate Tristan's captivity but it is revealed that Lucien actually saved Aurora while everyone was distracted. The time came however, for everyone to say goodbye to Jackson. His funeral was a traditional werewolf one.

But now that he is dead it's apparent that it may be time for her to move on, perhaps to Elijah.

Is Haylijah making a comeback? Klaus is surprised when he finds Cami emptying blood bags like it's her day job.

She is embracing it and liking it a little more than expected but it looks like she and Klaus are going to have a lot of fun together in the future.

"A Ghost Along the Mississippi" brings back the bloodthirsty nature of The Originals that fans were waiting on.

Klaus is out for blood and vengeance and he doesn't care what he has to do to take out Tristan and Aurora. Fans can keep up with updates on CWTV's hit series "The Originals" by visiting the main page.

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