'The Originals' Recap: 'Fire With Fire' Season 2 Episode 21, Klaus' Revenge

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Fans were advised to prepare themselves for Klaus to raise all hell in last weeks episode of "The Originals." This week in "Fire With Fire," episode 21 of the second season, Klaus is out for blood after being betrayed by his own family.

Klaus had a dagger driven into him by the sibling he put the most trust in and now he wants revenge. Elijah, Rebekah and Freya do all they can to take out one of the most powerful witches to ever live in Dahlia.

Hayley, Jackson and the pack are now forced to try their escape in horrible conditions after the bayou floods but they run into even more trouble on the way.

Davina was enticed by Vincent's offer to become the leader of the coven especially if it mean she could bring back Kol, now, she must make the final decision.

While everyone else is struggling with their own problems new problems arise for Marcel who is greeted by a new threat.

Tonight it all begins with a massive storm and Rebekah, Davina and Vincent trying to unlink Rebekah from all of the children including Davina. There is a party going on in the streets of the French Quarter and Dahlia is lurking.

Klaus stumbles upon two innocent party-goers and feeds on them so he can regain his strength.

Rebekah tests the spell to see if it has worked and it appears as though it has. Dahlia finds Klaus replenishing his body and brings him more victims to fed on.

Elijah peers outside the window while Marcel and Rebekah delivers the good news. Marcel is worried about the storm and the threat of Dahlia.

When they question Freya's loyalty, she says that now that she's been forced by Elijah to be the bait they don't have to worry.

There is a big crack of thunder and they rush in to check on Klaus who is no longer in his coffin.

Hayley and the pack are still stuck in the Bayou and they can't move because of the storm. Mary is showing her how to detect magic from a voodoo queen she was friends with. They realize that the storm is supernatural and Dahlia is trying to pin them.

Jackson returns and after a brief discussion they decide that they must save their pack from losing their lives.

Hayley, Jackson and Hope will move alone. She is incredibly emotional during her speech and renounces her role as their queen, to which they all bow in respect.

Rebekah calls Cami who is dumbfounded when she hears that Klaus is no longer in his coffin. They are hoping that Cami can reason with Klaus and despite her better judgement she agrees to try anyway. Klaus and Dahlia watch on and she is becoming weary of waiting.

She believes that Klaus is having second thoughts and he quickly assures her there are no second thoughts.

Dahlia says that she will take Hope with or without her, however, he assures her of his siblings determination and makes it known that she needs him.

Dahlia threatens the life of Hayley, however, Klaus says he has a plan far worst than death for her.

Freya walks in and tells Elijah and Rebekah that Klaus is part of Dahlia's plan. They don't believe that Klaus is capable of joining forces but he has. Freya gives them the details on their plan and hands them Mikael's knife to get rid of Klaus when the time comes.

In a big shocker, Gia tries to help but Elijah forces her away with a passionate kiss. Klaus pays a visit to Marcel but tells him that he won't kill him, he's just going to rip it out of him.

There is so much more than a storm brewing right now and a lot of innocent lives are in the middle of it all. Is Klaus going to take out Gia and Hayley's pack in his rage?

Freya, Rebekah and Elijah work on the illusion of Hope's presence unaware of the fact that Klaus knows Hayley is trying to escape with her. Freya gives a speech about her siblings vows to stand together and she tries to appeal to their emotions. Meanwhile, Marcel is hanging upside down and his vampire army is being held captive.

Klaus looks at a lifeless Gia and says that she might have something he needs later on in his plan. Klaus plans on using every emotional piece against them.

Davina and Vincent argue over why she should take his deal. She is reluctant because she was put to death by people like those in Vincent's coven. After learning about the power she will possess, she agrees to do it so that she can bring back Kol.

Hayley and Jackson are still being followed by their pack through a flooded Bayou. She is having second thoughts about her plan and says she is sick of having people fight her battles.

Jackson vows not to leave her side throughout the who ordeal.

The sound of church bells rings throughout the city and Rebekah begins the spell to mimic Hope's presence inside the golem. It's a success and Freya holds it in her arms. She is greeted by Dahlia and offers Hope to her in exchange for her freedom.

Dahlia tells her she has some time to make her case, then she will decide if she should kill her or not.

There are so many threats of death hanging around that you have to think someone is going to die tonight.

As the pack continues to make their way through the water, they are greeted on the other side by a truck to help them get out of town faster. Vincent is pleading with his coven to let Davina rule and they are very much concerned about her worthiness.

Davina tells them that she has stood up against the Mikaelson's and won. She makes a very convincing argument and vows to take out the Mikaelson's and the rest of their enemies.

Dahlia continues to mock Freya's proposal and tells her that no one could love a deceitful wretch. Marcel is forced to ruin the plans by Klaus who jumps in and stops Elijah from stabbing Dahlia. Dahlia is incredibly pissed off and launches Freya.

Elijah tries to reason with his brother and instead Klaus inflicts some harsh punishment.

Dahlia has Freya cornered and the entire plan is unraveling before her eyes. She asks how she should punish her and sends her to sleep right after.

Klaus forces Gia to take off her daylight ring while Elijah watchers his new love burn to death. Elijah is enraged when Klaus tells him he has something in store for Hayley and despite Elijah's efforts, he fails and is staked.

Cami walks in on the killing spree and tries to tell Klaus that he is better than all of this.

Klaus turns on Cami and even when she tells him she trusts him, he sinks his teeth into her rendering her a victim as well.

As the bodies of his victim lay on the ground before him, Marcel brings in Rebekah who is warned not to tamper or else Marcel will have to kill her. When Marcel refuses he is compelled and drags Rebekah away while Klaus gives up some of his blood so that Dahlia can locate Hope.

Hayley and Jackson take some time to think about where they want to go next. She wants a better life for her family and finally admits to loving Jackson.

Marcel and Rebekah are trying frantically to figure out how they can undo Marcel's compulsion. Rebekah says that they are going to have to do it the hard way. In a big twist, Klaus has located Hayley and her pack and murders one of their own right in front of them. Jackson orders Hayley to run while he and the pack tries to fight off Klaus and a battle ensues.

Klaus is fighting off the entire army and he and Jackson have a final face off. When Dahlia arrives Hayley tells Mary to take Hope and run as far away as she can.

Hayley says she is going to rip that bitch apart.

Rebekah and Marcel argue over the fact that Klaus will never let her die and she is planning on escaping. Marcel says she needs to back down because he doesn't want to kill her. Rebekah takes her own life saving Marcel from doing so.

Jackson has gotten stronger but even he and Hayley are no match for Klaus and Dahlia. Dahlia is using the crescent curse trapping all of her and her pack to stay in their wolf form.

This includes Mary who has to stop the car and remove herself from the vehicle carrying Hope.

While Hayley and the rest of the Mikaelson's except Klaus suffer, Davina assumes the role of regent to her coven. She finalizes her role and gives a speech about being sacrificed by their own coven. She apologizes for siding with vampires and vows to destroy anyone who tries to hold them down and promises this is the time of the witches.

Klaus locates Hope and tells her that everything's going to be okay. Cami wakes up and realizes that Klaus bit her with instructions in his mind. He's had a plan all along and he reminds Dahlia of her promise.

Cami brings Elijah back to life as Klaus denies Dahlia the satisfaction he promised her. Elijah awakens frantically and Cami tells him that it's all a trick and Klaus needs Dahlia to trust her so he can do what he needs.

Klaus is enticing Dahlia to bond herself with him as a hybrid so she can link herself to Hope.

Cami says that Klaus told her Dahlia's secret and she knows how to kill her.

Klaus has really turned himself into someone extremely impressive but it doesn't stop the fact that his daughters mother is bound to a lifetime of suffering.

"Fire With Fire" shows the power of the female characters on "The Originals" and proves that there are grave things to come. In just two seasons "The Originals" has managed to up the ante of the show every week.

It's hard for shows of that caliber to keep the suspense going but the writers continue to power on through.

Next week's season finale is shaping up to be one of the biggest ones yet! Fans can see what happens next week on The CW's hit series "The Originals."