'The Originals' Recap: 'Exquisite Corpse,' Season 2 EP 17, Rebekah V.S. Eva Sinclair

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Prior to the two week absence of "The Originals" fans saw the introduction of the evil Eva Sinclair. This week in "Exquisite Corpse," the seventeenth episode of the second season, things get even worst for Rebekah and her new body.

Eva Sinclair manages to break back into her body forcing Rebekah to entrapment. Klaus' back is against the wall and he is forced to put aside his differences with Freya to save Rebekah's.

Hayley and Elijah now have to team up in another attempt to do some more digging on Eva's violent past.

Marcel looks to the real Vincent for help to take down Eva, of whom he was married to, but things take a big turn in what they thought was a great plan.

The madness begins with a strange scene being narrated by Rebekah, it shows little Rebekah Mikaelson running from the evil Eva. Meanwhile, Elijah and Gia are in passionate heat as Eva has taken over control from Rebekah wounding Marcel and finding her way to baby Hope. Just then Hayley walks in on Eva standing over Hope and tries to save her but she is thrown back.

Klaus comes in and also suffers, however, they manage to scare Eva away keeping Hope safe.

Klaus and Marcel are working up their plan that includes everyone in their disposal. They team proposes to get Rebekah out of Eva's body and into her old one.

In an awkward moment Hayley, Elijah and Gia stand alone in a room, however, Gia leaves to bring Josephine and Hayley reveals an extremely jealous side. Before Elijah can fully address it, Gia and Josephine return and Elijah says that Hayley is family. Klaus tells Freya to make with her spells and enchantments and put his sister back in her body.

Freya says it's not that simple to which Klaus becomes angry and threatening, however, Klaus captures Freya and tells her he knows someone who can help with the spell.

Vincent meets Marcel at a bar and the two take a drink during the day while Vincent explains that he is trying to avoid the vampires and witches of the quarter.

Marcel tells Vincent that he came to him because he is the only person who knows Eva inside out. Vincent and Josephine both agree that they all need to let the witches put Eva's body down. They say once Eva has taken over it is beyond their control. Eva was practicing wild magic that caused her to begin capturing young children who were witch prodigies.

Vincent was the one who led the original team to find Eva the first time. It is revealed that Eva is trying to complete the ceremony where she would need nine powerful children.

That is why she captured Davina and that's why she is after Hope. Josephine says she will not extend Rebekah's 24 hours, even if it means she will die along with Eva.

Freya is not happy that she was shackled by Klaus who brings her to their mother that is alive and kicking. Freya is extremely annoyed that Klaus trusts his mother but he assures her that due to his compulsion and control, they will be able to extract anything they need.

Eva is tending to her wounds but is captured by Marcel and shackled with help from Vincent.

She reveals that she captured Davina sending Marcel into a torturing rage. Vincent says torture will not help and says he will talk to her.

Josephine tells Elijah that she grows tired of granting more time and he walks out in a threatening manner. The witchy leader tells everyone including Hayley that there is a storm coming, a blackness that should terrify them. It's safe to assume that Dahlia is the blackness they are referring to. While Vincent tries to get through to Eva they argue and bicker back and forth.

Eva reveals that all of the children that she have captured are still alive. She needs to channel them and none of them need to actually die.

Klaus and Freya try to extract the spell needed to put Rebekah back into her original body. Klaus compels his mother to give him the spell and it looks as if she has no choice.

Eva tries to get into Vincent's head about the Mikaelson family and why she wanted to gain the power to finish them off. She says she just needs the power and the kids will be free to go once it's all said and done. Vincent is now on his wife's side and attacks Marcel before the two of them leave captivity together in search for the last child.

Marcel returns to the courtyard and reveals all of the information he's learned.

Elijah orders them to fortify the courtyard for Hope's protection. When Hayley says that she will take out Eva, Elijah says he will not give up on his sister.

Vincent and Eva pay Josephine a visit and Josephine tries to get Vincent to see things the right way, however, he has given into Eva and the two take on a threatening notion against Josephine. While Klaus, Freya and Esther are having a family meeting they are unaware of the new events that have taken place. Esther tries to talk Klaus out of listening to Freya, however, all he wants is the spell so that they can be on their way.

Vincent and Eva bring Josephine to her collection but she reveals that she lied when she said that they will survive. Vincent grabs a pipe and smacks her in the back of the heading before she can link Josephine.

Marcel receives a call from Vincent who says that he was trying to reveal more in his acts. The big problem is, the children and Josephine are linked to Eva and they will need someone with an immense amount of power to unlink them.

Freya says that she needs to draw Klaus' power to complete the spell his sister needs and the prices that Esther warned Klaus about is revealed.

Elijah comes in and volunteers to be the anchor in Klaus' place. While they go back and forth Freya flexes her power and knocks Klaus out while leaving with Elijah to complete the spell.

Hayley tries to calm Hayley while Gia and her have a chat about their plan. Hayley asks why Gia is giving so much to protect her. Gia reveals that she is not blind and she knows that Elijah was suffering over the loss of Hayley and being the shoulder that everyone leans on.

Freya, Marcel and Vincent prepare to go inside Eva's mind to bring Rebekah back. Elijah gracefully volunteers and Freya begins trying to channel his power to send Vincent and Marcel into Eva's mind.

Vincent and Marcel are in Eva's mind and when Marcel hears the young Rebekah screaming, he takes off leaving Vincent and the weapon.

Klaus wake sup to learn that his brother and sister have already left to try to save Rebekah. Klaus tells Esther that he prefers he and his siblings the way that they and when she tries to appeal to his emotions he leaves her in the darkness once more.

Marcel manages to locate Rebekah but Eva approaches at the same time. Eva begins an onslaught onto Marcel after he urged Rebekah to run. It doesn't look good for Marcel at all.

They struggle from inside of Eva's body is real and Vincent finds her as she tortures Marcel. She is not happy with Vincent for fooling her and when she approaches him he tries to stop her, however, she fights back and Freya begins to lose control. Klaus steps in as Freya receives the added power that Vincent and Marcel will need to take Eva out.

Rebekah delivers the blow that was need to take control over Eva's body, however, it may have come at the cost of Vincent.

Davina is back to herself and Vincent is now awake. Rebekah wakes up in Eva's body and it looks like the master plan has worked after all.

After a small victory Rebekah stairs into the body that was hers in a portrait. Klaus walks in and tells her to get ready to go back into her body. Rebekah says that she will not leave the body because it is linked to all of the children and she couldn't let them die.

It's especially important because they need the witches on their side when Dahlia comes. Rebekah tells Klaus that he needs to let Freya in and be a family united against a dark threat coming.

She thanks Klaus for saving her and the episode ends as Rebekah narrates the end of the episode where Josephine welcomes Freya into the witches society. Klaus meets with Freya and tells her he sees her for what she really is. Freya retorts with a threatening tone of her own saying that she only has so much patience before she wears tired of his resistance.

Freya visits her real mother telling her that she was wrong about what she saw in her. She has nothing but dark feelings for Dahlia who took everything from her.

Freya reveals to Esther that she and Klaus will never be allies.

She will turn everyone against Klaus one by one and assures Esther that she won't be around to see it before killing her and taking her out of the picture.

Between the threat of Dahlia and Eva Sinclair, "The Originals," has never seemed more suspenseful than tonight. "Exquisite Corpse" is a continuation of Rebekah's struggles to make it back to her host body.


Klaus, Hayley, Rebekah, Cami, Marcel and Davina, have threats appearing just when they think the coast is clear, making it hard for the family to enjoy their life and take care of baby Hope.

When will the continuous threats from beyond cease? It looks like "The Originals" is taking over the suspense driven storylines from it's parent series "The Vampire Diaries." Fans can see what happens next week on The CW's hit series "The Originals."