'The Originals' Recap 'The Devil Is Damned,' Season 2 Episode 13, Vincent Has The Upper Hand

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Last week's episode of "The Originals" shocked fans with the arrival of Freya. This week in "The Devil Is Damned," the thirteenth episode of the second intense season, Vincent gains the upper-hand while Elijah's life is in danger.

Tonight Vincent/Finn will gain the upper hand but he isn't able to do it on his own so he enlists a friend for some help to take his family out. Klaus is no longer comfortable with the situation and though he doesn't want to, he leaves hope in the safety of his siblings. Kaleb/Kol is suffering after Vincent's spell that was casted upon him and the only decision he has left to make, makes the difference as to whether he lives or dies.

Elijah meets up with a brutal attacker at the safe house and has to battle them out on his own.

Hayley and Jackson's unification ritual somehow becomes important to Vincent and he uses them much to the dismay of Klaus. Meanwhile, Rebekah is back and has to adapt to everything going on as well as relay the news about Freya.

This week the action kicked off as Finn begins to use Voodoo to do what looks to be a locator spell that ends up torching the room after he fails. Finn is approached by Freya and he looks as if he has seen a ghost. The two embrace and it looks like Freya may actually be on the bad side, though it's still too early to judge.

Meanwhile, Rebekah, Klaus and Elijah talk about their sister being alive but Klaus doesn't seem to believe that notion for one bit.

Elijah calms Klaus down by assuring him that Jackson won't do anything to complicate the marriage with Hayley and that is when Rebekah realizes what has happened since she have gone.

An awkward moment between Haley and Jackson turned onto a touching one as he shows her a hand-built crib that has a moon carved inside of it. He also tells Hayley that there are other alpha's who want to be a part of the the wedding, which means a larger army to protect Hope. Kol walks in and asks for help from Rebekah and Klaus and tells them both that he is dying.

They don't believe his words one bit and Klaus blasts him for what he did to Rebekah and Klaus.

Rebekah knows that Kol is telling the truth and whatever Rebekah believes Klaus does. Kol tells Klaus that Finn is trying to get a secret out of Marcel and Klaus really looks worried now.

Freya says that she is back because of a curse that Dahlia casted upon her. She realizes that Dahlia's curse was a lie and that she is still hunting.

That's right, Dahlia is alive and Finn breaks the news that Klaus has a daughter which means that Dahlia will be hunting everyone to get to Hope.

Freya gives Finn a list of items that she will need to help him kill hope and she seems to have all of the power to locate and kill Klaus' baby.

Marcel's entire vampire army is under a spell by Finn and they look completely out of it. Marcel tries to reach Gia but she is still under the spell. Just then Finn comes in to tell him that he has a job for him and when Marcel refuses Finn begins staking vampires.

Marcel agrees to help Finn who needs Hayley's blood. Hope has a little accident and a scratch appears on her drawing blood and also drawing a strange reaction from Elijah who is still suffering.

Kol asks Klaus what the secret is but he refuses to tell him. Kol needs help and Rebekah decides to volunteer but she isn't strong enough. When Klaus asks him to get Davina, Kol refuses because he does not want Davina to know that he is sick.

Klaus reaches into Kol's mind to find out what he really wants and sees that he wants to kill him. Cami realizes that Elijah was able to hold himself back when Hope was injured, she hands him a list of items that need fixed around the house to take his mind off of his distractions.

Hayley notices that Jackson is pretty good with kids and also tells him that there is a meeting at Mary's.

Hayley catches Marcel before he can approach her and tells her why he is with her. She now knows that Finn knows Hope is alive and only wants the blood to locate Hope.

Klaus is blasting Kol once again because of his ultimate plot to kill him and Kol gets so upset that he leaves his brother and sister in a hole.

Kol is completely distraught because he is all alone and blood begins dripping from his nose.

Just then Finn calls him with a proposition to free Kol if he gets him Klaus' blood and he agrees due to what transpired earlier.

Elijah begins working hard on his chores and can't hear the phone ringing as Klaus is trying to reach him. Kol returns to wreak havoc on Klaus and get the blood that Finn requested. Kol blasts Klaus about suffering and being the one that is singled out.

Klaus refuses to kill Kol and gives him a passionate speech about being his family and how he only daggered his whole family to protect them. Klaus tells him it's not too late to redeem himself and Kol tells him that Finn wants his blood.

Kol knows there is no reversing what Finn has done to him and is back on the right side of the fight.

When Klaus learns of this he asks for Kol's help in exchange for the secret and Kol grants it.

Hayley knows that there is too many ears around the meeting and asks Jackson for some of his blood to throw off Finn. The alphas renounce their status and Jackson grants Hayley his blood. Klaus arrives at the meeting place where Finn said he would meet Kol.

When Klaus, Kol and Rebekah arrive they notice that the room has been protected and find a symbol that means baby. Kol then realizes that his brother's child is still alive.

Finn tricked them into thinking he had no idea where the baby was when he knew all along. Klaus reaches Elijah who is approached and attacked by Finn.

Daniel Sharman's acting in this episode is very strong and convincing. This week the dialogues between Klaus and his youngest brother seem to be more heartfelt than ever.

It is sad to see that Kol is in such a predicament, but he decided to join the good guys too late. The only worry now is, what will Davina do when she realizes Kol is dying?

Cami tries to reach Elijah and she has baby Hope with her. She notices that little Hope has been healed by her uncle. In the meantime, Klaus is frantic and and Kol reveals that there is a way to help, but it will take lots of power.

Finn and Elijah are now face to face and Elijah learns that Freya is alive.

Hayley tells Marcel that she has to go protect her baby girl but Marcel urges her to build an army to help keep her baby safe instead.

Marcel's vampires wake up in a van in the middle of the woods and they immediately smell blood and try to track it.

Elijah and Finn continue their harsh words towards each other and Finn attacks Elijah sending a dagger right into his heart.

It truly looks as if Elijah will now be joining Kol in death but it's hard to count him out just yet.

Finn is really becoming the ultimate enigma and if Freya is truly helping him it will be extremely hard for Klaus and Hayley to protect their child especially when she is in the care of Cami, a simple mortal.

Kol tells Rebekah that they will have to overload Finn if they have any hope of saving baby Hope. Rebekah offers some kind words to her dying brother who apologizes to her and tells her that he will get her back to her body.

Klaus brings the items Kol requested including the stake that was originally meant to kill Klaus.

Klaus trusts his brother to help and Kol begins to create the spell to overload Finn with power causing him to jump to another body far away from Hope.

During the ceremony for Hayley and Jackson, before it can be completed, Marcel's vampires attack the alpha's. Hayley and Marcel step in to help and Marcel brings him to safety.

Finn is exploring the house for Hope and somehow Elijah wakes up from being daggered and begins ripping the pieces out of him.

Finn and Rebekah try to do the spell but they aren't strong enough so Klaus volunteers and pleads with his brother not to fail him. Kol marks Klaus and he and Rebekah continue their spell, channeling Klaus.

Back at the house Finn looks for Cami and just then he is attacked by Elijah. Finn tries to use magic to attack Elijah but Elijah's blood triggers a memory of the red door. Finn is feeling the effects of the spell from Kol and Rebekah and it takes a lot out of them both. Before Hayley gets attacked by Gia the spell is broken and Kol has saved everyone.

Kol is surprised that the spell worked and it appears to have taken a lot out of him but Rebekah vows to help him no matter what. Jackson approaches Hayley and they look at the aftermath of the attack.

She tells him that they need to get married as soon as possible. Klaus wakes up and Kol gives him the good news.

Klaus is reminded that family is power and thanks both his brother and sister. They now turn to worry about Elijah whom Klaus has no doubt that he will prevail. Finn is struggling while Elijah marvels at the blood all over his body and on his hands.

Cami and baby Hope make their way back home but it is not clear whether or not home is safe for them. Finn tries to get into his brother's head to make him feel like a monster.

Finn says that Hope never had a chance because of Elijah's blood thirst.

Somehow Cami's engine stops on the way home but Finn continues to pry into Elijah's head and Elijah sacrifices himself by exploding the house with him and Finn inside.

Could it be that Elijah is really gone? This is one of the biggest shockers of the season.

The daylight ring was taken off and Elijah makes one of the most selfless acts possible to save Hope. How will Hayley react when she finds out?

With last weeks revelation of the new Mikaelson sister Freya, it is hard to believe what went on this week on "The Originals." "The Devil Is Damned" proved to be one of the most intense episodes to date and it looks like the Mikaelson family is becoming more twisted as the season pushes on. With Elijah gone and Klaus' back against the wall in all attempts to protect his child, it is almost certain that he will assume the most ruthless role he has ever had.

Klaus, Hayley, Rebekah, Cami, Marcel, Davina, Kaleb and Finn continue to fight among themselves and it's not making things any easier for anyone in the French Quarter.

Fans can see what happens next week on The CW's hit series "The Originals."