'The Originals' Recap: 'The Devil Comes Here and Sighs' Season 3 Episode 18, Mikaelson Worries

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Lucien has really become a nuisance in CWTV's The Originals. In "The Devil Comes Here and Sighs," episode 18 of season 3, Klaus gets himself into trouble when he tries to take on the now, more powerful Lucien.

Lucien and Aurora come together to capture Klaus during the city's annual Jazz Fest. He actually fell right into one of their traps and now it doesn't look too good for the Mikaelsons. Elijah and Freya are desperate to get their brother back but to do so they will have to take on one of the most powerful enemies they have ever come across.

Hayley, now with her new friendship with Klaus and Cami, with her own feelings for Klaus, decide that they will scheme on their own in hopes to save him. set their own risky plan in motion to rescue Klaus.

Kol is spiraling out of control and Davina has nowhere else to turn to other than her mentors Marcel and Vincent.

The episode kicks off as Lucien snacks on a victim. Aurora is also enjoying some blood and Lucien begins reminiscing about their time in Paris. He tells her that perhaps they can look back at the moment as a beginning to their power and dominance. Lucien says Klaus is a fool who let her slip away. Aurora says that Lucien can't defeat Klaus but Lucien presents her with the potion that gave him the power to become better than a Mikaelson.

He reveals that he killed Finn and plans to kill the rest of the family. Lucien offers Aurora a chance to join him and become what he is.

He wants them to spend their lives together. He also promises to bring Tristan back or end his suffering by killing Elijah. Aurora seems to be on board with the plan.

Klaus is hovering over Freya who is trying to find a way to kill Lucien. Elijah comes in and tells them Davina will handle Kol but they need to find a way to kill Lucien, the rodent. Klaus tells his siblings that the time for talking is done and decides to seek out Lucien on his own.

Davina brings Kol to a bar but he hears his heart racing and is reluctant. She tells him that magic won't effect him in there and she was right.

Kol says he owes her and she says she has a way of fixing his problem. She looks over to Vincent who raises his glass to him.

Klaus arrives at Cami's house but he isn't able to come in. He tells her that he only came to see that she was safe. Cami apologizes about Finn and Klaus says he will find solace when Lucien is dead. Cami tells him to be careful of Aurora.

He tells Cami he doesn't care about Aurora, he cares about her. However, he tells her she has made her feelings perfectly clear to him.

Klaus is wandering around the festival when he spots Lucien briefly. He follows a trail around the corner and holds out a weapon.

Lucien comes out with a surprise attack and knocks him down. Klaus tries to fight back but Lucien is too fast and powerful for him to land a single blow.

Lucien says Klaus will stay alive long enough to help him get Elijah and fulfill the prophecy.

Klaus says he will not let Lucien hurt his brother but Lucien tells him he has no choice and uses the weapon to stun Klaus.

At the bar Vincent is trying to help Kol remember any voices, spells or chants while he was on the other side. Kol says he was hated for being a Mikaelson. Vincent says he is looking for a way to reason with the ancestors but Kol says there is no reasoning.

Vincent says that he remembers a time where the ancestors would watch over all witches.

He says they are using Lucien as a weapon against the vampires who rule New Orleans. He makes it clear that he is helping Kol for Davina.

Freya fills Elijah in on the spell but Cami comes over frantic and tells Hayley, Elijah and Freya that Klaus has been kidnapped. She reveals that Lucien has Klaus kept at the penthouse. Just then, Lucien summons Elijah to a meeting and if he delays, Elijah will die. Lucien pulls the weapon from Klaus who is chained up in the penthouse.

Lucien says he has been stockpiling items planning this for centuries. Aurora is there and Klaus believes they are truly a pair of delusional beings.

Aurora says she thinks Klaus is beaten but not broken. She tells Klaus all she has to do is take the potion and she will be better than him.

Aurora says she will take exquisite joy in killing him herself. Lucien leaves them to their business as he meets with Elijah. He tells Aurora to have her fun but to keep Klaus alive so he doesn't miss his death. Hayley is wondering if Elijah is crazy for going out there but he ventures off despite being reckless. Hayley tells him to be careful before Elijah leaves.

Vincent is at the cemetery trying to talk to the ancestors when he runs into Nguyen. He tells Vincent that the ancestors want him out.

Vincent says he is trying to keep the peace but the ancestors are starting a war. Nguyen takes Vincent's powers as regent.

Aurora asks Klaus if he ever believed that their roles would be reversed. Klaus says he couldn't bare to kill her and still had hopes for them. Aurora asks if he would feel his emotions stir if she was to kiss him. She says she would feel nothing but Klaus makes a case of asking her if she is so sure. He says he would forgive everything if she would only forgive him.

Aurora laughs at Klaus and his desperation. Aurora says she will never see Lucien as more than a means to an end.

She says she is just waiting for Lucien to prove his love by rescuing her brother.

Aurora dangles the potion in front of Klaus who tells her killing him would be a curse her heart could not endure. Aurora drinks the potion right in front of Klaus.

As the festival goes on outside, Elijah meets up with Lucien. Elijah demands his brother before he ends Lucien. However, Lucien reveals that Elijah can either tell him where Tristan is or he will kill him. Klaus tries to stall Aurora but she is seeing through it. Klaus asks her if this is what she wanted.

He says that Lucien cannot save her from herself. She is trying to cure her madness and she is no closer.

Klaus tells her he may die but she will continue living unloved. Aurora begins torturing Klaus by daggering him in the throat.

Cami and Hayley decide to try and save Klaus at the penthouse. Hayley tells Cami that she controls her emotions and that means she is already one step ahead of Aurora. Cami then says she has an idea. Lucien is growing weary of waiting for Elijah's decision.

Elijah tells him that he crafted himself into a monster for a banshee. Elijah says he has no idea where Tristan is.

He says he suspects Lucien doesn't really care. Lucien says he never liked Tristan but he could tell Aurora he tried.

Kol and Davina are having a grand time at the bar but something happens, Kol begins hearing the heartbeats around him. Davina tells him that the ancestors are breaking through the barrier. Marcel arrives and snaps Kol's neck.

He tells Davina that she needs to help Vincent because he is in trouble. Lucien tries to attack Elijah again however, he walks into a spell that Freya has created.

She has bound and weakened him. She says she can't kill him but she can make him wish he was dead.

Aurora is asking Klaus if he has anything else to say. She says she is going to finish it once and for all. She is going to kill herself, trigger the curse and then take Klaus out. Aurora senses that they have company and when she answers the door, Cami is there.

Cami says she is there to express her gratitude for Aurora. Klaus tells Cami to get out of there but Aurora tells him to shut up.

Cami lures Aurora out of the room and into a trap for Hayley. Hayley tries to kill her but Klaus stops her and reveals that Aurora has drank the serum.

Kol wakes up and Marcel hands him a bag of blood to keep him at bay. Davina visits the cemetery and almost touches a spell before Vincent stops her and tells her that once the six candles are lit they will be in a heap of trouble. Davina and Vincent channel their power in hopes to stop the ancestors. Neither of them have powers and Marcel is finding it hard to keep Kol in check.

Marcel tells him that he has to get out of the city for the safety of everyone including Davina. Vincent and Davina manage to stop the spell.

Kol tells Marcel that he would never hurt Davina. Marcel says if that is true, Kol should leave and never come back.

Freya and Elijah are still torturing Lucien. Lucien says it is a truly valiant effort from Freya. Freya and Elijah reveal where Tristan is buried as the Strix come in and surround Lucien. Lucien says he can kill everything.

He says since the ancestors made him their champion they will not allow him to be detained. Lucien is set free and the Strix inch towards him to attack.

Klaus begs for Aurora to kill him instead of Hayley and Cami. Cami says she is ready and waiting and it prompts Aurora to torture Cami.

Freya is trying to rip Lucien's heart out of his chest and Klaus is crying out for Aurora to let Cami go. Freya gets the best of Lucien for a bit. Cami and Hayley make a great team and manage to inject Aurora with a serum that sends her to sleep. Klaus looks at his saviors with admiration, especially Cami. Marcel is drinking on his own when Davina walks into the bar.

She asks where Kol is and Marcel tells her that Kol is gone. Davina says Kol is safe there now but Marcel says it was not a permanent solution. Marcel says this is the first time that Kol has ever done the right thing and comforts Davina who is completely distraught.

Kol receives a call from Davina and his bloodlust goes away as he crosses the border. However, he also begins to die. Kol has no choice but to stay in New Orleans or die.

Lucien arrives at the penthouse to find the serum has been taken by someone and Aurora is gone. He reviews the video and learns of Aurora's true feelings towards him. The Mikaelson family celebrates a brief victory. Klaus thanks Frey and Hayley.

Hayley tells him he should be thanking Cami but he believes she wants to be away from him. Hayley gives him some wise words on dealing with Cami. Cami is visited by Lucien and he can't come in but he begins narrowing down who the woman could be that would grant him entrance.

He reveals that he already killed the woman and that he can come in. He then attacks Cami and bites her arm.

"The Devil Comes Here and Sighs" continues to thrill The Originals fans with it's intense storylines. However, one must wonder how the Mikaelsons keep getting kidnapped.

With The Vampire Diaries nearing a complete series end The Originals is ready to take over completely. Fans can keep up with updates on CWTV's hit series "The Originals" by visiting the main page.

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